The Other Alpha

The Other Alpha

By:  keitheen  Ongoing
Language: English
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In the modern country Japan live a century old legend, a group of people who live in a secluded mountain of Okinawa. Shin is the second son of Alpha Rei, and the little brother of the next Alpha Ginji. He is the total opposite of Ginji, who is a party animal and a well-known playboy he even rejected his mate just to continue his lifestyle. On the other hand, Shin is a well-respected wolf, he is well-behave and responsible. But everything changes when Shin turns 18, that time he found his mate Jenica who was 2 year’s younger than him. He swore to wait until she herself found that he is her mate, but when Ginji found out about this he didn’t think twice. He touched Shin’s mate. Boiled with anger Shin challenge Ginji, but his wolf cannot withstand his big brother. Because of that he was cast away by the family, by challenging the next Alpha, they thought that Shin wanted to challenge him for his position. But that was his plan in the first place, that if he lost this battle he will run away. When he was out of there village he meet three wolves who said they were waiting for him, they escort him to a what he believe is a rouge village, there he meet a beautiful lady they call Luna. The woman looked at him with so much admiration, she open her arms and hug Shin. “My son.” She said, with tears.

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14 chapters
Chapter I
"It started, I can feel his power. The chosen one is born." A tall man standing in a huge stone arch door says. He is standing in a doorway on the southern part of the castle where he resides.On his left hand is a glass of wine, on his right stands a crooked-looking old man who waits until his glass is finished, he is waiting to refill it."Hahaha." He laughs frantically, like a lunatic man laughing his anger out. "Seph." A very thin woman with a dark red lip called the tall man. "Can't you hear him howling?" He asked. "Looks like he wasn't able to kill him." The woman answer. "I assumed she played a trick on him." Seph answer. "The idiot man. After all, that happens, killing his brother to claim the woman of his dream. And yet he will end up losing." She said. "He cannot kill him, he does not have the power to, he could have when he was still young. But the Luna protected Shin. Now, he is more than capable of protecting himself
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Chapter II
Shin walks away immediately as soon as he realized what just happen, there in the crowd with his big brother Ginji is Jenica, one of his big brother avid fan. She has the smell of sweet vanilla, plus his wolf surface and whispered the word mate confirming it. The girl though is two years younger than him, thus she does not know yet she is his mate.For a second he went blank, the sound on his ears echoed again and again, even if his bit far from her location, it continues to say the word mate. But he was able to shut it down his wolf that wants to push him on going to his mate, but like every time it surface he shut it down. His heartbeat race like he just had a marathon. So he moved his way to find his best pal Yo. In one of the many tables are five family member of the Black, one of them is Yo his childhood best friend. “Hey Shin! Happy birthday.” Shin just nod.“Are you okay?” Yo stand as soon as he saw Shin, he has a horrified look on his face that
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Chapter III
Liza is inside her shabby looking room. It was a room located on the back of the kitchen, hence it was very hot. But at least it is a space she can call her own. Here she is able to remove her bun, and just let her long black straight hair hang freely. She can also dress the way she want’s, primp herself and make her feel beautiful.Liza is a real beauty; she’s tall and has a nice body shape. Her skin is as white as the snow, although it usually looks dirty because of her work. But once she took a bath and all the impurity of her work are wash away her true beauty radiates. Hidden in her over size apron is an hourglass shape body that any man would wish to own. But Liza is believed to be the daughter of the traitor. It was said that her dad a previous Beta killed someone important to the Alpha. All she knew is that after her father’s verdict came out, the Luna was evicted.To think that Luna Diana is her mother’s best friend, she thinks that whoever die
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Chapter IV
Liza is the daughter of two of the most powerful werewolves. In fact her wolf Emerald is not just powerful, but divine. It is not typical for a werewolf to meet their wolf at a young age.Liza was able to transform accidentally when she was 13, it was when Shin was left in the woods by his big brother. They went their together but Ginji went back alone with his typical grin on his face.This is a usual indication of his not so good ordeals. Ginji, known as the son of the current Alpha, the next to be the Alpha has great insecurities with his little brother. For an unknown reason he hated him like a plague. As if the little kid will be able to take away what’s rightfully his. Liza run into the woods to look for Shin, she run and run until she realize that she’s not herself anymore. Her adrenaline or perhaps her instinct to save Shin pushes her wolf out; which is not something that happens just like that.  I mean, being a werewolf doesn’t you can shi
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Chapter V
What happen today surely made uproar, members of the tribe have so many speculations on what happen, and many question the rumor, especially those who was there. Those who were able to witness how strong Shin is have doubt, but no one dares to speak against the Alpha. The scene happens very fast, that not everyone was able to see it. And although some of them have ideas, many do not wish to get involve. The Alpha's reaction was undeniably questionable; he came as fast as the uproar started, and react like Shin is a traitor without even asking what happen. He was very mad at Shin, not because of the attack, but because he transformed. It was an obvious way of suppression. He doesn’t want people to see how strong the second son is, he wish no one to see that Shin is the true heir of the throne. Cause underneath this façade is a secret he doesn’t want to be uncovered.Shin used to listen to what the Alpha says, he listen almost all his life, but n
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Chapter VI
Chapter 6 There is an underground dungeon inside the pack house, where the wolves are lock in case of this kind of event.  The jail where Shin is locked is on the far end of the dungeon, he have two security guarding him twenty four seven. Not to mention the jail bars that can withstand the strength of a wolf. It has been three days on Shin counting, no food, no water, he do not feed on anything. The dungeon was in total silence, until tonight,, when he heard the step of a very familiar person. “I cannot believe you disobey me. You will be locked down in that cell until you learn to suppress that wolf of yours.” The Alpha was so furious that he hanged Shin in a locked room inside the dungeon. “I will never back down.” Shin howls back. “What is happening to you? Why on earth are you doing this? You know for a fact the consequence of your freaking action.” The Alpha was trying to calm himself despite the tension between them. <
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Author's Note
I recorded the first chapter of this audio book today...And will continue to record until I'm able to finish the book...Here's the link... You can also check me in spotify just search for Life with KeitheenI am currently on the process of moving house, so please bear with me if I do not upload chapters for now, but don't worry once I'm done moving out. I will upload all the episode I written on my note...I appreciate you all :) PS The turn out of event will be something you would wish for and love, I promise.
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Chapter VII
What happened was a shock for Yo, although he is not the brainy type he was able to connect the dots of what is happening.He wished he can talk to someone about this, but the truth of the matter is though Shin is his best friend, they are still cousins and that only means that the rest of Shin and Yo's family, are also family.Yo decided to walk back to the forest, he wished to seek solitude in times when his brain is full of so much thought. Thinking about what happened made him exhausted.He climbed on a tree in front of the lake, and just stare in the blankness of the blue sky, while the soft-fluffy clouds float above him, so thus his thoughts of what will happen."How can Shin lose temper for a woman who doesn't even deserve his attention? It was crazy, Liza is using a vanilla perfume to fake being the mate of Ginji, not thinking that she might find her mate.Now speaking about that could it be possible that what Shin is smelling is only the perfume
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Chapter VIII
There's not much hope for Liza to help Shin, as much as she wants she has no right to.Plus for sure, the Alpha's decision will win no matter what.In the end, her hope for his freedom will be of a vein.Halfway through the evening, she went back to the forest, wanting to run away for a bit. But she found Yo sitting in the tree where she hid the evidence of her parent's novel act.She hid the reality that she knew, it will stay there up until the right time. She wanted to talk to Yoshiki. She wants to tell him everything she knows. But, she shouldn't, she still is not sure what will Yo use them for if he would have known.After all, Yo is still Shin and Ginji's cousin. Liza knew that his parents knew something because his dad and the Alpha are brothers."What are you doing here?" Asked Susanne one of the girls who weird Liza all the time. She is short, she has red curly hair, she has freckles on her face and she wears eyeglasses.Susanne
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Chapter IX
"It started, I can feel his power. The chosen one is born." A tall man standing in a huge stone arch door says. He is standing on a doorway one the southern part of the castle his living.On his left hand is a glass of wine, on his right stands a crooked looking old man who waits til his glass is finish, he is waiting to refill it."Hahaha." He laugh frantically, like a lunatic m"It started, I can feel his power. The chosen one is born." A tall man standing in a huge stone arch door says. He is standing in a doorway on the southern part of the castle his living.On his left hand is a glass of wine, on his right stands a crooked-looking old man who waits until his glass is finished, he is waiting to refill it."Hahaha." He laughs frantically, like a lunatic man laughing his anger out."Seph." A very thin woman with a dark red lip called the tall man."Can't you hear him howling?" He asked."Looks like he wasn't able to kill him." T
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