Onyx Flame (A Fated Mate's Romance)

Onyx Flame (A Fated Mate's Romance)

By:  Morgan Elliott  Completed
Language: English
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Paige I learned a long time ago that the only person I could rely on is myself. I’ve spent the last few years building up my defenses; these walls are not coming down for anyone. Not even him. Colin Blackburn. Alpha. Sinfully hot, arrogant son of a… well, you get the drift. I’ll do what I have to do and become his Luna. I’ll give him my body, but his grubby paws will not get anywhere near my heart. Colin The universe is laughing at me. It has to be. Why else would it pair me with Paige Bradshaw? She’s insufferable, pushing me at every turn. But being Alpha means I never back down from a challenge. No matter how insurmountable it may be. The thing about wolves… we’re mated for life. She’s mine whether she likes it or not. I’m fighting to save her life, but I fear the fight for her heart will be a much tougher feat…

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65 Chapters
Chapter One: Paige
Trigger Warning: Chapter Thirty-One includes a domestic violence and attempted sexual assault scene. Another warning will be placed at the beginning of the chapter of the trigger. Truth or dare, I text him, hoping for any lifeline. Maybe he’ll tell me it was a misunderstanding. Truth, he responds, and my heart picks up its pace. Did you ever love me, or was it all a ploy to get laid? I type, barely able to see through my forming tears. I follow this text with the three photos of him and Amber looking real cozy with each other. Three little dots appear and disappear. I throw my phone against my wall and scream into my hands. Why did he have to pick Amber to cheat on me with? The one girl that can make me feel insecure is the one girl that Cory screws behind my back. My tears turn into audible sobs. I try to suffocate myself into the pillow, hoping to suffocate the pain. Those tears carry me to sleep, where nightmares await me. --- “Paige, get up! We’re going to be late for
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Chapter Two: Paige
I turn the car out of the driveway and head toward school. My heart panics as we get closer. I don’t know why I’m letting Cory have this much power over me. It’s school. I shouldn’t be afraid of it because of him. “Paige! Watch out!” I was so lost in thought that I didn’t see the car brake in front of us. I stop just in time, though I regret it when I see whose car it is. Amber’s. “Ugh. I should’ve hit her!” “Yeah, probably should’ve. Though Dad would kill you.” I think about it, and he’s right. Amber is the Beta’s daughter, and that earns her a soft spot in my dad’s heart. That’s why I haven’t told Dad or Mom what Cory did. My mom would probably point out the ways Amber is better than me, and my dad’s heart would be crushed. I can’t tell him he doesn’t really know his goddaughter. I sigh and pull into a parking spot. Peyton barely waits for me to park before hopping out of the car and running off. I rest my head on the steering wheel, trying to muster up the courage to go into sc
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Chapter Three: Paige
I slam my door, but Cory lingers. Once his scent fades, I collapse into my bed sobbing. That was so hard. I wanted to smack him and kiss him. I wanted to hug him. I can’t though. I can’t forgive him for this. He made his choice. Three years of what I thought was love down the drain. To think I was praying for that poor excuse of a wolf to be my mate. I stay in my bed until my father comes up to get me for a late evening training session. I follow my father outside, noticing how his brown hair is graying. He smiles at me and gets into the fighting position.“Aren’t you getting a little old to be fighting, Dad?”“I’m an Alpha. I’ll never be too old to fight,” he replies while lunging at me.I easily move out of the way, proving my point.“Yeah, sure.”He catches himself from a fall and gives me the opportunity to tackle his side. We do this back and forth for two hours until my mom calls us for dinner. My dad has been training me since I was little. He knew I would never take over the p
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Chapter Four: Colin
I have felt anxious all day. I don’t know why, but it just feels like a part of me is lost. I put the weights down and take a deep breath. I’ve been working out for hours now, but it’s not helping. The anxious feeling has been there since the invitation to Alpha John’s kids’ eighteenth birthday celebration came in. I’m Alpha of the Aurora Flame pack.Onyx Moon has wanted to be officially associated with us for the last four years. Attacks on their lands have been increasing, and being involved with us would hopefully put a stop to it. I’m sure Alpha John is hoping that his son will meet his mate and that she’ll have ties to my pack. I’ve been Alpha for two years since I turned eighteen. I wanted to wait to take over until I met my mate, but my father was eager to retire. He said he wanted to spend more time with my mother. But I haven’t seen him do much of that. In fact, I almost never see them together unless they are on official pack business. I think he just hated the job. The cons
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Chapter Five: Paige
I spend my weekend training and sleeping. The calming energy I felt on Friday has lingered, and it was just what I needed to leave Cory behind. I feel much better as I awake on Monday morning. Double-checking myself in the mirror, the messy bun I forced my red locks in is messier than I meant, but oh well. Leaving my room, I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen, where I know I’ll find my mother. I’m surprised not to see Peyton. I guess he already left. I grab a granola bar and some bacon; I don’t have time to eat a full-blown meal right now, so this will have to do.“I’m leaving now, Mom. Love you.”“Be safe, and please, behave, Paige. Remember that you’re the Alpha’s daughter.”My mom is always like that. She wants perfection, even though perfection doesn’t exist. She runs our pack with those same expectations. It’s why everyone tries to avoid Luna Margot. She will criticize you for hours if you let her. The only person she accepts at face value is my dad. That’s because they’re
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Chapter Six: James
“Have they suspected you?”“No. I’ve been sneaking around during the day when no one is home,” I reply, sipping my bourbon.“We can’t let Colin meet his mate. He’ll be stronger, and we can no longer overthrow him.”“That boy is the worst excuse for an Alpha I’ve ever seen. A mate won’t change that.”“He’s my nephew.”“I don’t care! He’s weak. This pack needs a strong, ruthless Alpha. They need me.”Growing up, Colin was always wishing and hoping for his mate. It’s disgusting. An Alpha must be an Alpha with or without a woman behind them. The Alpha is the strength, not the mate bond. Colin could never understand it from my perspective, could never understand why I hate the mate bond. Of course, he can’t. He was born into rank. He and his parents are the most protected in the pack. The rest of us aren’t so lucky.I was born to a pack warrior and an Omega. One night, a rogue broke into our house. My parents hid me in a cabinet, blocking my view of the rogue, but I could hear them. They b
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Chapter Seven: Paige
I awake in the morning to my mother yanking me out of bed. “Paige, you’re going to be late for your hair and makeup. Get up!”“Ugh. What if I don’t want to get my hair and makeup done?”“Then, you can explain to your father and Alpha Colin of Aurora Flame why you aren’t looking your best on your big night!”Like I’m the one who asked for this party. My parents insisted on it. Peyton and I are turning eighteen, and they want to go all out for it. I’d rather hang out with Val. Why would Alpha Colin care what I look like anyway? I only remember meeting him once a few years ago, but he didn’t pay me any attention. He was following his dad around like a little Alpha puppy.I groan and push myself out of bed. Every freaking muscle in my body hurts. I guess I’ve been overdoing it at training. With that thought, I push through the soreness and open my bedroom door. I call out for the she-wolves and my mother. They are quickly up the stairs and into my bedroom. My mother paces around while the
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Chapter Eight: Colin
The world stops. I can’t hear anything over the loud pulse in my chest. Relief and excitement wash over me at the same time. I finally found her. I can’t believe it. She’s more beautiful than I imagined. All my restraint leaves my body, and I run to her. I pick her up off the ground and hug her. Touching her feels like lightning is pulsing through my veins. I feel so alive. Just hugging her feels amazing. I can only imagine what mating with her would feel like.Much better than your hand. Dom laughs.I’m betting you’re right.“I’m Paige.”“I’m Colin.”“Could you put me down?”I put her down quickly but grab her hand. I look down at my mate to see a hint of fear in her eyes. My thoughts begin to swirl as I try to decipher her body language.She’s not going to reject us, human.You don’t know that.Our parents are staring at us in disbelief, the Beta’s daughter is seething with jealousy, and there’s a boy standing next to her who looks like his world is crumbling. For a second, I wonder
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Chapter Nine: Nolan
I inwardly groan. Colin has met Paige, his mate. Our plan for the Alpha just got a lot more complicated. He’s head over heels for her too. I could see it the second he saw her. I need to talk to James. The plan needs to be changed. This girl is innocent and doesn’t deserve what we have planned for Colin. I’m not so sure Colin deserves it either, if I’m being honest. The nerves are getting the better of me. I just need to remember that this is the only way to get Charles out of the way.“You okay, little brother?”“I’m fine. It’s great that Colin has found his mate.”“I don’t know. She seems to be opinionated and strong-willed. You know submission is needed in a good Luna,” he says, taking a big swig of his whiskey sour.The anger boils in my blood again as the memories of Charles breaking Nicole’s spirit. She, too, was once opinionated, but as time went on, Charles made her submit. He violated the mate bond in the way he treated her. He sleeps with other she-wolves to keep Nicole in l
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Chapter Ten: Paige
My mother decides to stay with Tasha’s family to help them plan a memorial while the rest of us head home. Each of us trying to wrap our brains around what just happened. As we reach the house, my father resigns to his office, slamming the door hard enough to knock a picture from the wall. Peyton to his room. Colin walks me to mine. “Stay, please.” I ask as Colin turns to leave. You do like him! Ash barks. I just don’t want to be alone. I lead him into my large bedroom. Mentally high-fiving myself for making my bed this morning. “Did you know her?” he asks. “We trained together. She’s a pack warrior, though we weren’t close outside of that.” He wipes my tears from my cheek, and his warm hand sends shocks to my skin. He feels so good. I’m not sure I have the restraint to avoid kissing him. I stand up from the bed, trying to put some distance between us. “I’m, uh, going to change. I just realized that you have nothing to wear to bed. So run to your room and grab something.” “W
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