My Brother Is A Zombie.

My Brother Is A Zombie.

By:  Stronchh  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I have no more time." was the last thing Brie's brother, Adam, said to her. As he took his last breath as a human, he forced one final smile. With him now trapped as a monster, she was losing time to bring him back. She fought hard to find a cure to save her brother, and possibly humanity, and she realized that the end of the world was close on her tail. Brie fell in love, she lost close ones, she almost lost herself. Can she really save the world?

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10 Chapters
1 - The Beginning
Gabrielle Young sat in front of the long mirror that was perched in the corner of her room. She posed, checking out her outfit and feeling a spark of confidence grow in her chest. She eyed each clothing one after the other, baggy ripped jeans, tucked shirt, a septum piercing that hung from her nose and shone a lovely gold. She smiled into the mirror as her wavy, brown hair hung just above her shoulders.She hated her first name. Gabrielle had grown on her badly, so instead, she stuck by the nickname 'Brie'."Do I look okay?" She turned to her brother, Adam, who was silently playing a game on his phone. He took a second to respond, his soft, brown hair flopping down into his eyes as he hunched over the colourful screen."Huh?" He looked up, sacrificing his game in the process. His soft, freckled face shone with admiration for his sister."You look great." He smiled and stood up with a jump. He trotted clumsily over to the window and glanced out with a thou
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2 - The world is in danger
Their new companion, Melissa, sat on the old mattress, distracted with Adam's phone. She was currently addicted to playing games, tapping vigorously with big eyes that were thirsty to win. In a way, this was a good method of distraction. She was less of a worry. Brie limped impatiently around the silent basement and glanced at her own phone. She needed a distraction herself. It didn't help that her ankle stung and she had a piercing headache. The suspense after seeing the live fight on TV left her speechless. The news hadn't said anything officially but there was a lot of movement on social media. Many videos were popping up everywhere. People were reporting parents, lovers, and children dead. The world had been thrown into a panic as the population of humans rapidly decreased. "Adam, it's spreading..." Brie tore her eyes away and managed to set them on Adam, who was playing with a ping-pong ball. "W
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3 - Intruder
Brie felt her hands begin to shake with fright as wet blood was painted wherever Mr Anderson touched. His fingers slid along the glass, clawing, trying to get to her. He was infected. He was gone.   "Adam!" She cried, not being able to wait any longer. He came rushing up the stairs, his face red from standing up too quickly. His hair stuck up in different directions and he had marks from his pillow.   The banging stopped for a moment, followed by a dry heave. Brie watched as Mr Anderson's silhouette hovered by the window, bending over and vomiting violently on their porch.   After a long second of watching him, she realized he was just like the others. He was insane, thirsty for blood. He may be a feeble man, but if this virus got anywhere near them it would be game over.   He stood, staggering towards the window that led to their living room. He stepped back, and then Brie gasped as she saw him lung
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4 - The journey begins
Brie slowly peeked her head around the battered basement door. It had been silent for a few hours now, so they assumed they were alone. Hopefully. She creeped out, cringing as the glass on the floor crunched under her feet loudly. She was thankful for her boots. They shielded her perfectly and kept her sprained ankle in good shape. Her limp had almost disappeared, leaving her with a slight sting whenever she bent it awkwardly. Adam followed behind her, hoisting Melissa up onto his back since she didn't sleep as much. "Where are we going?" She asked innocently. "Will we be looking for my family?" Brie paused for a second. "We'll keep an eye out for them, but our priority is food. You don't want to be hungry, right?" She smiled and unhooked the lock from their front door. At first glance, the street looked oddly normal. Birds were chirping loudly, there was a slight breeze. It was
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5 - Blind people suffer in silence
Brie tiptoed carefully down the aisle. The stranger seemed confused, swinging his head around like a cat who'd stuck its head into a plastic bag. His long hair was getting trapped in things, restricting him slightly. "I'll find you! You did this to me." He growled, seething with rage, clawing himself along the shelves. Brie felt at her back pocket, grabbing the knife instinctively. She backed away simultaneously. Studying his face, she grimaced as his eyes oozed with blood and strange black gunk. His skin had shriveled as if he had died years ago. Brie didn't want to fight this guy. She turned and tried to creep away into a different lane. She needed to distance herself before she made her retreat. She zigzagged strategically then managed to find the glass doors that led to freedom. She squinted as the sun hit her face. The clouds had finally parted. "Are you
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6 - Red Lingers...
Brie pulled Adam to his feet. He swept Melissa off the floor, her golf club slipping and clunking on the floor loudly. The man lunged at the noise, missing greatly as the group broke into a run towards the storage room. However far it was didn't matter as Adam led the way, trying each door he found in hopes it was unlocked. Finally, they came across an unlocked door with lights blaring from inside. Adam burst into it desperately and slammed the door behind him. Brie fumbled for the lock and glanced around the room urgently, scanning for a chair or heavy object. Her brother gripped onto a table on the other side of the room, tilting his head to motion Brie to help him. Together, they pushed it into the door just in time, scraping it across the floor as a loud slam came from the other side of the door. As Brie had a second to focus, she looked around the room to realize it was the surveillance room. Wi
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7 - A Walker.
Brie sat with wide eyes. No way. No way was this real. On the computer screen, flashed four big words. "THE WORLD IS ENDING." She scrolled through twitter, seeing tweets on how to stay alive. Apparently, it was a virus only caught if the body fluids of a carrier entered your body. Brie glanced at Adam, thinking about his wound. What about Melissa? "Okay... Focus." She patted the desk and continued to read. Hopefully, there'd be something helpful, something to keep them alive. She spotted a specific article a stranger had made a few hours ago. 'Everything you need to know to survive the walkers.' Brie frowned. "Walkers?" She shrugged and kept reading. '1. Walkers are attracted to noise, movement, and smell. If their body isn't damaged enough, they will have enhanced senses. Avoid contact at all tim
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8 - What if?
As Brie searched the shop for her items, she took note of a lonely basket gathering dust on the floor. She took it off the floor, grasping it lightly and swinging it as she walked. She picked at items, humming a quiet tune to herself to fill in the cold atmosphere. The silence surprised her, but she was grateful to finally be able to think without interruption. It was calm. She spotted a pack of needles, swiping them from their home. "I'll need you." She dropped them into the basket, returning to humming innocently. It felt like she was shopping for groceries again, choosing what they were going to eat for dinner or getting snacks for a movie night. Except it wasn't going to be like that again. They were shopping for survival. Brie found herself at the entrance of the store. She glanced outside of the glass doors to find it was once again deserted, just like when they first arrived. She thought back to the blind walker,
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9 - Boredom Strikes
Days passed, however, nothing too interesting seemed to occur. The world had fallen silent. The internet, which was once buzzing with information and panic, had also died. Without communication, the group seemed lost. They were getting weaker as their rations grew slim. Brie sat in the office chair of their new hideout. She spun around slowly, deep in thought. Soon enough, the power in this place would run short and they'd be engulfed in darkness, but how long did they have? Brie wanted to leave. She longed to find a group surrounded by protection. That usually happened in the movies. "Adam?" She pressed a foot to the ground and halted her spinning briefly. He turned his head from where he was sat, carving into the floor with a pocket knife. Below his hand, he'd drawn tally marks of the days that had passed. He finished his line, cutting through and marking a 'seven'. "Drama queen." Brie teased as he stood and pouted.Read more
10 - Officer, help!
They slowly approached the station with caution, eyes glued to the building to spot any movement. Adam held a hand across his stomach with discomfort, wincing as he positioned himself awkwardly. "I don't think we should approach them," Brie slowed to a stop and dragged her eyes away from the windows. "What if it's dangerous?" She insisted, seeing that Adam hadn't stopped. "Either way, we're screwed if we don't find help." Adam huffed and limped forward. He paused as he watched a shadow move past the window. With a glance, it seemed to be a grown man pacing back and forth. Adam stormed forward, holding a knife down at his waist, ready to strike if anything jumped out. He reached the door, tapping on it three times with his knuckle. "Hello? We're survivors looking for help." He called out, not too loud but enough to be heard. A rustle came from the inside, then Adam got impatient and tried the door han
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