Ever So Sweet

Ever So Sweet

By:  Sunshine  Completed
Language: English
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"Earth cries when sun sets. If I am Earth will you be my sun?" I was a liar but even liars deserve a love story. Everything turned in to pure chaos when Bright, an alpha started chasing after Win, an omega; who was unknown to him hiding a huge ass secret. The alpha was such a charm after all, maybe Win's heart cells started betraying him. But past lies started haunting him. His actions turned in to arrows which were dipped in pure poison piercing his heart in the most painful way. Would Win be able to resist Bright? Will they have their own love story? Even if that happens.. will it be a sweet one? Or end with tragedy?

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42 Chapters
"How many times do you intend to receive the same rejection from me? Aren't you sick of it? Ask me a thousand times the same question again and again. My answer will remain the same. You and I will remain strangers, nothing more. Don't try to change it." His eyes glistened in tears because of the words I spat without caring about his feelings. One drop left his eyes falling to his cheeks. It moved down painfully slow, I screamed internally. I couldn't hold back; I wanted him to go because it was hard to see him like that. "Get out," I whispered. "Give me one reason to leave," he mumbled, wiping that single tear. I didn't have a reason, not even one. It was all about me. As a disgusting, pathetic omega, I was born this way, a societally rejected kind go
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Part 1
(Details:Ranking - Alpha - Beta - OmegaAlternative World where Omegas are taken as disgusting and disgraceful human beings in the society) 21 years ago when I was born, mama smiled and papa cried. I was their firstborn child. Born with chestnut brown hair, shining eyes, and especially the noticeable bunny teeth which had a little gap between them. I was brought to a large house. It was my new home. It was all mine. I grew up to be a two-year-old little boy. My bunny teeth remained the same but by that time I was bald. Mama used to cut my hair bald for some silly reason. My first word turned out to be a cursing word, well, it was 'shit'. That was the first word I muffled out. It was a total failure. Time skip to six years old when I met my best friend. He was crying at the time I met him. I found him extremely stupid, he was crying because his parents didn't buy him ice cream. After slapping some sense
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Part 2
Mama's finger poked at my side from behind. When I turned around she fake smiled and whispered a 'speak'. I rolled my eyes and for the first time looked at the visitors. There was a couple, an alpha and a beta. Next to them, a little girl was sipping at the welcome drink very loudly. At the very end of the sofa, there was a young guy. I tore my eyes away quickly without giving a single glance to him. I knew it was just right that he was supposed to be my mate in the future. Only if the arranged marriage happens. Note the word 'if', that was not gonna happen. I knew if I take a glance at the alpha my mind would ask me to agree to this marriage. So I didn't look at him. Instead, I looked at everyone in displease. "Hello, I am Win," I mumbled and excused myself from the living room. Mama tried to pull me back but I slapped her hand off and stormed out. It was time I rejected the deal. If I acted sweet and friendly it would've looked like I was okay with it. I di
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Part 3
"Win, wake up. It's your day off right?" mama's voice in my dream asked. "Ngh lemme sleph." "Win, Bright is here for a date." "Mmm... WHAT?!" I was startled and woke up. Bright what? Bright when? Bright how?!!! I fell off the bed and mama stared at me with a displeased look. She then laughed looking at me. "You don't have to react like that~ I know he's such a handsome, hot charm~ Not get your ass off, and don't make the prince wait." she winked at me and went out of the room. What? Didn't I act moody yesterday and reject him? What happened overnight? Why is he here? I groaned and rolled to my bed again. I wanted to sleep so bad. At least to make the dark circles under my eyes disappear. I looked like an old panda who was about to die. It was already embarrassing yesterday... Thinking about what happened yesterday a silly idea popped up in my mind. I stood on my bed and opened the curtains peeking outside at the front g
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Part 4
I stunk like a sterilizer. Not only sterilizer but also sterilizer mixed with hospital scent. Weird combination but I did smell like that. We had physical checkout for university students where we and to change gloves, needles, and clothing more than a hundred times. We had to use the chemicals, again and again, to clean things or disinfect the tools. It surprised me how my hand was still alive using all these chemicals. When I arrived home, an uninvited guest was in the living room talking on the phone. I froze on the spot and gulped. That was one certain person whom I didn't want to meet. Not today, not tomorrow, never. It was Bright. And I felt ashamed to face him after rejecting him for the second time even after he talked his heart out. Such hard things I have to face every day. I tiptoed slowly inside. It was my luck, he was deep in the conversation turning his back to me. Then again my bag hit the nearby wall with a thud and he turned around. I quickly
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Part 5
I swallowed my sneeze, blinking to stop my tears. I shook my head and kept the needle on the little girl's left arm, but my vision started getting blurred, and I was feeling lightheaded. My heat was going inside. Because of the suppressants I took, my scent was kept hidden. But the pain was still the same. My body was totally on fire, making it almost impossible to stay on my feet, and I couldn't even do my duty right. But I tried. I took a deep breath keeping the needle again, but my hand started shaking. The little girl looked at my shaky hands with a blank face. "Win, you just told me you have a fever. What are you even doing here?!!" one of my colleagues yelled, pushing me aside. "I'll cover your shift now. Get your ass out of here." she scolded. I couldn't argue because I wanted a damn break. I hugged her from behind and went out of the room. The tension in my head about vaccinating the little kids left my mind as soon as she asked me to leave, a
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Part 6
I lay on my bed in a starfish position stretching my limbs and making myself comfortable. It made me relax and know I have a lot of freedom. The whole bed was mine~ But someone knocked on the door making me groan in annoyance. I replied with a dragged 'whaaat?' It turned out to be my fifteen-year-old little brother, Mick. "I want help," he said climbing onto my bed. I hummed as a reply thinking maybe it was to solve a mathematical question or something regarding an assignment. "Shall we go on camping? Even my exams finished but mama and papa don't let me hang out with friends..." he whined. "Mmm, okay." "Yay! When?" "Tomorrow?" "Wow! You are my favorite person in the world!" he squealed hugging me tightly. "Get off," I muttered. "How many people I can invite?" "Any." "Okay." he giggled and ran outside. Will he invite the whole town? I should've told him only to invite his
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Part 7
I smashed my face to the pillow screaming and crying my lungs out. It was the only solution that came to my mind. I did cry more than needed since I was small. But the pain I felt that day was the worse. It felt shitty as if my whole world crumbled down in front of me. I wanted to kill myself and at least die. Because hurting him was the last thing I wanted. And somehow I did it. Because that was the only way I could chase him away from me though I didn't want to... for some unknown reason. Flashback Our lips matched with each other's like two puzzle pieces. His bow-shaped lips tugged at my lips as if his life depended on it. He nibbled at my lips giving me strange tingles inside my body. His fingers running through my hair, I unknowingly leaned to his touch. My shoulders slumped as I dropped my hands from his hair. He led the kiss and I stayed still trying my best to receive it. I didn't know what I should do since it was too sudden..
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Part 8
I fell face flat on the floor bumping my nose and my full lips on the ground. I groaned in pain. "Oh my god I kissed the floor ..." I whined and slowly rose to my feet wincing in pain. I hissed touching my nose and a devil decided to show up just then. I shrieked when a familiar voice talked from behind. "Oh, I didn't mean to disturb your sweet time... with the floor.." I turned around and looked at the person who just talked. The same person who disappeared for one whole fvcking month. I just stood there not knowing what to do or what to say, so with both my hands rubbing at my nose and lips, I watched him. For a fact yeah, strange things happen when you see the person you like, I saw that on a poster. Guess all were true... because I was a blushing mess even before I knew what was going on with me. I never knew what it was to feel like when you liked someone. So, however, there I was being all silly. I was stupid, to begin with. It t
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Part 9
I paced around in my room fiddling with my fingers. Stomping and kicking at the air in one second and blushing hard in the other second I couldn't decide what I should do as the next step. It was confusing how a lot of things happened within one day. The person whom I thought I would never see again suddenly came and got the confession he wanted right through my lips. And now... For number one, I wanted to go downstairs screaming about how Bright stole my heart without warning me. But I knew it would only create chaos and I would make myself a fool, especially in front of the kids aka my siblings. For number two, I wanted to man up and tell everyone that he and I are finally something. That we are seeing each other.. as.. cough cough lovers... But I knew those words won't pass my lips as regular words. It won't pass without me blushing like a lovesick person or acting like a weirdo from space. Both options weren't good. I jumped up and down as if it would sha
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