Young Master Owl True Loves

Young Master Owl True Loves

By:  L A R A  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Mr. Owl you're like a sun that shine brightly to everyone, people can see and feel it but they can not touch it no matter what unless they're not afraid getting themselves burn. With such a distinguished family, status and power that you own it's easier to kill me with a lil touch as if to crush an ant. I have no reason not to be afraid of you."

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    190 chapters
    1. First Met Again
    She was awakened by the sunlight, her body covered with silk. She did not have the burning sensation from before, but her whole body was scattered and tingling, causing her eyebrows to twitch."Open your eyes, wake up," said a man with a cold tone, standing with his back to her and slowly dressing, in front of the large king size bed.Warlord?On the day of her capture, the man had clearly stated that they would never see each other again in this life.The horrible memories of the past flooded into her mind, and the blood drained from her face.Warlord? Why it is him again? Ever since the man in front of him emprisonment her, take her everytime he want, she start to give him a nickname Warlord. Simply because their meet always end up in a fight."Why? Ethan, will not you even let me die? "She was trembling all over, even in her voice.Tie the slender large hand of the tie to stop, a cold vision, as if contain to destroy all thin
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    2. Grandfather Owl
    When she saw the familiar bracelet, her heart went to her throat. In her previous life, the bracelet broke in less than three days. It turned out to be the relic of Warlord's grandmother. In the beginning, she even listened to Jane's instigation. She thought that this man was deliberately finding fault with herself. Such a rich and powerful man was angry because she broke a mere jade bracelet. She could not help but scold in her heart at her stupidity. She withdrew her hand. She lowered her head to hide her feelings. "OK, I know. I will protect it well." After all, she knew in her heart how terrible it would be to break the bracelet. Ten minutes later, in the infirmary. "Well, it's good, it's a good face." Grandpa Owl was satisfied and looked at Kim, "little girl, what's your name? How long have you known our Ethan? " It was a little formality in the side of the little girl, small speech surprised to see the old man. She remembers that in the
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    3. Like an ostrich
    After she came out of the station, Kim quickly followed Warlord reducing the distance between them to five meters. Even so, she had the impulse to turn around and run away.Suddenly, the tall figure in front of her immediately stopped.The Warlord turned around and saw the small woman who was five feets away from him. She stared at him with panic on her face. She had no idea what she was doing in the ward right now.He could not help but frown, a trace of displeasure rising in his heart, "What are you doing? Why have not you come yet? ""Ah? I have not done anything ... " She lowered her head, wringing her hands and swallowing her saliva. When she raised her head again, her eyes calmed. "Mr. Owl, I remember that the school still has homework. Can not I join you at lunch? Besides, I did not go home last night. The dorm director went to the guidance counselor to complain. I am just a freshman this year. I do not want to be watched by the tea
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    4. First step of friendship
    "Kim, are you back?" As soon as the dormitory door opened, Jane's eyes were filled with worry. "You did not come back last night. What happened?"Seeing this "feisty, bold and popular" friend in front of her eyes, she suddenly blushes. Only then does she realize that the emotion in those eyes is not worry at all, but jealousy, disgust, and resentment.Jane was wrong at first, she thought that the other party was a half-dead, bad old man. He needed the bride to cheer him up and give him courage. But yesterday he went with her and surprised it was Ethan Owl, the domineering billionaire! Her heart was in turmoil. When she found out that Ethan the groom was in the contract, she was even more furious! If I had known, how could it be that fool's turn? It must be on her own!In her previous life, Kim was imprisoned by the Warlord for seven days and put back in school. At that time, she was mentally fragile and when Jane persuaded her she spilled everything out, and eve
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    5. White and beautiful
    "What's the matter with you, you? I thought you said you not hungry? How did you get into the canteen with her? " Sarah, Jane and others were having dinner. By chance, they see Kim and Lily in a secluded corner of the canteen. They order a fried fish and sit together, chatting and laughing.Sarah is a loyal fan of Jane, and she has long been enchanted by Jane's and harbors a great dislike for Lily. Right now, she can not help herself. She holds on to a traitor and criticizes Kim .Kim picked a piece of meat from the belly of the fish and wanted to give it Lily. As soon as Sarah came, the fish fell to the ground. She put away her chopsticks, stood up and resisted the impulse to make rude remarks. She said in her usual innocent voice, "I was not hungry at that time, but can I not be hungry now? You had breakfast, do you not need lunch or dinner? ""You" Sarah scoff. The movement here soon attracted people to watch. They all think Sarah is ridiculous, like a grade
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    6. The Cheque
    She immediately covers the screen and hides in the bathroom, "Hello War... What can I do for you, Mr. Owl? "Ethan Owl had just eaten lunch, and the silk embroidered tablecloth was full of delicacies. He barely moved. "Have you eaten yet?""Yes."Too lazy to respond."What have you been eating?""Roast Grilled Fish... " She stuttered a little, even more nervous than when she was called on to answer questions in class."My grandfather just called and said you were too skinny to eat more. I only have a few dishes here that do not move much. I'll ask Jack to pack them up and send them to you later."The man's voice is low and soft. She sounds like a cello, but she can not rise at all. She nods, "OK, OK! I do not mind the leftovers."Warlord scoff. Hmph! What is this girl thinking?"Do you mind the leftovers I sent you?" These dishes are too cold for him."I do mind! No! I mean, I do not mi
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    7. The sun that outshine everyone.
    Afraid? Her? Afraid isn't enough to describe her feelings. He is her nightmare from the past, like a devil crawled from hell. Thinking about him is enough to made her feels terrified, panic, anxiety and all sorts of similar feeling you can think of. In her previous life, this man was so paranoid, she was like a canary imprisoned by him kept in a fancy golden cage, full of flowers and rich food. However, miscarriage after another almost drove her crazy. If she had not suffered from all kinds of variables and severe depression, she would not have chosen to commit suicide. At the moment, she can stand here to talk with him calmly, is already great courage that she never thought off. "Mr. Owl you're like a sun that shine brightly to everyone, people can see and feel it but they can not touch it no matter what unless they're not afraid getting themselves burn. With such a distinguished family, status and power that you own it's easier to kill me with a lil touch as if to crush an
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    8. The Ugly Duckling Evolve To Be A Swan
    Hearing these people's dissatisfaction, "what she needs more than me isn't it all of you?" Kim's face creased up as her eyebrows slightly lifted."Hahahaha." Hearing a sudden laugh, she raised her head and saw that Alex was biting his lips, trying hard to stop his laugh.She have a good impression on Alex. Alex who lived in the past, has long been out of acccompany with these people. When she was in prison, he actually came to visit her. However, probably heaven had a better planned he was ill fated.Before he reach 25 years old, he went to the hospital to ligate himself and announced to the outside world that he would never get married.Kim doesn't know what stimulate Alex that cause him to choose such a decision. Honestly speaking that kind of situation isn't something anyone could do.But she felt that in this life, she should help and find the right person for him. If she can make it, she will be able to repay the his kindness of previous life.
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    9. An Interesting Bumpkin
    "Sorry, I I'm just a little nervous. As I said, I'm just afraid of power, not you. Please don't take it to heart. "The Warlord chuckle softly, couldn't help himself to smile, have never seen someone use so hard cold tone but utter such a pacify words.It's really unique."Go to bed early. I'll pick you up tomorrow."Listening to the Warlord's low voice, which was as warm as the spring season, she shivered and said, "OK, then when you come, please keep a low profile. I don't want to be centre of the focus at the beginning of semester."Low profile? His lip twitched.This is the second time that the Warlord heard her plead for a low profile, as if once got involved, it would cause some major disaster.She seems to be really afraid of him. Eventhough she repetitively say she doesn't.For a time, the gentleness on the man's eyes was replaced by cold gaze, feeling offended, "I know." Was it so horrible to be seen with him?D
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    10. The Bumpkin is scared
    Jane is startled by Kim's sudden outburst. She looks up and sees that Ethan Owl is on its way to them. She immediately senses that it's a good time to use her innocence to gain sympathy. Therefore Jane, who's physically much stronger and more combative than Kim, doesn't fight back. Kim takes the opportunity to slap each one of her cheeks seven or eight times, but also vigorously scratch and grab Jane's face directly several times. Jane hurriedly took off the bracelet, but she didn't give it to the Kim. What she can't get, no one else can! Kim stretched out her hand. But she couldn't reach the bangle, and fell down. Her head hit the wall, and her waist hit the chair. Fortunately, she fell in a deft position. The jade bangle slapped her face and then rolled down her body. Kim's eyes were quick and swift. She grabbed it and held it tightly in his hand. Then, the heart in her chest began to beat like a drum. Thank goodness! Read more Protection Status