50 Shades Of Puberty

50 Shades Of Puberty

By:  Sweety  Completed
Language: English
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I Always knew my life is not always the way I expected but this time it's a mess I have to leave this country and have to live with my cousins. The feeling is not so great to tell but we all have miseries but somewhere I know that going there will change my life completely and bring some new challenges in my life I wish I can survive. Meet Hope Grey who was always positive about her life until something happened to her father and she have to shift into another country. Will life give her another Hope? Or will destroy everything she is left with?

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171 Chapters
Chapter 01-New Session
  Location - Paris. Scene opened with the show of the big school where students were full from the entrance to the main campus some kids were playing whereas some were gossiping.      “From today new sessions are going to start, I am so excited. Now onwards we are the seniors”, A boy said to his group.    “Yo boys now we are the hot seniors now we will lead the campus, everyone else are all the  juniors”, One of his teammates replied.       “Oh, in your dreams idiot did you forget our so called campus hero Ryan, Rose and Zach they are all here obviously we don’t stand up in front of them". Another boy said.      “C’mon Dude, okay I know that those are the rich brats of this school and also the most popular but doesn’t mean that they will always lead us.” he replied in angry A girl come forward to them while listened Ryan's name.Read more
Chapter 02 - Love at First Sight
  Location-School   “How dare you to hit my brother like this” Rose said angrily.   Rose and the boy were staring each other like they want to kill them right now. As Rose come forward to hit the boy Ryan came in between.   “Knock it off dude the way you are thinking is not true she was falling down that’s why I hold her to protect” Ryan said.   “Oh, really don’t fool me I know the mentality of you boys this are the cheap tricks you play with a girl” The boy said with anger.   “Seriously boy what do you think of yourself a king? Girls are madly in love with my brother he doesn’t have time to run after a girl like this and he don’t have to use any tricks you better get it” Rose said in between.   Listening this Both girl and boy are shocked.   “You just shut up” Boy said.  
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Chapter 03 : Revenge And Ragging
Hope was all ready for her new school…suddenly Paul enters. “Twinkle are you done or not.” Paul asked.   “Yes Bro I am done everything is ready” Hope said smiling. “Are you sure Hope about this school I mean” Paul said slowly.   “Bro please don’t start this again” Hope said. “Dude just think na I am not feeling good vibes everyone there is rude and mannerless” Paul said.   “Bro it’s not a rule na that everybody should be decent and good and we don’t have any other option. You have to control your anger we are now in other state and a new world where we can’t behave like before. You know the situation better than me and what about Mom huh” Hope asked calmly. Paul was silent listening this.   “Paul, Hope are you both ready for your school. Aye you both are looking so beautiful god bless you both” Mom came and blessed them.   “Yes mom everything is do
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Chapter 04 : Punishment And Domination
 “Hope” Paul screamed.Suddenly Hope feels another hand and she saw that she hadn’t fell down.“Ryan Bro” Rose screams shockingly.“Fuck where did he come here” Zach said slowly.“Ryan c’mon save her dude” Freya said.Ryan holds her with his two hand and Paul also pulls her up.Hope was too shocked to react.Rose Freya and Zach all ran towards the rooftop. After coming up Hope hugged Pau tightly.“Damn it I was so scared” Paul said.Hope and Ryan make a eye contact“You okay?” Ryan asked softly.Hope gets goosebumps hearing him.Hope nodes saying that she is okay.Everything happened there is seen by a Ma’am. Ryan sees the junior.“What the hell are you doing here and that’s too in this attire.” Ryan asked.“Bro t
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Chapter 05: Punishment Accepted
 “What do you mean you don’t want to follow our rules?” Principal asked.“Sir I will accept the punishment if I had done something wrong but honestly, I didn’t do anything so why will I accept your punishment” Paul said“You are arguing with me? How dare you” Principal said.“Sorry sir I am just defending” Paul said. “Here fault is no one but still you gone to save your sister at the rooftop. Who gave you the damn permission to go there can’t you inform me once about that, this is not your house dammit you can’t take your decision by yourself you are no one. My rules will be followed here and everyone will get punishment that means everyone have to accept it or else I will suspend everyone” Principal said. Listening this everyone was shocked they were all silent“But this is not fare sir if we didn’t do any
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Chapter 06: Thank You My Sunshine
 At School.Rose falls own and she get hurt on her nose.“ouch fuck” Rose screamed.“Shit Rose” Freya said in shocked. “Fuck my nose” Rose said while touching her nose“Are you okay baby” Freya asked her Grabbing her shoulder.“I am not okay it’s paining man what if I get a plastic surgery” Rose replied.Paul listened this and gave her a look.“You have gone mad don’t talk foolish” Freya said.“Seriously that’s not small. "You idiot are you not ashamed of what you did why did you leave me?” Rose said to Paul“Have you run out from some mental hospital? You only said e to leave” Paul said. “Yeah He is right you only told him that how dare you to touch me leave me immediately so that’s why he left you” Fre
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Chapter 07: Misunderstanding
Ryan come back to home. Firstly he goes directly to his sister’s room.He saw that Rose was laying down on her bed and she has a bandage upon her nose. Ryan’s heart broke while seeing her like this, he was like a second mom to her and he can’t see her hurt like this.        “Baby what happen to you how did this happen” Ryan asked pointing towards her nose.        "No I can't tell to him directly, if he know about Paul then my brother will not take a second to kill him. But I don't want this, i torcher him till the end and that’s the reason I will not let Ryan to know about Paul" she thought herself evily       “Rose why are you not answering dammit say it wait let’s go to the doctor.” Ryan asked her grabbing her shoulders Rose Cup his cheek with her one hand and Said “Brother chill look at me I am absolutely fine”    &
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Chapter 08 : Love Me Like You do
       "Enough Nishant now you are just crossing your limits, if you speak one more word then i will kill you here right now," Ryan said in anger.Ryan and Paul see each other angrily. Suddenly the in charge of the library that is the librarian comes and sees both the fellows Ryam and Paul heading off to each other.      "what's going on here students?" Librarian asked them both. Listening to the librarian Paul leaves the collar of Ryan's.      "Enough Guys just enough you did what you wanted to now please be calm what the hell you both are doing" Hope said in the verge of crying.     "Look hope you are very good girl I always help you because of that and you both are new here that's why I think for you that you don't face any problems but if your brother says harsh words about me which are not related to me I wil
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Chapter 09: You Are My Partner
  At evening; - As Usual, classes are finished for everyone. Except for the punishment teams, everybody else is dispersed. “Dammit Man our teachers are mad or what we are sitting here worthless doing nothing, they are not giving us our punishments at least tell us what to do. I have to go home there’s lots of work to do.” One of Zach’s friends said annoyingly.  “Bro everybody has to learn from you (Rose crosses her leg and sits on the chair with full swag) let me guess what you have on your schedule. Oh yeah Scrolling news feed, WhatsApp chatting, flirting with every girl you see, yeah dude that’s a lot of work you know that’s why you are so busy.” Rose said with full attitude. Listening to Rose everyone laughs except Paul and Hope they were quiet.“Fucking arrogant bitch, she’s Ryan
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Chapter 10: He is coming back
50 Shades of PubertyChapter 10: He Is Coming back Location School Evening Time. "I Like you man" Rose said while kiss him on his cheeks. Paul was shocked to even react anything, he was staring at Rose like he saw somewhat of a ghost LOL. After gaining his posture he reach for her cheeks slowly touching with his fingers meanwhile Rose thought that he melt under her touch nut instead Paul shoved her poking her forehead.(Damn that was funny)   "WTF" somewhat she said in disappointed.   "I am that Badass Bastard that is not going to fall in your cheap tactics baby. What where you are stepping it's a fire that will burn you." Paul said in a duh tone.   "You, idiotic bastard are you even a boy dammit how can someone not fall in my charms. I am having doubt regarding you seriously not even a single person ignored my touch or felt nothing until you showed up.Tell me the
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