The unknown Luna

The unknown Luna

By:  Cassy Moore  Ongoing
Language: English
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It was nearing Elizabeth's eighteenth birthday and strange things were happening. Strange things usually happened to her, none that could ever be explained. She was just a normal human girl, who happened to be extremely fast and strong. As her birthday approached she heard this voice in her head, it had always been there but muffled, but now as it grew nearer the voice became louder and more pronounced. When she would ask her mother, she would just brush it off saying it was all in Elizabeth's head. But was something else happening? Did her mother know about it? Is there something different about her? Will she ever learn her families secrets and find out who and what she really is?

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Nicole Beckett
Excellent can't wait for more chapters
2021-02-02 06:43:07
11 Chapters
The Beginning
After what feels like forever, Elizabeth makes her way out of the tub, not bothering to get dressed she heads towards the bed where Brian is waiting with a coy smile plastered on his face. "Don't get any ideas wolf-boy" Elizabeth scolds looking at Brian. Clearing his throat, he asks her "feeling better?" to which she smiled and replied "much". Smiling back, he pats the bed next to him "good now come here.". Shaking her head Elizabeth climbs into bed, feeling Brians arms wrap tightly around her she signed peacefully not knowing how life could get any better.     Morning came before they knew it. E
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Learning the Ropes
Elizabeth followed Violet out of the dining room to begin learning about her future as well as her past. Luna Violet could tell Lizzy was nervous and could understand why. Violet knew Elizabeth grew up knowing nothing about the world she was just thrown into, no idea who she was or where she came from or what was happening and would happen to her. She was determined to teach her as much as she could before she stepped down as Luna and Elizabeth steps up. Violet knew Elizabeth was more than capable, I mean she did have beta blood in her. Violet had known Jason for years. Jason is Alpha Evans’ beta and had been since the beginning. She also knew Lily when her and Jason first started out all those years ago. It was just by chance that Jason and Lily ever even met. That was a time before Evan was Alpha or even with her, they were just teens. Jason had just turned eighteen, Evan was sixteen and I was seventeen we all decided to go have some fun at a local
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An Unfamiliar scent
Chapter 9      After dinner Brian and Elizabeth went for a walk, where they were approached by Jason. “I’m sorry for interrupting your night, but I had a question for Lizzy” he said to the pair. Brian nodded and turned to leave until Jason grabbed his arm to stop him “I think you should be here too.” Jason said startling Brian. They both stared at him curious. Jason turned to Elizabeth, “Lizzy, you just turned eighteen, you just learned about wolves, you have never shifted, and I
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I'm watching you
The group ran to the pack house as quickly as they could, which being wolves was pretty fast. As soon as they got in the door everyone knew something was seriously wrong. “What happened out there?” Lily asked Jason. “Elizabeth shifted for the first time, and we all felt a presence of something or someone we didn’t recognized the scent of and then a howl came out of nowhere not far from where we were. If they saw Lizzy shift, we may have a problem.” Jason said with a tone of sadness in his voice. Lily was confused “Jason what do you mean? What happened?” Jason looked around finding the Alphas eyes “can we use your office? It’s a little more private we don’t need the pack worried about things they might not even have to be worried about.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone. Evan looked at if he was about to say the same thing, nodding his head and motioning towards his office door they all started to head there. Elizabeth stopped mid step and looked to Brian “can we go to our room first I
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