The Alpha's Seduction

The Alpha's Seduction

By:  Larose Semsem  Completed
Language: English
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She is a loner, and she likes it that way. She lives by one sole rule: No attention, no boys, no drama, no troubles. And it works for her just fine -until he comes, that is. Jonathan is a new student, a hot new student, and he knows it. Add to that the fact that he's a werewolf, all strong and possessive male, and he is damn proud about it. To her utter and complete despair, he takes interest in her...

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35 chapters
 I was idly sitting on my chair; at the only available desk I had found when I first entered the classroom this morning; the one at the very back.Not that I was complaining, mind you! No, not at all.I didn’t like being in front, way too close to the teacher. The middle offered one major inconvenience; I would be surrounded by other classmates from all sides, which was not what one would be willing to go through if they were the second-to-biggest loner of the school. These were the reasons why the desk at the back suited me just fine.I was not antisocial or anything, it’s just that I earned the right to be at this school; an honorable private school that I wouldn’t have been able to even dream of because of its expensive fee.But, lucky for me, I was a brilliant student.The communication problem I shared with my classmates might be due to the fact that I was a little younger than them. Most of them were s
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1. Jonathan
  Murmurs and excited giggles were all over the classroom. By the time the third period began, the female population of the school was in a state of frenzy.Why, you would ask?Were they having a class trip? No.Would the school have to close for reparations or something? No.Would there be a big party – where they could shamelessly expose more flesh than they covered with some provocative dress? Again, no.There was a new student – as simple as that!Word was that he was one fine specimen – some even said drop-dead gorgeous. That was the reason for their thrill, as shallow as that may seem.“He can have me anytime anywhere,” I heard one of the girls confess dreamily earlier, her voice quaking.I just hastily made a beeline to my desk – at the back, my favorite spot – almost afraid of being contaminated with their way of thinking.And it wa
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2. Confrontation
 It was finally noon, and I wasn’t ashamed to say I have been avoiding the new guy like the plague. It was not an act of cowardice, mind you; I just needed time to prepare myself for the confrontation which would be coming soon. I was retreating to strike harder, just like a runner who takes a few steps back to jump better.Besides, let’s face it; girls were surrounding him all the time like vultures or bodyguards, I couldn’t decide – though I thought it was rather the former. And for once, I was not disgusted by their behavior, I felt actually grateful.I entered the cafeteria and instantly felt uncomfortable with all the unusual staring I earned. I bought my food hastily before heading towards the table I had become now used to.There, I found a blond-haired guy with green smoldering eyes who was approximately my age. He outstretched his hands when he saw me, and I put my tray on the table before hugging him tightly.Read more
3. The News
Be patient. You’ll see the light soon.Be patient. The end is just around the corner.Not much more to wait.Here it comes,RING! All of the school's bells lazily drawled in unison. Finally, I exclaimed inwardly.That final bell had been torturing me, it seemed that it couldn’t come soon enough and I was more than eager to be out of the classroom; out of the freaking school, and far, far away from this irritating, blue-eyed, raven-haired guy sitting right beside me. His eyes that had been practically boring holes in the side of my face for what felt like ages would probably haunt me in my dreams tonight.What was it with him and the staring? Continuously staring! It was getting creepy. I was starting to wonder whether I did anything at all to deserve this. I might have lied a couple of times – give or take – but that was no reason surely.Of course, I’m no saint, but isn&rsq
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4. Oh Boy!
  I entered the classroom barely seconds before the teacher, and I breathed out a sigh of relief. I’ve never had a detention at this school, now wasn’t the time to start!I was heading to my desk when I froze. My gaze met those annoyingly captivating, electric-blue orbs. Quickly dismissing the shock, I forced my legs to move and compelled my senses to go back to their normal routine.Why is he here? I couldn’t help but wonder. He didn’t have 1st period with me yesterday. What the hell man?I had successfully ignored him all first period, even managed to escape and avoid him all morning till our fourth period finished. Since I was daydreaming, I was kind of left behind to gather my things… And as expected, he stayed behind to talk to me. I was dreading what he had to say. That didn’t mean, however, that I was putting the arms down.“Can we speak?” He softly asked me when I had strai
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5. We Could Try That
 His clouded eyes were fixed on the wall and he was still taking deep breaths. Was he still angry at my little outburst? Well, tough!“I don’t have all day.” I mumbled, getting more frustrated with each passing second.He briefly glared at me then his eyes softened a notch. “You know about me,” he stated flatly.I nodded, silently pleading with him to continue. The sooner he spoke, the sooner he’s off my back, the better.“You do not challenge an alpha,” he started absently before adding in a slightly ironic tone “It’s not wise. Not wise at all”I sighed before confessing in a low voice, “I didn’t know you were an alpha-ultra… till it was too late.”“I could have killed that friend of yours!” he exclaimed, half guiltily, half angrily.“You wouldn’t dare!” I instantl
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6. Talk About Uneventful
“We could hang out later maybe?” I heard him ask for the 3rd time. “Well, you see…” I started, desperately trying to find an excuse when Seth, coming from behind, told me chirpily, “Hey, are we still doing that karaoke-dinner thing?” Damn you, Seth! I inwardly sighed. I just had the time to force a smile his way when Jonathan said smugly, “I’ll join there then. Where is it?” I huffed then gave him the address in an exasperated tone. Seth’s eyes were bulging, he hadn’t expected the turn of events. Yeah, I still had to find the time to tell him about the agreement. “So, I’ll meet you there at 6, huh?” Jonathan flashed me a one-thousand-watt smile. Damn isn’t he persistent! I couldn’t help but inwardly whine. I groaned in response. He took that as a yes, smiled – yet again – then finally went his way.   When Seth and I were finally on the road, he asked me, taking his mo
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7. Karl
There he was, sitting on the bed, with a sickly pale face and dangerously dull eyes. My parents entered and rushed to his side. I, on the other hand, couldn’t bring my legs to move in order to cross the threshold. The sight of him, looking so depressingly vulnerable, crippled me to the very core. His once beautifully messy dirty blond hair was in complete disarray. His once bright green eyes seemed empty and totally deprived of life. His vivacious personality might have just been lost forever. He seemed oblivious to my parents’ presence, to everything around him –until his eyes met mine, that is. His beautiful green orbs seemed to find back their usual gleam and his face lit up with a breathtaking smile. His hand rose, slowly, silently inviting me in. I couldn’t refuse him anything. Therefore, I stepped in and was soon throwing myself at him. His arms enveloped me in a loving hug and I just sobbed in his hospital-blouse-covered chest. “You’re
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8. The Bombshell
I entered my room with a smile on my face. A smile that soon got wider when I caught sight of my best friend Celia sitting on my queen-sized bed. Her blonde locks bounced in the air as she shot up from her place and came to greet me. Her deep brown eyes were sparkling with happiness and she was grinning like a fool. I couldn’t help but wonder what was up.We hugged for some time, enjoying each other’s embrace, then parted and sat on the bed.“I’m so happy Karl woke up.” I heard her say in that melodic voice of hers.“I know you are,” I replied, smirking, emphasizing the ‘know’ part. She had had a crush on Karl for three years or so.She smiled then asked about him for several minutes before squealing excitedly all of a sudden, “I almost forgot! Did you know that the alpha-ultra settled down here, in this town?” I nodded, putting a small smile on my face, desperately trying not to grimace.Read more
9. One Hell Of A Night
I can’t believe this… No freaking way!After spending the day at school, worried sick about my mate and her whereabouts, after asking that blonde guy about her and he just flatly told me, “If she makes it your business, she’ll tell you.” After threatening the principal’s secretary so I could get her address, after getting stuck in traffic for over an hour; after enduring my wolf’s inner turmoil for the whole day with him wanting to find her, to make sure she was fine… well, the list is long so let’s just stop it at that.Here I was, entering her house, keeping a smile for her parents’ benefit — who, by the way, let me enter when I told them I had brought her assignments with me — yet internally wincing at the exchange between her, her brother, and a girl I could only assume was her friend or her sister. However, I knew for a fact — with me being kind of really interested in my mate &md
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