The Alpha Luna

The Alpha Luna

By:  Esther Paul  Completed
Language: English
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The North Lotus pack is thrown into complete jeopardy when under mysterious circumstances, their Alpha - Luna Dakota Dolphus - is declared missing, few weeks before the dreaded blood moon eclipse. To them, this can only mean bad news. Catori Dolphus, only child of Luna Dakota, has had all her life preparing to be Alpha one day, but what she never prepared for was the division and chaos rising amongst her pack. With the blood moon eclipse drawing closer with each day, the counsel gives Catori an ultimatum of either finding her Mum before the eclipse or having the Alpha position taken away from their lineage. When disaster keeps setting in at Catori’s every corner, her last option is getting help from the rumored Ghost reapers - a 4-man rogue gang of both urban myth and intrigue. However, Catori’s 4 unlikely heroes soon turn to be more trouble than she bargained for when she discovers that Fenris Covel, wickedly handsome as he was, was her betrothed - her mate. Only problem? Fenris Covel doesn’t ‘do’ mate. Raised in the wild, Fenris Covel was anything but controllable. He was wild, untamed and infuriatingly sexy. But most of all, he has no time for a mate - especially one like Catori Dolphus. His only concern was his job and at the moment, it was finding Catori’s mum. However, the matters of the heart can never be predicted and as their chemistry and intense desire for each other blossoms, danger lurks closer than they could imagine.

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90 Chapters
691200 seconds. 11520 minutes. 192 hours. 8 days. That was how long she had been missing. Her chest constricted agonizingly at the single thought that haunted her mind at every given second. Once again, it was enough to plunge her heart to it’s bottomless depths and forced the breath out of her lungs, leaving her bare and empty.  Instantly, she froze on her tracks and amidst the silent echoes of the strange tropical forest, reality sank in deeper and harder. Her feet swayed as exhaustion hit her bones and had her leaning back on the nearest tree. The large canopy of trees stood at an intimidating height, spanning through acres of land and fresh from the rain with evergreen grasses and plants.  Fluttering her eyes shut, she tuned in her senses to the silent whisper of breeze dancing through the greens. The lush carpet of grasses swayed to the c
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“What? No, Tori. We need to head back.” Kurt stepped forward and threw his hands towards the rest of the scouts. Most of them were tired of searching and were filled with exhaustion and fatigue no doubt. “We have been out here for three days. Three bloody days! Everyone is exhausted - the troop needs to rest and eat too.” “Are you asking me to give up, do you mean to say we should give up searching for her?” Her hardened gaze fell on his body. “No, no. Finding your Mum is our biggest priority. She’s like our mum too - our Alpha. But we have outdone ourselves for the day, we need to go back and refresh.”He said, staring at her. Perhaps she should have listened to Kurt. His words held some truth to an extent and afterall, he was the leader of the elite troop of wolves - North Lotus’ finest set of warriors. They had been tasked by the council t
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  Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Our rivals would laugh us to scorn if they could see what our once great and powerful pack had become. North Lotus used to be a subject of true envy to other smaller packs. Legend has it that our large pack was once a division of two smaller packs that got joined through the indivisible power of love. This happened when the original founder of our pack, Maurice Dolphus, found his mate and forever love in the eyes of Astrid Chann - Alpha’s daughter to a smaller local pack.  The union of these two brought our packs together as one and started the new generation of North Lotus.  Our pack was like one big family. We shared a strong love and bond for each other. And although a lot of our enemies never knew this, that was what kept us going. We knew that united, we could do anything - even conquer an entire region or t
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Catori tore through the woods at an enviable speed. The mild wind rushed through her flaming red fur as she pushed her muscles to cover more ground. The agile she-wolf leaped over fallen tree branches with a daunting strength, given to the amount of time she spent in these particular woods. Everything here was familiar to her and to an extent, these woods were like her play ground. When she was younger, she and the twins would play hide and seek here with blindfolds as a way of strengthening their senses and tracking skills. Ofcourse, Kurt always won each time. But she was always good at the running part. Her speed always left the twins eating her dust and save for the fact that Kurt was an excellent tracker, it was almost impossible to keep up with her. The only other wolf in their pack who wouldn’t break a sweat while running with Catori was her Mum. She was just as good as her in speed - even better. Catching her mother was an impos
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Kasa’s wild hair had been tied up into a messy ponytail and her characteristic blue eyes sparked with such radiance Catori envied. “Hey you.” She smiled. “Where have you been? You’ll never believe what happened.” “Went for a run. And can this wait? I’ll really like to go inside.” Catori’s eyes trailed over to the solid wooden mansion, fenced by a properly trimmed flower bush.  Kasa’s scrutinizing gaze seemed to pick up the little hints of despair etched onto her friend’s face like an awful scar. She frowned with concern. “You don’t look okay. Wait- How did your meeting with the counsel go?” Your father was an asshole as usual, Catori wanted to say.  “You know, same old grumpy bunch.” Instead, she just sighed and shrugged halfheartedly. 
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Catori turned to Kurt and asked, "What's going on?"  "I asked to speak to a lawyer," the boy in the chair said again. Everyone in the room ignored him. Kurt signalled to Tori for them to speak outside the room while Kasa stayed behind to watch the intruder.  "This guy is dangerous, Tori. Let me handle him," Kurt said once they were out of the room.  "How did you catch him?" she asked.  With a sigh, he answered. "He was hiding behind one of the large trees close to these training grounds," he said. "I suspect he wants to learn our way of training and battle. It's not a coincidence that he decided to spy on this part of North Lotus first." Catori took some time to regard his words. They made sense and Kurt was never one to dwell on wrong reasoning unless he was very sure about it. But there was something about that boy. He did not like a spy to her. He seemed a little t
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It happened quickly. His fist flew towards the boy's jaw soon, there was a loud crack. With speed like lightning was on his feet and narrowly dodged the blow. Kurt Hemming was breathing heavily. His nostrils flared. His usually pale skin was red like fire. His usually tranquil baby blue eyes were looking tense with his pupils being enlarged. The hair on his neck were on alert and he was becoming hairier by the second.  Kasa was scared, getting ready to fight him or hold him down if necessary. His wolf was coming out. It must have been crying to be released all this while. Every soul in the room was tense except Catori. She sat down assessing Liam. Something about him was not right. Something about him was familiar to her, it was too familiar in fact. Unfortunately she could not really place a finger on it.  Meanwhile, Liam was watching Kurt with every ounce of seriousness, so was Kasa. Gradually, Kurt's appearance went back to bein
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Catori slung the strap of the shoulder bag over her head and nestled it on her right shoulder. She contemplated whether to take her phone or not but ended up deciding against it. After all, who was there for her to call? Or who would ever decide to try reaching her?  She went to the mirror to study her appearance. Today, she had chosen to wear the most comfortable of all her clothes. It was a black shirt on a pair of black joggers and black sneakers. She wanted to be able to easily blend in with the shadows. The only thing which was likely to give her away was her flaming red hair. The joggers had as many pockets as there could be. Each pocket contained weapons that would come in handy on the journey. She wore a pair of sneakers to top it off. What bothered her was what to do about her hair. Dyeing it was going to be useless, the dye would still fade soon. Instead, she tied it in a small bun and wore a black beanie over it.  Openin
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Nine elders were seated at the round table. Nine people who were to be the elders of the pack. Nine members, of which the majority came to do what they knew best, to plot evil. They sat, each wearing his or her black cloak to signify that they were about to deliberate on certain issues.  "We should not have given her two more weeks to find that wretch mother of hers," Zeta Ahmik said. "That will make it a month with us not having an Alpha."   "You have to be fair to the girl," Mrs Maxwell said. "She is doing everything she can to bring our Alpha back. If anything, I expected you all to at least be proud of her efforts."    Beta Calian snorted. "You speak like she is the only one who is making effort, Gamma Maxwell." He smirked. "I am not surprised at your stand though, you are her fellow woman, after all."    "What is that supposed to mean, Calian?" Mrs Maxwell asked.  Zeta Ahmik answe
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There were barking noises all over the place. Four wolves stood in a circle observing the carcass before them. Suddenly, one ran out of the circle and took a big bite out of her. Catori woke up with a start. The excruciating pain coming from her left side made it difficult for her to move. The slightest move of a muscle sent intense waves of pain all over her body. The brightness of the sun was too much for her eyes to handle as her lids slowly opened. "Don't move," a masculine voice her right commanded. As if I can even try, she said in thought. She could not even turn to see the stranger. "Who are you?" she managed to get out though her voice sounded nothing more than a tiny whisper. There was no response. If you want to kill me, you might as well make a little conversation, Catori thought. She briefly closed her eyes and when she opened them, there was a face blocking the sun from her face.
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