Loving Mr. CEO

Loving Mr. CEO

By:  Sheilaxx  Ongoing
Language: English
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Damon McCartny Becket is a young, serious and intimidating CEO of McCompany. Everyone fears him because of his rough attitude. Felicity Centola is a vibrant, fierce and vocal woman, who applied for a job as a secretary of McCompany. When Damon got to meet Felicity Centola, his half-dead heart unexpectedly beats frantically. Even though he thinks that they can't seem to have a good and peaceful relationship with each other, he still hired Miss Centola. For his personal reason. Their relationship is like a cat and a dog. They're always fighting over something, and stand for what they think is right based on their own judgments. As a short time passes by. Damon McCartny, quickly falls in love with Felicity. Love grows unexpectedly between the two. But life is not always happy nor always a positive one. Because a shocking revelation will cause a havoc to their almost perfect relationship. Damon's past would stir up his future. " I love you, Felicity!" " No, maybe you just loved the idea of me pretending to be your ex-fiancé " I didn't know that Loving Mr. CEO would be this hard for me. Will the two of them still end up together? Despite of their bruise relationship. Is their love enough to mend their broken heart?

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58 Chapters
Chapter 1
Felicity's POV " Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. James chapter one verse two to three" announced by a Catholic faith defender in a busy street at New York.  To tell you guys, New York has become extremely crowded, filled with people at all times of day and night and it's kind of making me a little bit stress. I'm not still used to be a New Yorker who find it enjoyable to walk through in a crowded street. "A New York City street is not like a street anywhere else in America. It is more frenetic, more teeming, more daunting, more commercial, more electric, more lawless, more infested, more sticky, more musical, more neon'' said by Emily Badger in one of her articles and I kind of agree with it. Clearly, because I am walking at a faster  pace in this busy street because I'm in a hurry an
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Chapter 2
Author's POV   Felicity is living alone in her condominium unit and it's been almost two months when she migrated to New York to find a job.  She's is now busy cooking beef steak for her dinner, while singing her favorite music 'Love You Like a Love Song' by Selena Gomez her idol.  "Constantly, boy you played through my mind like a symphony.  There's no way to describe what you do to me. You just do to me, what you do And it feels like I've been rescued I've been set free, I am hypnotized by your destiny. You are magical, lyrical, beautiful.  You are, and I want you to know, baby"  She sings like a real singer whose having her concert on the stage. She moved her hips sideways and put her hands up and just feel the rhythm of the song.  She's feeling lively and energetic not minding what had just happened this morning.  " I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love...." s
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Chapter 3
Felicity's POV   " Oh hello, dear Fely! What's with your outfit today?" Tessa asked me.    " Yeah, my suit jacket has a coffee stain on it. A man just spills his coffee on my jacket so I don't want to wear it. I will only look untidy for it"    " But you better be changing your clothes now Fely, because if Mr. Becket will see you. For sure he'll be furious, I just don't want you to be scolded by him" she said sounded concerned for me.   " But I don't have extra clothes with me. I hope he'll understand if I tell him what happened"    Right! For sure he will understand me for this, and it's not like I'm not wearing a formal one. It's just a white tube shirt and a black pencil skirt.    " Okay, good luck Fely! I have a meeting to attend to, and if ever, don't blame me for not giving you a heads up and warning of Mr. Becket. He's a mad man Fel
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Chapter 4
Felicity's POV   If you ask me why I immediately accept Damon's offer despite what was written in the contract. Well, it's always been my main reason and it is to gain more money.  From this day on I will only call him by his name ' Damon ', no more exception even at meetings or even if we're with other employees.  I really can't imagine living with him, especially that we both hate each other and always argue on something we stand for, well that's based on my observation for the last two meetings                I had with him.  It's 11 in the afternoon and we are in this fancy restaurant, named. ' Raileighs Restaurant and it is just near the Wroblitz Boutique where we are heading to after lunch.  " Can we just eat at a cheaper restaurant?" I asked hesitantly as I saw the prices of the food on the menu.  He just raised his brows to me and signaled me to just
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Chapter 5
Felicity's POV We both enter in the Wroblitz Boutique. And as soon as we enter we are greeted by a very beautiful lady in her mid 40's. She's like one of the Victoria's secret model, and God! She dress to kill. Wearing her simple fitted black backless dress and a black stilettos this woman in front of me is a God damn fine woman. Her hair color is blonde and she's wearing big earrings and a necklace with a heart pendant. She also wear light make-up which looked naturally on her.  " Hello dear Dame! It's nice to see you here today. Finally after five long years, you dared to visit me now huh! " She said plastering a big smile as she approached Damon with a welcoming hug. I stepped sideways to give them space. Seems like they are old acquaintance that never see each other for a long years.Damon gave her a kiss on the cheek. She looked at Damon from head to foot and nodded her head as she examined Damon's
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Chapter 6
Damon's POV   The reason why I stopped Felicity from fitting the clothes that Maureen picked for her was because she's giving me a hard on.  Yeah, honestly speaking Felicity is giving me a hard on especially when she wears that bandage bodycon dress.  With her damn sexy body, with the proper curves and all. I can feel desire just by watching her. Based on what I read on magazine, if a man is having his hard on when saw a woman. It's either you lust on her, or she's the one for you.   And I'm afraid, because the last moment I have hard on just by looking by a woman, it's not lust but love.   " Sorry my condominium is messy and unorganized. I'm a lazy person... so what did you expect? I'm leaving alone her so I can do all things I wanted to. And I also got drunk last night and messed all things up " she explained to me as soon as we enter her small condominium. I saw some of her br
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Chapter 7
I'm in the conference meeting togetherwith the board members of my company. But even though my presence is here,all I think about is Felicity.  What she's doing? How's she feeling? Did her menstrual cramps got worst? These are the questions kept running inside my head, which cause me to be distracted and unattentive in the meeting. " Ahmm. Excuse me please " I said as I raised my hand to get the attention of the board members. When I able to gain their attention. I stood up proudly and fixed my suit. I eyed everyone before talking. " I'm so sorry but I have to cancel our meeting today. I have an emergency... Ms. Young I'll leave this to you, I gotta go. "  I immediately get my things and storm out, not minding their different reactions.I know I'm acting weird right now, but thinking of Felicity's state makes me worried as hell. 
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Chapter 8
 Felicity's POVI hugged my pillow tightly because of the coldness that soothed my body. My pillow is warm and it gives me the warmth I needed so I press my body more to it.But then, one thing I noticed is that my pillow is hard! It should be soft right? I touched it more, I moved my hand up and down. The grazing of my fingers touch it more, only to find out that it's hairy! I slowly open my eyes, and from my sleepy eyes, it widened as to what I witnessed! My inner thoughts were confirmed! It's not a pillow that I'm hugging! It's Damon's naked body damn it! I stiffened as I realized that I was a bit to aggressive in sleeping. I looked up to see his face. And to my horror Damon is awake! He's gazing intently at me, and when he saw me awake, I saw a ghost of smile from his damn handsome face. " Good morning sweetie " he whispered huskily near my ear. Which sent a thousand volts to
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Chapter 9
Felicity's POV After more than 10 minutes, we finally arrived at the coffee store. I immediately enter the store with Damon following me. Before I can went near the counter. I saw John, my friend smiling big at me. He went near me and hugged me. I didn't expect this, but I hugged him back though. " Good morning dear Felicie! Wow! You look extra stunning and gorgeous today. " He complimented me as I withdraw myself from him." Thank you John! "  He looked at me from head to heels and looked at me with playful smile on his face " I'm sorry Felicie but I'm busy today, so I can't date you today. " He kiddingly said. We both just laughed at his joke.  An arms snaked in my waist possessively. My smile slowly faded. Shit! I forgot Damon! I saw confusion on John's face when he saw Damon. From his big smile, he awkwardly smile to Damon. " Ahmm.. J
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Chapter 10
Damon's POV" What are you thinking? " I asked her as I saw her spacing out.She narrowed her eyes and looked at me." Nothing" she shortly replied and avoided my gaze.I get my phone and made a call of Ms. Young. " Hello Ms. Young I send you the documents in your email. Kindly have it signed by Mr. Miller, and hand it to me tomorrow morning. Okay, thank you." After ending my call. Felicity then looked at me with a questioning eyes." What?" I asked her." What's the sense of having me as your secretary if you gave my supposedly work to others." she ranted." I told you, I don't want you to go out of my office. Don't worry, by next days, you will have your real job as my secretary. For now, you're my sexytary." I countered, which made her to shut up. I busied myself from reading some reports and contracts. While, I saw Felicity in her sleepy eyes, as she stares at the couch. " You ca
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