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"I, Amelie Ashwood, Reject you, Tate Cozad, as my mate. I REJECT YOU!" I screamed. I took the silver blade dipped in my own blood to my mate mark. Amelie only ever wanted to live a simple life out of the spotlight of her Alpha bloodline. She felt she had that when she found her first mate. After years together, her mate was not the man he claimed to be. Amelie is forced to perform the Rejection Ritual to set herself feel. Her freedom comes at a price, one of which is an ugly black scar."Nothing! There's nothing! Bring her back!" I scream with every part of my being. I knew before he said anything. I felt her in my heart say goodbye and let go. At that moment, an unimaginable pain radiated to my core. Alpha Gideon Alios loses his mate, on which should be the happiest day of his life, the birth of his twins. Gideon doesn't have time to grieve, left mateless, alone, and a newly single father of two infant daughters. Gideon never lets his sadness show as it would be showing weakness, and he is the Alpha of the Durit Guard, the army and investigative arm of the Council; he doesn't have time for weakness. Amelie Ashwood and Gideon Alios are two broken werewolves that fate has twisted together. This is their second chance at love, or is it their first? As these two fated mates come together, sinister plots come to life all around them. How will they come unite to keep what they deem the most precious safe?

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91 Chapters
Gideon's Pain   Gideon "I'm sorry, she's gone. There was nothing I could do." The doctor backed away from me, fear and sorrow in his eyes. "Nothing! There's nothing! Bring her back!" Every part of my being is screaming. I knew, I knew before he said anything. I felt her in my heart say goodbye and let go. An unimaginable pain radiated to my core deeper than anything I had felt before. "I wish I could, but she's already gone. You know she is. Right now, you don't have time to grieve. They need their dad." The doctor directs my attention to the two newborn baby girls also screaming at the top of their little lungs. How am I going to do this alone? In an instant, my world changed but not how I had seen it happening. My mate died giving birth. She had pre-eclampsia and couldn't hold on after the birth. She gave me two beautiful baby girls, Rose and Daisy. She smiled at them, then left this world, left
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The "Scarred One" Amelie  "I, Amelie Ashwood, reject you, Tate Cozad, as my mate. I REJECT YOU!" I screamed with the last of my energy. I took the silver blade dipped in my blood to my mate mark. The searing pain my body and my wolf felt was like my heart was being ripped from my chest while being hit by a bus. I guess not all new starts are bright and shiny. The physical pain was unbearable, but my mind was clear. "I did it. I'm free." I passed out naked, bloody, and alone but free; after ten years, I was free. I had just done the unthinkable. I completed the rejection ritual marking myself as a mate rejecter, a pariah in my community. I not only rejected my mate but my old pack. My whole identity to that point – was gone. I was now scarred, no longer marked. Now, I carry the black scar created by the silver blade, and I reject the mate made just for me by the goddess.  The cursed life of a "Scar
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Beginning of the End Amelie All that glitters is indeed not gold... or maybe it just tarnishes quickly. It was perfect at the start. We were both artists. I focused my talents on jewelry design. I opened a small shop. The front was my showroom; I had my workshop in the back. I did my metalsmithing.  I also had a small loft upstairs that I used to rest from all the custom festival orders a few times a year.  I would create custom pieces and designs as werewolves cannot wear silver, but we still like shiny things as women. I made a good living with my shop. My mate was not as successful in his endeavors. He was a photographer and amazingly talented.  His pictures took my breath away. They made me long to travel the world so that he could take pictures.  He opened a small gallery but quickly closed it. His ego could not take the criticism of selling one's art. Every person that walked pa
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Home Again   Amelie As soon as I reached my family's pack territory line, my heart felt like it was floating. I missed them so much. However, my glee was short-lived as my phone rang. It was my mate. "Hello, Hun! I just got to my family's territory line. You must have been watching the clock." I giggle, trying to keep the mood light. He knew how long it took to drive to my father's territory. He snapped back, "I don't need to watch the clock. I always know where you are." "What? What are you talking about?" I was confused by his tone and comment. What does he even mean? I received my answer quickly. "You think I will let you run around without me, not knowing where my property is? I don't think so. I can track your phone and the car. I just wanted to let you know before you tried anything stupid." Tate had utterly lost it. I had never heard him sound more possessive and disgusti
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4: My Special Place Amelie As soon as the switch is flipped, the loudest scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" came  from James's room. Next, we heard the door slam open. From the top of the stairs, he yelled, "Who has a death wish? Who did it?" I looked up to see our baby brother, who was not such a baby anymore. He was a towering 6'4" with light brown hair and similar caramel highlights to mine. He also had our father's bright blue eyes and high cheekbones. He was still a bit skinny as he was only 17 and had yet to fill out. I could tell he would be more imposing physically than our father, but could he play the mental game as dad could? This was yet to be determined. As things stood, we sisters were winning. Little, soon-to-be Alpha was losing his mind, and Hope and I could only snicker mockingly. "Oh, Hope, look at the little pup. He seems angry, and whatever will we do? I'm so scared of this little pup." I mocked
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Family Obligations   Amelie "Wake up, Am!" I was jolted awake by the wind, yet again, being knocked out of me as James was sitting on top of my chest. He jumped up and yelled, "Revenge is sweet!" Oh, he was going to get it after his heir ceremony. He's lucky we all must behave and act like grown-ups. Well, I was awake now. I was still trying to catch my breath, but I was awake. I rolled out of bed and grabbed my phone. I take a deep breath and brace myself for what is about to come. It was still pretty early. There is a good chance that Tate will be asleep. I take in one last deep breath before dialing. It rings and rings then, to my waiting ear, his voicemail picks up. "Thank the Goddess," Inari chimes in. "Hush, I'm leaving a voicemail." I scold her. "Hey, babe, it looks like you are still asleep. I wish I were too. We have a ton to get ready for today, and I'll be greeting guests from
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6: The Heir Ceremony Amelie My heart sank. Six missed calls and ten texts. Damn it. I didn't have time to appease my mate at this moment. I was busy and in front of a room full of people.  I read the last text, "You were warned there would be consequences." That is all it said. I quickly texted back, hoping to calm him again and find a way out of whatever torment he was planning. "Hey! I am so sorry I missed your calls and texts again. You know how things get around here when events happen, lol. We are about to head down to the ceremony. I'll call you tonight before bed. Love you." I hoped he might understand, and I could avert disaster. I toss my phone into my bag and hand it to one of the ladies putting mine and Hope’s things back in our rooms. I needed to focus on the task at hand and support my brother. This was one of the biggest days of his life, and I would not miss it for the world! Celest
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Gideon’s Pull   Gideon "Amelie, right? Would you care to dance?" I held out my hand and tried to keep a smile on my face as I waited for her to reply. She looked up at me, confused and at a loss for words. I would be, too. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. She smiled softly and, with a slight nod, took my hand, and I heard her whisper, "sure." I led her out to the dance floor, still unsure what I was doing and why. I just felt a pull toward her all day, and I could pick up on the slightest hint of honeysuckle. It wasn't sickly sweet or overpowering but comforting. I took her hand in mine and placed the other on the small of her back; well, it seems to be a bit higher as she was quite the petite lady. I was perplexed as to what was pulling me to her. I knew she had a mate; I could see the mark through the lace. I could see a lot through the lace. The top of her dress was fi
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Amelie’s Pull   Amelie "Amelie, right? Would you care to dance? I looked up and saw a handsome face with a giant smile looking back at me. I froze and lost all brain function looking at that face. He had a square jaw and just all-around manly features. A few strands of his sandy blonde hair had broken free of the ponytail and framed his face. Was he really a reincarnation of a god. Seriously it's not right to let someone this good-looking walk the earth.  In my stupor, I forgot what he asked, so I panicked and just nodded and said, "sure." I wasn't even sure what I said sure too. Then Gideon takes my hand, and we are out on the dance floor.  I am trying to keep my composer and my mind clear. I can't look at him, or I'll forget what I'm talking about, "OK, just don't look at him and keep talking, Am." Inari was interested and trying to figure out this Alpha's intentions. We danc
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Intervention   Amelie I woke up to the sun warming my face. It was comforting. I felt safe at my family's Packhouse. Within these walls, I was a princess shown love and kindness; outside was dark and scary. I sat up, knowing I needed to start my day. It would be the last day I get to spend with my family before heading back tomorrow morning.  I grab some clothes out of my suitcase and get dressed. I had my favorite distressed jeans and a mustered yellow flannel with a burgundy tank underneath. I head to our family kitchen. I find one of the cooks making breakfast, which I find odd. Usually, my parents keep the family wing closed off, and we don't have too many maids or cooks wandering around. Celeste is generally behind the stove making meals or me if I'm home. I shrug it off. There must be a reason that's above my head. "Hello, Miss Amelie," the cook looks at me, beaming, waiting for my re
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