Best Friend's Lust

Best Friend's Lust

By:  Uche Lawrence  Ongoing
Language: English
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Daniel Walter took his best friend, Kira Michael to a party and slept with her right in front of his friends. Kira couldn't forget the fact that Daniel slept with her forcefully. She traveled out of the country and months later, she had twins. Daniel's children. Five years later, Kira suffered a lot to cater for her children. She finally got a job as a personal assistant to a new CEO and turned out to be Daniel. Her long time best friend. Everything turned into a mess. Daniel wanting forgiveness, a second chance and take responsibilities but Kira never wanted to associate with him not even getting close to the children he knew she had for him.

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42 Chapters
   Kira's pov I cleaned my hands with a napkin and ran to my phone that had been ringing for some seconds now. I smiled as I saw Daniel on the screen. My best friend. He's just the only friend I have since college. I clicked the green button and placed the phone on my left ear. "Dani, what's up?" I beamed with a smile. "The sky is up." He replied sharply. Oh oh! I ain't expecting that. "Anyways, what's this early morning call all about?" I asked him while I walked away from the kitchen to the sitting room. "Well, am sure you must have forgotten about the birthday party I told you about. Which is going to happen this night. You forgot right?"He let out a chuckle. "Oops! Damn it! Don't mind me okay? I already forgot about it. You know I don't really lik
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   Kira's pov "He will never have peace. Am saying this with tears and pain. He will never ever have peace. He will regret doing this to me." That was all I said before I black out. ** I heard the beeping sound of a machine. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was the white ceiling. This place is strange. I turned my head left. My eyes was blurry but I could see someone sitting on a chair. A lady sleeping. Everything became clearer. It was Emily sleeping. She was the one who brought me here? "Emily, " I called but it seems she was fast asleep. A man in a white laboratory coat walked in with a smile. He walked closer to me making my heart skip many times. What's he gonna do to me again? Rape me? "Good morning mi
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  Kira's pov I will give them the best and filled that vacancy of a father. I will be both their mother and father.I will struggle hard. I left the hospital with the courage that I'd make it again.I went home straight and had my lunch. I wasn't able to finish the food cause I lost appetite immediately seeing the result I collected from the doctor. Gosh! Why's my life such a mess?God really knows I never wanted this. He knows that.But I will call it my fate. My pregnancy clocked nine months and I was due for labour. I still work with my pregnancy so I will be able to take care of my coming kids. Tuesday morning, I was mopping the floor when I felt my water broke.Wait! My babies.My babies are coming! "Help!" I called, shouting so someone could hear me.I walked slowly in pain as I
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   Kira's pov I finally got up after a long chats with Ryan and Rhian's teacher.The teacher had told me how the children had been behaving positively.Then, she told me to get new uniforms and shoes for them cause they'd be going for a competition out of the state. I should be able to gather money to buy new uniforms and shoes for them."Thank you. I need to go now." I said to the teacher and took my leave. I went back to the restaurant to continue my job."Miss, I need french fries with a glass of juice please." An old man said to me as I adjusted my skirt straight. "Okay sir, do you need anything again?" I asked. "Oh no, I dont need anything for now, Pretty." The man flashed his milk-like teeth out. I scoffed inwardly, taking my leave.I always get a compliment from both men and wome
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    Kira's pov But who's this stranger?Who's he? Kind of an angel or what?I must find out who he is. I got home with my children, dropped their bag on the second couch in the small sitting room.There are just two couches In the sitting room. I bathed Ryan and Rhian then wore a casual cloth for them. "Now, can you two stay at home? I need to go buy something so I can cook lunch and dinner okay? Don't go out!" I told them, patting Rhian's cheek. "Yes mom! We won't go out!" Ryan nodded. "And you? Rhian?" I faced her.She nodded too. "Okay. I need to go now. Bye dearies." I kissed them on cheeks before taking my purse and a shopping bag and left the house. I boarded a cab to the market and paid the driver.I sighed seeing that the su
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                     Kira's pov My Ryan! What happened?I can't afford to lose one of my twins. I can't.I won't be able to take it.     I waved my hands at the coming cab and shouted, "Emerald Hospital! I need you to drive fast." I said to the driver.      "Hey! You have to calm down!" The driver scoffed but that's not my problem now. I need to get to my son.How did Rhian took his brother to the hospital? 'Someone must have taken them to the hospital' My subconscious answered.    Aissh! Ryan be strong for mummy.  About 20 minutes later, I got to the hospital, and ran inside."Ma'am, you haven't paid your fare!" The cab man yelled. "I'm sorry, take." I walked back to him, giv
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                     Kira's pov I sighed deeply and walked back to where I'm coming from.I'd get to see this man tomorrow evening and thank him. I walked back to the ward and sat down beside my children."Are you still going to eat? Or you're not hungry" I asked Ryan. "I don't have appetite to eat mom." He answered, weakly. I nodded.My phone rang from my pocket and I removed it, staring at the number then I gulped before picking it. "Hello ma" I know what's gonna happen next. "You idiot! How can just leave the restaurant like that after doing so much damages. Do you know how much that champagne alone cost?" The owner of the restaurant where I was working shouted. I was expecting that."You're going to pay for it. First, y
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                     Daniel's pov I knelt down beside the bed and cried so much like I'm in pain. In fact, I'm in pain.I know have wronged her. I know have done something bad to her.Something I regretted later.Have caused her so many pain. I don't deserve her forgiveness. Yes, I don't.But still....I want her to forgive me.I'm a monster. A devil. I'm a fool to have done that thing to her. I ruined her life cause I was just lusting after her body and also because of a silly bet with my friends. Have never been able to rest. I'm miserable as I am right now. I'm pretend like everything is okay but inside it's not.      I shut my eyes tight and saw her again. Kira."Daniel, please don't do this to me." 
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                   Kira's pov I don't have visitors, so who could be at my door. I went to open the door and was surprised to see who's it. "Emily!?" I shouted in suprise. "What? Why are you shouting my name like that?" She rolled her eyes. "Oh! I'm surprised to see you. Wait! How did you know i leave here?" I asked her. "Oh common, don't tell me you don't know what's called research, connections and tracing." She winked."Let's forget about that. So, how are those twins of yours?" "I don't remember telling you about my children." I arched my brow. I never remember telling her i gave birth. "I found out about that too. I'm quite sure they are in school right now.""So, have you seen Daniel since all this years?" The question took me o
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                              Kira's pov "Kira! Wait!" He shouted as I walked away."Hear me out, please!" Him again.       I got to the reception and turned around, stopping and sniffing."Why do you have to follow me around? Why?What have I done again?" I shouted. "Kira, please listen. Let's go inside and talk." He tried to touch me but I jerked his hand off. 'What could he have done to make the lady cry like this?' 'Who knows if he hurt her in the past already' Everyone began murmuring.    "What do you want to say? Than, kira forgive me for what I did to you. That's all what you're going to say. And don't think I'm going to forgive you. I'm not!" I yelled.<
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