Revenge of the Celestial Sovereign

Revenge of the Celestial Sovereign

By:  Banin SN  Updated just now
Language: English
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Arc 1: Protecting the Noble Princess Arc 2: War of Yin Mimi Bay Arc 3: Adventure at Yeongsan Country Arc 4: Shamo Land Conflict Arc 5: Immortal Continent (The Beginning of the Story) Arc 6: Revange of the Calestial Sovereign! Zhou Fu is a mysterious boy who was harshly trained by an old man, Li Xian on a deserted, uninhabited island. The purpose of the training was to prepare Zhou Fu for the harsh fate that awaited him. Li Xian himself was one of the few greatest cultivators in the entire Eastern Continent. He intervened to educate Zhou Fu because the fate that Zhou Fu had to go through was extremely heavy. However, before Zhou Fu's training period ends perfectly, an encounter with the noble daughter of Miss Shen Yang forces him to leave the desert island and embark on a new adventure. Zhou Fu's strength was not perfect yet. Will he overcome many obstacles on his way? Who exactly Zhou Fu is? Why did he has to be forged with a hard training?

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369 Chapters
Prologue How if the earth is only used as a battleground for a group of unscrupulous extremely strong humans? This happened on the mainland of the East Continent thousands of years ago. The earth is no longer a comfortable place to live. Mountains, lands and seas are only overcrowded by the bodies of humans who failed rescuing themselves. The plants and the animals belong to creatures that are almost extinct. The chaos had at least murdered more than half of the human population on the East Continent. Those destructions were caused by the battle of seven sacred humans who want to be the strongest human in the whole world. The seven sacred men were the seven greatest warriors of their time, swordsmen who have been able to surpass the limits of human strength. Their strength was even higher compared to a thousand great warriors of their time. They are no longer called warriors by the time, some people assume that
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The Konglong Island
Three hundred years later, since the Holy Spirit was first discovered, there lived an old man with his grandson in the depths of the forest on Konglong Island. Konglong Island is one of a thousand small islands that are part of the East Continent after experiencing a major disaster. "Grandpa! Grandpa!”  A six years old little boy was screaming from inside the cave. He screamed for almost an hour but the grandfather did not come to him. The little boy repeatedly wiped the sweat on his forehead, he had almost given up on the task his grandfather had given him that day. If the previous days the grandfather asked him to hunt a deer, or occasionally lions, at that time the grandfather burdened him with the task of hunting elephants. Not just any elephant, the grandfather also obligated his grandson to choose the elephant with the longest trunk in the forest. The little boy had started hunting elephants when the sun had not yet risen perfectly. While the momen
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Empty Hand Exercise
Zhou Fu's grandfather was named Li Xian. Physically, Li Xian had absolutely no resemblance to Zhou Fu, Li Xian had a short stature and small bones while Zhou Fu, despite being only six years old, one could see that Zhou Fu was the descendant of a stout man. Li Xian was actually not Zhou Fu's biological grandfather, but he always thought that Zhou Fu was his own biological grandson.As in that night, Li Xian hugged Zhou Fu's body who was sleeping curled up in a cold earth-bottomed cave. Every now and then Li Xian stroked the boy's head as if Zhou Fu was a baby. When Zhou Fu fell asleep, Li Xian always saw the exhausted face of a child. Zhou Fu's body was covered with lacerations, beast bite wounds, impact wounds, and various other injuries that were actually quite gruesome for a child of Zhou Fu's age to endure.While Li Xian always harbored compassion for his little grandson, Zhou Fu grew up to be a numb child. He didn't understand to what people called as a sadness, h
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A Man Called Li Xian
"Damn it, how come grandpa doesn't even feel the slightest pain!"Zhou Fu was annoyed, and yes, he was always annoyed because any attack he gave to his grandfather almost never made his grandfather hurt, not even changing Li Xian's facial expressions. When he realized that his attactk didn't hurt his grandfather, Zhou Fu would punish himself by practicing three or four times longer and harder. He does not care about the harshness of the world as told by his grandfather. He trained hard for an achievement to make his grandfather feeling the pain from his attack. Thus, he could proudly show off his strength to his grandfather .If only Zhou Fu lived in society in general, people might be afraid because he was too strong as a child at his age . At least, Li Xian was aware of it, but still, he was reluctant to t
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A Valuable Lesson
“That's right,Grandpa immediately smiled! Has grandfather's sorrow gone?” Zhou Fu's eyes lit up when he saw that his grandfather became more cheerful."Yeah, I think so. By the way, Grandpa doesn't feel well today. It seems that I got sick. Can you concoct a healing potion for me?” Li Xian pretended to massage his temples while Zhou Fu immediately got up from his seat to examine his grandfather's head."Where, which hurts, Grandpa? Please don't die yet, I don't want to be alone here!”Zhou Fu gave quite an exaggerated response to Li Xian's pretense. This is because Li Xian managed to teach Zhou Fu a lesson about the meaning of death. Where, death is a big farewell that makes someone no longer able to chat with.“Perhaps I will die soon, unless…"Except what, Grandpa? Say it…""Unless you concoct a potion that can prolong my life.""I do! I'm ready to make it! What sh
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The Mysterious Traces
 "Alright, let's go back to the hut. It's been almost a week since we left the hut, just praying that our house won't be damaged by the wild animals."Zhou Fu rose to his feet following Li Xian who had already stood up. The grandson and grandfather are now walking hand in hand through the green grass that is still ‘virgin’. It means, untouched by the human herd. Somehow, nature would be so charming when they didn't meet humans. At least animals can treat the earth much better than humans.The reason why Konglong Island is abandoned was because of its location which far from other islands. Thousand islands that scattered along in the front of the Caihong mainland have the same characteristic that they are close to each other and are only separated by small straits. Different from others islands, Konglong was standing in the middle of the expanse of the open sea which at any time can spit out its water to make the whole island sink by sea water.<
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Youhi Island
Konglong Island returned to be an inhabited island when Li Xian and Zhou Fu left the mainland. Before leaving the island, they removed all the traces to convince someone who probably comes there that the mainland is never being used to live by humankind. “Fu'er, this simple wooden boat is not suitable ship to cross the ocean. We use this simple boat due to we don’t have any other better choice. If you're not with me, you can't use such as this raft to sail the open sea." Zhou Fu didn't pay attention to his grandfather's speech; he was standing on his hips looking at the star-studded sky. Li Xian was sure his grandson was daydreaming about something. Li Xian had already memorized whenever Zhou Fu looked at the sky in that way, he must be daydreaming. Li Xian began to strategize. He did not know how long the mission in the silver paper-roll was determined by the organization's stakeholders. It could be a week o
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Living on Youhi Island
  It was a normal case when someone firstly steps on on a small island, the first thing he heard was the roar of the various jungle animals. But, it didn’t happen in Youhi island. The scenery of Youhi forest looked normal. However, Li Xian felt that there must be something wrong with the island.   "Fu'er, you’re better take a little rest here while I want to confirm something!"   "Okay. If there is a danger, don't hesitate to ask for my help." Zhou Fu suggested with a serious expression, it seemed that he had already felt like a hero ever since he defeated the enemy on the other day with just a single punch.   "Tch, you little brat!" Li Xian said as he looked at Zhou Fu's face with an exasperated expression.   “Grandpa, I’m totally serious! Let me give another single punch whenever you meet an enemy!”   “Yeah. As you wish!” said Li Xian.   Li Xia
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Strange Sounds
Li Xian laughed heartily at Zhou Fu's expression which seemed offended when he mentioned the matter of God's help. “Alright, grandpa has been waiting for you constantly these two days. Honestly, I felt so much worry if something bad happened here and grandpa was alone without you. Who will defeat the enemy then?” said Li Xian just to make Zhou Fu feel that Zhou Fu’s presence is precious. "Don't worry, Grandpa. I've been here with grandpa. To be honest, the previous disaster seems would be nice whenever it comes again.” Li Xian reflexively hit Zhou Fu’s head since the kid was making a joke for a dangerous disaster. In fact, an animal in weighing 1 tons would be able to be swept away easily and then sink to the bottom of the ocean if it was hit by such a vicious tsunami. "Watch out your mouth, brat!" *** Sudden and repetitive tsuna
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Second Class Noble
Feeling unable to understand the language spoken by the strange human in front of him, Zhou Fu scratched his head repeatedly before finally turning around and walked away. Zhou Fu was quite wondering at how a human who only had one mouth could speak that much and long. To be honest, Zhou Fu's ears actually felt irritated. "Hey, I'm not done talking yet! Don't leave! Wait…" The woman ran to catch up with Zhou Fu, but she fell before she managed to get close to Zhou Fu. "Ouch ..." The woman groaned with both hands holding the calf of her leg which turned out to be bleeding. Zhou Fu who turned his head had to be shocked because he just realized that the girl's calf was injured, and it wasn't an animal bite wound. Rather like an incision from a sharp object. The wound is long and gaping. Zhou Fu approached to ask, "What happened to you? Why are both your breast swollen and your feet bleeding?&rdqu
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