In One Month (bxb)

In One Month (bxb)

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Language: English
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Having transferred from the elite Dawson College to a new public school, Liam Wyatt is the new student at Crawstar High. Handome, quiet, gets good grades and seems to have no interest in anything. Steve Reed is the ace of the football team at Crawstar High. Good looks, popular, rich parents and g

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    “Date me for a month.” “What?” He leaned forward, his hair falling to his face as he moved. He looked at Liam, a smirk making its way to his face as he stared. He was obviously confused, probably even thinking it was a prank. “You heard me right. Date me for a month. That’s my condition.” “Are you-? Oh- I didn’t know you were-“ Liam replied him, making his omission of the ‘word’ too obvious. He hesitated for a while then continued. “I’m not gay.” “You don’t have to be gay.” “Oh, yeah? Then how am I supposed to accept your ridiculous condition to date you when I’m not gay like you,” Liam continued, unsure of how he was feeling himself. “Then be gay for me,” Steve said, as he leaned even closer. He smiled, making Liam re
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      "You burnt the toast, again," Jasmine groaned. "Seriously, Liam."It was a Sunday morning and both Liam and Jasmine were feeling extra hyper. Both waking up few minutes past eight and both being not exactly religious enough to go to church, they ended up in the kitchen hopelessly trying to make edible breakfast."Not really," Liam blinked his eyes. "It's not that bad. Have you ever had burnt toast with orange juice? It's the best." "It sure is," Jasmine replied him, tossing the third burnt toast into the trash can. "So much for 'finally being able to 'cook.' "Okay, no," Liam laughed. He could cook. At least, successfully enough to make his own toast. "I can cook, really. I'm just a little distracted." "Oh, honey," Jasmine turned taking a sip of her orange juice. "What's on your mind?" "Nothing." "Don't." "I have school tomorrow," Liam pou
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     Liam stared at the unfamiliar image in the mirror that seemed to be his. It was a Monday morning and instead of a white shirt, striped trousers, red blazer and a matching red tie, he was putting on a navy blue shirt and black jeans. "How's this?""You look like you're going for a job interview," Jasmine replied, from the laptop's screen earning a groan from Liam. Brian had dropped her at her place as early as 6am and got back to patiently wait for Liam to finish getting ready. He was in for a very long wait. "What am I supposed to wear then?" Liam whined.  "Something's always wrong with everything I pick." "You're going to school, Liam. Not a job interview or a seminar or a freaking burial." "Then what I supposed to wear? A tank top and beach shorts?" "Honestly, I wouldn't disapprove," Jasmine flashed him a smile. "First impressions
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      He got home few minutes past seven after going straight to the hospital after school.  His mum was being extra inquisitive about how his first day at school went and even after her told him several times that it was fine, she kept on asking.  He groaned as his alarm clock rang again. It was 7:00am already and he wasn’t ready. He skipped just two weeks of school but it felt like two months. There were notes to be made, assignments and most importantly books to be read.  He stepped out of the bathroom, hair soaking wet by 7:15am. He already had his natural outfit of the day laid down on his bed. A blue t-shirt and light colored jeans. Hair blow dried and brushed, he grabbed his backpack and fled downstairs.  “Did you have breakfast?” was the first thing Brian said to him as he got into the car.  “Yes,” he lied.  “Oh,” he eyed him suspiciously. “Well, here then.”  Liam slowly colle
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       Nick either had no friends or just really wanted to be friends with Liam. On seeing Liam that Wednesday morning, he asked about his hip and immediately handed him a large bowl of sliced fruits saying vitamins help the bones get stronger. Technically, that was wrong. Liam vividly remembered his elementary school classes on how Calcium were responsible for strong bones and he doubted, strongly, fruits containing that much calcium. Instead of attacking him with the above lecture, he smiled, collected it and said “thanks.” He was thankful though more surprised. Like Nick could hear his thoughts, he quickly added, “It’s no biggie. I told my mum a friend hurt his hip and she just handed me the bowl of fruits to give you so you can feel better.” That made sense. Mothers were like that. His was a huge example. He remembered when he was still 13 and Jasmine was grounded at
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        “Are you okay, son?”  Dr. Oliver Reeds stepped into his huge office to meet his son in an unusual position. He was seated on the couch, head low with his left hand covering half of his face.  “Steve?”  “Yeah, I’m okay,” he finally unveiled his face, revealing a distressed look.  “Did you cry?” his dad asked, immediately bending to look at his face to uncover tear stained cheeks. “My God, you cried. What in the world happened to you?”  “Nothing.”  “Cut it out, Steve,” his dad sat next to him. “I’m busy and I don’t have to beat around the bush. So tell me, what happened?”  “I made that person cry.”  “That person?” he asked. “The person that keeps on being cold to you even though you really want to be friends with them?”  Steve nodded in reply.  “How?” he interrogated. “Did you meet her? Where did you two meet?”  “Here
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     Brian reluctantly dropped Liam off. He had evident mixed feelings about Liam meeting a friend cause he was aware of Liam’s lack of friends. Liam quickly defended himself saying he made new friends in his new school and Brian let it go. He was meeting Steve at a park close to his place. That was the only place he could go and confidently return back home. It wasn’t his fault he didn’t know his way around- a certain Brian Jung had always been around to drive him. He wasn’t sure if he was expecting an instant reply from Steve when he asked them to meet. He needed to talk to him and the best way was to talk to him. Ignoring won’t be as easy and he could always read his face if he decided to be silent. He was still in the outfit from the previous day. He sniffed his armpits, glad he still smelt okay. His hair needed washing but still looked decent so he was good to go. “Liam!” he s
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     Liam was losing his mind.  “Jasmine, please please please pick up the call,” he pleaded uselessly on the phone. He did not just kiss Steve Reeds less than 15 minutes ago. He did not! What the hell went through his mind? All he wanted to do was stop him from talking and make him believe he meant his words. Why a kiss though? There were numerous other ways he could have shut him up. He could have punched him in the face. He could have slapped him. Or he could have just walked away. But he just had to kiss him. He pulled his hair, groaning the loudest he had groaned in months. He kissed him. He kissed him. He kissed Steve Reeds. His phone that he had dropped on the dinning table after giving up on reaching Jasmine vibrated. He rush towards it hoping it was call or text from Jasmine saying she was coming over.Instead, Unknown number:
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     The day was going on smoothly.After Steve and Liam talked, Liam found himself no longer nervous to face him. He had told him the kiss was a mistake and thus gotten it off his chest.Thankfully, Jasmine didn’t ask him where he was or what the ‘hottie’ had to say. She was just glad to see him on his return and they spent the rest of the day together with Nick attending classes.It was finally time to go home and Jasmine bid Liam goodbye. She was still grounded so she had to go straight home with her dad’s driver. He bid Nick goodbye too and headed to the side at parking lot Brian normally parked.His phone vibrated and he took it out revealing a text.Unknown number: Where r u?Unknown number: You’ve not gone home already, have u?He hesitated for a while.Liam: No, I haven’t.Liam: I
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    “Good morning.” It was a familiar face and voice. Liam slammed his locker shut, turning. “What are you doing here, Steve?” “Yeah, good morning to you too,” Steve replied, Liam arching an eyebrow. “I had a nice rest too. Thanks for asking.” It was early in the morning for heaven’s sake. How was he always so energetic? “Why are you in front of my locker, Steve?” “Dude,” Steve chuckled lightly. “Cut me some slack, will you?” “Okay,” Liam replied. “So why are you in front of my locker?” “I’m not in front of your locker.” “You bloody are.” “No, I’m not,” Steve insisted. “I just happen to be standing by the locker next to my locker.” “What is that supposed to mean?” Liam was tired. “This is my locker. Your locker is nowhere nearby.” “Well, that was in the past,” Steve replied, leaning on the locker next to Liam’s. “Isn’t it all just so coincidental that the people in charge just decided to change my locker?” “So you’re saying your locker go
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