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A vicious and terrifying beast with the bewitching appearance. He is someone you never want to cross. He is capable of everything except love but soon that changes when he met her. She makes him feel all the things that he never thought it's possible for him to feel. She brings both the best and worst in him. An ordinary girl with a big dream, living her life to the fullest. One moment everything was perfect for her and the next moment her peaceful life turns into a never lasting nightmare. If that's not enough he was taken away from the bloodthirsty beasts.

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"Bye Jas," Jenny, my best friend, says. We've been friends since we were born. Like us, our moms have also been best friends since they were born. Crazy as it may sound, our parents got married the same day. I mean, who does that right? Our moms are obsessed with each other. They even wanted to get pregnant simultaneously, but unfortunately, Jenny's mom got pregnant with her first and I was born a year after Jenny was born. Jenny also has a younger brother but, unfortunately for me, I was the only child. My mom has had some health complications and it can be fatal for her to give birth to another baby. Although sometimes I wish I had a younger brother or sister, I would never trade my mother's life. "Bye honeybee" I replied. A smile plastered on my face. I love this girl. Giving a slight wave, I got off the bus and started walking towards my house. After a school trip, I decided to surprise my parents. So, I did not inform them about returning home. A
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"P-please" was all I was able to say. A small part of me couldn't help but feel disappointed in myself. I felt pathetic begging for my life, like a loser. But the bigger part of me wanted to live. I was pretty much desperate to live. More like I was afraid to die. He flounced in my direction briskly with a large tread and was in front of me within a few steps. I pressed myself further against the wall, trying to create as much distance as I could, but he threads his fingers through my hair, tugs it roughly. I cry out in pain as my scalp burns. "Stop...Please "I cried, desperately trying to pull myself out of his painful clutch. My grey orbs were fixed to his stone-cooled ones as I looked for mercy but found none. "Stop?" I received a chuckle from him. A bone-chilling chuckle "It just stared babe and you're already scared." All the fake amusement flung from his face as his demeanor turned into a predatory. And unfortunately, I happened to be his prey.
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  After that, no one bothered to speak. Almost driving after three hours, I started to notice the inadequacy of residence. The car started moving on an unpaved road, bumping here and there every now and then. My eyes narrowed and my face vaguely distorted in uncertainty. Where are they taking me? Were they planning to take me deep into the woods and kill me there? But it doesn't make sense... They could have killed me in my house with my parents. Why would they take me into the woods just to kill me? Oh my God, are they planning to rape me and then kill me? No no no no... I can't let that happen. I don't want to die like this. So many terrifying thoughts popped up in my head and all the things that could happen to me. My eyes began to sting and saltiness gathered at my waterline. Stop crying, Jasmin. Crying isn't going to get you anywhere, but it will only add to your problems. I scolded myself. I continued to blink away, trying har
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  I don't know how long I stayed there, but every single minute, my heart swells restive. I heard light footsteps coming in my direction, alerting my perception. I tense up and uncurl my back. The lock on my door wriggled and the door creaked open. My body further tensed when I saw a man with honey brown hair, olive skin, and wide grey eyes enter the room. I immediately knew this was the man whose name I had yet to find out. "Let go, you haven't eaten anything", I nodded, before pulling myself out of bed. He gave me a sly grin, eyes looking at me up and down. "Nice dress". I suddenly realized that I was only wearing a T-shirt. I averted my eyes away, as a mortifying flush took over my features. I know I must have looked funny. The T-shirt had literally consumed me. It was so gigantic. It looks more like an oversized dress than a T-shirt. I quickly scurried after him, careful to keep an arm's distance between us. "What is your name
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  As soon as the door opened, my eyes fell upon Ivan who was sitting in the expensive leather chair behind a lavish russet table immersed in his laptop typing something vigorously. Ivan doesn't acknowledge my existence and continues typing away on his laptop.   I stay rooted at my pace waiting for him to acknowledge me, but I'm met with only stillness.   "You called me?" I finally said as the silence became unbearable. He finally removes his gaze from the screen and looks up at me.  "Come here," Hesitantly, I made my way around the table and over to him and stopped next to him, leaving space between us.   "Sit". I looked at the armchair beside him before I could make my way there. He stopped me.   "Not there here" he nonchalantly says as he pats his lap. My mouth flaps open like a fish. He can't be serious.  I wanted to oppose, to say something, but
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I slowly crept towards the front door, trying to keep a light footstep. Several things can go out of order. My mind goes through endless possibilities that could happen if I get caught. I hold back a shudder even thinking about it. I have to be very careful if I don't want to get caught.  Slowly, I unfastened the wooden door, trying my best not to make any sound. I was about to open the door when a hand clasped onto my shoulder, making me tense. Swirling around, I came eye to eye with Dean, who was gazing at me with a full grin. I started to panic internally but did my best to keep my face still. "What are you doing?" He asked, raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow. "I-I" Clearing my throat, I gave him a hesitant answer. "I wanted to get some water." I'm swift to explain myself. "Water and here," I forgot to mention, I'm terrible when it comes to lying. "I just forgot the direction of the kitchen" he laughs at my words. "I wonder wha
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  Ivan was not in the room when I woke up. His side of the bed was cold and vacant, implying that it had been a long time since he was off. And I was extremely grateful for that. My body ached all over, especially between my legs. I could still feel the sticky white of the residuum between my legs. I never imagined this would happen to me. He's a vicious animal. A sobs wreck through me, I muffle the sobs by clasping my hand over my mouth. After crying for what seemed like forever, I dragged my body out of bed but immediately winced when a sharp burning pain erupted from between my thighs from yesterday's assault. Ignoring the pain, I walked into the bathroom. I gaze at myself in the mirror. My face looked an absolute mess. There were streaks of dried-up tears in my cheeks. Under-eye bags and my hair was sticking out in different directions. I got inside the shower, wanting to wash away all his touches. After taking a long shower, I change
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  There are so many thoughts running inside of me, not one of them is optimistic. I am just scared of what the future holds for me. My thoughts drifted back to what happened in the morning as I recall my and Dean's conversation. I am still baffled about agreeing with him or not. I think I should take his offer. It's just one night, right? Yes, I will definitely take his offer. I have decided. After the morning incident, I stayed in my room and refused to go out. I have been watching the same movie again and again. With countless thoughts running in my head, I couldn't concentrate on the movie. I felt disoriented and my head was pounding furiously. I'm so grumpy and frustrated, I just want to curl up into a ball and cry. I hate feeling so unstable. I need to get out of here before I completely lose myself. "Jasmin" Sasha's voice breaks me out of my thoughts and brings me back to reality. Instead of answering her, I stayed quiet. I have no
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  I squeezed my eyes closed, trying to rule my fear. I can do this. I mentality encouraged, myself. Gathering up all of my courage, I raised my hand and beat my knuckles against the door gently. Not long after, a shirtless Dean opens the door. A large smirk covers his face as his gaze falls on me as he leans against the door frame. I open my lips to speak but before I could say anything, he grabs me by my wrist and pulls me to him, pressing our bodies together. "I knew you would come but didn't know this earlier. I mean not that I mind," he smugly says as he presses his mouth on my neck, leaving wet kisses on the sensitive skin. An unladylike squawk fell from my mouth. "Stop". I started struggling against him, trying to get myself free from his hold. "Shh! Just relax and enjoy yourself. I'll make it pleasurable for you," He purrs as his hand roams all over my body finding each and every curve. I'm still trying to push h
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  I immediately looked away. I am still not used to the way he stares at me. I don't think I ever will be. It is just so intimidating. Soon after a woman entered the room, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was. Mesmerizing brown orbs. Thick eyebrows with luscious lips. She is wearing a minimum of make-up. She was quite tall, with dark brown hair cascading that came to her mid-back. She looks like a model on the cover of a magazine. The only thing I didn't like was her outfit. It looked too small and tight for her body. Her butt was partially hanging and the same with her huge breast. They were pressed against her tight red dress nearly spilling out of it. But who cares? It's her life and she can do anything she wants. She must probably be Sasha's age, in her early or mid-twenties. "Ivan baby why didn't you wait for me," She said as she let out a wince. I immediately knew she was one of daddy's princesses. It was so obvious from
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