Stuck with the Twin Alpha

Stuck with the Twin Alpha

By:  LittleAnnaHasAnIdea  Completed
Language: English
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With her hair that seems like a massive bush poured with jet black paint, possessing an ethereal beauty and above all, classic and fine gesture. Devon only wants to have a simple life and simply wishes to the moon goddess that her Alpha Antonio will be her mate. But things go in wary, once she learned that the other brother, Alpha Nicholas whom she loathed for the whole of her existence barge into the cabin and disrupt her happy ending, claiming that he is also her mate. The turn of events didn’t stop as specks of lights protrude into her body, drowning her into deep oblivion, and hearing the moon goddess cursing her and the twin. She was cursed to a trio mate, without any justification. The moon goddess branded them without giving any reason. And they are forced to take the path of finding the cure, digging the tragedies of the past and uncovering the truth of their origin. With all of the betrayals, tragedies and cursing that they are about to unveil, is it possible for love to bloom amidst the chaos?

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116 Chapters
I can always tell you that I am excited to find my mate. My soulmate and the one who will claim me as his for the rest of our life. Moon goddess is such a genius for creating this rule in the nature. To let two werewolf souls, find their way to each other like a fairytale come true.“ Are you excited honey?” mom asked before she turned me around, checking my dress for the last time. Today, I am going to find my mate. The one whom I will cherish and promise to love for the rest of my life. I nodded at her and look at the moon shining above us.It wasn’t a normal tradition. But in our family, we have this tradition to let ourselves wait for our mate in the family cabin at the center of the forest. If the mate is within the sniffing location, then I am lucky enough to know him tonight but if he wasn’t then time will tell.The cabin is made out of old wall woods, surrounding by light from fireflies and candles. Inside, there is  a large
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Chapter 1- Cursed
 " Are you fucking crazy?"   " What joke are you trying to pull Antonio?! You know how much I've waited for this moment to unfold!"   " No! You're the one who's trying to pull a joke here! You despise her or loathed her, for all I know. How can you be her mate when all of her life she's quivering around you?! Huh, you must be dreaming. "   " Wow, and you're now playing the best friend and knight in shining armor Alpha who only uses her to piss the fuck out of me?! "     My head is throbbing and I am in pain. I don't know what happened or where am I but I can hear different voices which are both shouting out of rage. Slowly, I opened my eyes and close them once again when th
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Chapter 2 -Proposal
  The nights are in chaos, the sounds of crickets in this cabin are too loud for the silence of the dark. Before I looked at the crescent moon with too much adoration and hope, I was wishing for her light to bestow me a mate that I will protect and hold for the rest of my life but right now, it wasn't the same. It will never be the same again. A sound of dry leaves stretched along with the silence, and there I saw Alpha Antonio, one of my mates quietly occupy the seat beside me. I was on the cabin's patio...thinking about all of the things that are happening to me right now. " How are you?" he asked before we heard his mate whines. It tries to snuggle in my body but the flow of events is too much. “ He’s really happy because you are our mate,” he explains before talking to his wolf and asking him to calm down. My cheeks felt so hot because of his words. It was a dream to have Alpha Antonio as my mate…he’s always been my dream and the one that I am hoping
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Chapter 3- Into hiding
 Everything was back into normal…or so I thought it was.“ Come to my office.” I rolled my eyes to the voice of Alpha Nicholas who just spoke in my mind. “ Busy day, Alpha.”  Perhaps, one of the things that I wanted to do today is to feel normal and to act normal. All of the things that are happening around me are somewhat making me lose my mind. It makes me full of mixed emotions about the things that didn’t go well with my principle in life.“Devon, are you going out today?” Anna asked. She’s my roommate and she’s not nice, well not really. The queen bee of this university and the number one fan of the alpha twins. I only gave her a small smile before shaking my head to answer her question. Laying down, reading books or perhaps taking a nap is just some of the good idea that I have for this day.She looks disgusted because of what I said. She’s not really a f
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Chapter 4- Hot Mess
The crowd is silent. I don’t know if I am just feeling weirded out but their eyes are looking at me…like everyone is looking at me today in the library. My pants are exceptionally hanging into my waist while my black cotton shirt is simply tucked. Because I don’t have any friends, my favorite place in the library is right under the corner, where no one will be going to disturb me.“We’re waiting for you.”“ Too much mind linking is an abuse of power, Alpha.” I mocked Alpha Nicholas before I found him staring into me as I passed by the center of the library. There he was, comfortably seating while his twin is reading too many books. My first instinct is to not be seen but I wasn’t successful.“ We reserved you a seat,” he said before my eyes widens when I saw what he’s referring to. This brute has a placard with my name on it, situated at one of the vacant chairs in their table. He’s h
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Chapter 5- Seeking answers
Alpha Nicholas gripped my neck and choke me hard before he slams me to Alpha Antonio’s body. He growls before catching me as I fall into his laps after his twin just chokes me.“Nicholas!” Alpha Antonio stopped his twin before he can attack me once again. “Are you fucking nuts?!” he asked before glaring at his brother and looking at my neck, checking if I was bruised.Alpha Nicholas only laughed after he slammed himself to the sofa. “She smells like Beta Xander,” he snapped.So that was it, I am holding my neck and inhaling my breath as I glare at him. “ You instructed him to send me your message!” I didn’t mean to raise my voice to my own Alpha but he’s really pissing me off. They dragged me here into our cabin and accused me of things when he smells his beta into my body.“ Did you?” Alpha Nicholas asked his twin who only shook his head before looking at him. They both hissed
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Chapter 6 - The Effect
Loud howls of pain escaped from the lips of both Alpha’s as I am terrified while holding both of their hands. “What the heck happened, Devon?!” My brother asked as he is pacing back and forth while looking at the two bodies in the bedroom of the cabin. He's sporting a man bun because of how long his curly hair is. I looked at the ground because I didn’t really have any idea what is happening. “I’ll check them.” My hand immediately stops him in his tracks. Aaron isn’t a normal wolf doctor, he’s captivated with myths and the secrets of nature, the moment that his hands will land on them while their guard is down, he might know…about our secret. “ I needed to do something about them .” “ No!” “ Then, why the heck did you even call me here in the first place?!” We continued in bickering like animals before both of the Alphas started groaning more and more as Aaron opens the curtain. The reflection of the moonlight directly hits the twin’s
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Chapter 7: The Quest - Start
That was awkward. The air seems to produce an awkward potion, poisoning all of us and luring us into the deep hole of awkwardness. We are fully clothed and just avoiding each other’s gaze while sitting far from each other. Personally, I don’t have any idea what happened and how should I perceive what happened. I enjoyed giving myself to them last night, and that thought bothered me. Yes, we are trio mates and we are cursed but what happened is too fast. And magical, they ended up trembling into the floor and as soon as they drank the herbs, it started to take effect on their body…thus in my conclusion, the root of what happened. “ Devon…” Alpha Antonio said, not looking at me but from the distance, I can see how his eyes shed from tears. He hides it by turning his back on us.  Alpha Nicholas cleared his throat. “I’m sorry..” I wasn’t expecting that. Not from him. Closing my eyes, I remembered all of my principles in life and how I value m
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Chapter 8 - His Time
“ Devon… I’m sorry. I needed to do this.”   Sweats formed at my soft palm and my mind seeks for answers, the man appeared in front of me but he was all shadow. Both of my hands automatically wanted to reach him, but he only shakes his head and walk away before everything went black. “DON’T GO!” The blood pounded into my ear, causing it to be nothing but red. My feet tingle and my body is hyperventilating from the intensity of the dream that I just had. Yes, dream because when I open my eyes, I saw myself laying on top of a familiar bed. It’s mine, with a set of hands holding mine firmly. I squint my eyes. “A-Antonio,” my voice quivers recognizing his face, leaning into the soft bed and silently snoring. A footstep was heard into my dorm. “You’re awake!” Alpha Nicholas joyfully said before putting me in a tight embrace. “I thought..I lost you,” he added before unconsciously planting a kiss into my half-open lips.<
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Chapter 9 - Alpha Nicholas Symbol
“ Fuck!” He chuckles when he heard me cursed as I struggle to lift myself up from the ice-cold water to catch my breath. Our clothes are all soaked and so as our body but he didn’t felt any remorse as if he dragged me more to the depth of the streams. I felt the goosebumps. “ It’s freaking cold!” But what he did makes my insides felt the turmoil. His hands slips through my clothes and ripped all of it away from my body, leaving me naked with nothing but my brassiere. He did the same to his clothes while locking his eyes on mine. He stops and stole a quick kiss. “ You look so wet…beautifully mess,” he said before diving into the water and swim across the streams, edging into the rocky formation. He whistles and waves his hands, calling upon my name. “ Devon!” However, my eyes is fixated at his smiling face. “ Come here, kitten,” he added and when I didn’t move any single inch, he swims forward and caught my legs underwater before enveloping me
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