The Mafia Boss`s Addiction

The Mafia Boss`s Addiction

By:  Sou  Ongoing
Language: English
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It is love at first sight. He is addicted to her and will do anything to have her. Even crossing boundaries which should not be crossed.

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73 chapters
Chapter 1
Victoria stared at her reflection in the mirror. She knew what she was about to offer was a long shot, but she had to try. This current situation was killing her parents' and making their lives miserable. She remembered the day he came into her father's failing soul food restaurant. She knew in his icy blue eyes that he was a fucking devil.She loathed him with every single cell in her body. He had ruined her family. Her parents' lives. Her life. She despised him and she hated money. Money really was the root of all evil. It was the reason she was in this predicament. She never found any use for money. Sure, she may have never sported the newest, trendy clothing, but she didn't feel the need to. She was never the girl in high school with the latest anything, and she was just fine with that.But now here she was putting on the only decent dress she owned (minus a black funeral dress), which was now a little short from being washed a million times. It was a black dress w
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Chapter 2
In the ten years that Nic had taken over his father's business, he had started another restaurant and opened a club uptown. All three investments were flourishing and he was in business with three foreign companies which he worked with to supply weapons. He had more than quadrupled the income his father had been bringing in. In their city, you knew to do any 'business' you had to go through Nicolas Andretti IV. Nic was never an overly flashy guy, but he did dress in the nicest Armani suits and had a hot new thing on his arm every other night. That's actually how he met his wife, Amber.She had been one of the regulars at his club, and eventually she flirted her way into his bed and then into a marriage. He still didn't know how that had happened. Maybe he had a weakness for tall, mean blonds, because that's exactly what Amber was. And part of him was turned on because of this mean streak she seemed to possess. He found it amusing when she would launch into someone and cut the
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Chapter 3
"I tried calling. But the appointment time they gave me was two months from now," Victoria replied, raising her voice a bit."Yes, that's because I'm a busy man.""I just wanted to talk to you about my father," she said.Nic turned to Jimmy. "Hey, Jimmy, do you remember the days when a man had a problem with another man, they would handle it. I don't recall the man sending his daughter to do it, do you?""No sir, I sure don't. Seems like something a pussy would do."Nic turned back around to glare at Victoria. "I agree.""My father—""--your father is the one who owes me money. He needs to come see me. Not you.""He's sick, that's why I'm here," Victoria whispered, nearing tears.Nic looked at the poor girl in her cheap black dress. She was a pretty girl. Beautiful in fact. Nowhere near as tall as Amber, but definitely more shapely. Truth be told, her body was starting to make him think thoughts that he shouldn't b
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Chapter 4
Nic stopped by his club for a few minutes, to greet the new guest DJ, some kid that all of the clubbers seemed to know. He saw Amber sitting in her usual VIP booth. It had been awhile since he had seen her, but he nodded in her direction. She pouted and turned her head away from him. Probably best, under the circumstances with his new project. A project he was more eager than he'd like to admit to get back to.He drove his Aston Martin to his loft downtown, in anticipation of what the night would bring. Nothing turned him on more than having complete control."Have a good evening, Mr. Andretti," the old doorman, Sam, said as he held open the glass doors. "You too, Sam," Nic replied, as he entered the building. He pressed his personal code into the elevator keypad and it stopped off on the top floor. When he opened the door, he scanned the main room, but he didn't see her. Had she backed out on their deal? Fuck.He sighed and placed his keys on the counter. His l
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Chapter 5
"Go ahead, do it. Although I'm sure you lack the balls to. You're a good girl, aren't you?" he teased, even though the blade rested by his throat. She didn't say anything back to him. He was getting fed up with her little game. She had a hard lesson to learn, if she thought she could scare him and turn him into a pussy."Put the blade down. Now," he growled, low and menacing, while squeezing her neck even tighter. Victoria wanted to cut him. She prayed for the courage to do it. But he was right. She was a good girl. The worst thing she had done to date, was cheat on a history test. But that's because she had spent all night adding numbers at her father's restaurant and barely had an hour of sleep before she had to go into school.Victoria's body trembled. She was scared shitless. He wasn't letting go of her neck, and he was staring deep into her eyes, like he enjoyed watching her squirm. She slowly lowered her hand and then dropped the blade. As soon as it hit the floo
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Chapter 6
Nic felt her pussy tighten around him, so he pulled out of her instantly. Fuck her, if she thought he was going to make her come. She didn't deserve it. He pulled the condom off and jerked his dick until he sprayed his come all over her ass. He watched the contrast as his pearly white liquid dripped down her milk chocolate skin. Fuck, that looked so good. When he was completely empty, he stood up from the couch and walked past her and went into the bathroom to clean up.Victoria couldn't believe it. She needed that release. The least he could have done was give her that. But then again, she shouldn't have been enjoying it. She immediately fell to the couch. She was so embarrassed. Now that he knew she was about to come, he really probably did think the worst of her. He probably thought that she had enjoyed him treating her like a slut. Did she? No, of course not. Her mother taught her better than that. And she had 13 more days of this to expect. For some reason, thinking abou
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Chapter 7
Nic had to get out of there. He didn't know this girl, nor should he give a shit about her, but he found himself wanting to turn the car around and go back. Explain his behavior to her. What the fuck was wrong with him? Nic had to floor the pedal all the way back to his house. If he had slowed down at any moment, he would have gone back. And fuck if she wasn't the best lay he had experienced in awhile. His body physically craved to be with her again. Inside her. He wished he could have made her come, but he was more determined to prove his point. But the fact that she had been into it, made him smile. She had wanted to come. Next time...he'd make her beg, he thought with a wicked grin.Later that night, Nic lay in bed thinking of her. Victoria. What was it about this girl that made him anxious to see her again? He loved that she really didn't seem to know how attractive she was. She had probably spent most of her days in large shirts and khaki pants, which was the uniform at
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Chapter 8
Victoria walked over to the couch and retrieved the bag. She walked into the bathroom and did as he asked. When she changed into the lingerie, she realized what a beautiful sexy outfit it really was. The light blue complimented her honey-kissed, mocha skin. And the expensive, soft material felt divine sliding across her body. Were she on her honeymoon...this would have been perfect. She would have felt like a sexy princess. Instead, she was acting like a cheap woman to please some sick psycho who her father owed money to. Amazing how a different scenario could cause an outfit like this to make her want to vomit. She quickly wrapped the small white rob around her body and exited the bathroom.Nic looked up when Victoria walked out of the bathroom. His dick started rising to attention. The effect this girl had on him was ridiculous. She looked so timid and shy, but he knew she had a small temper underneath all of that. That she could be a wildcat if she wanted to.Nic le
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Chapter 9
Sonny broke first, scattering the balls across the table. Two striped balls went in the corner pocket. Sonny continued to pick off each ball one by one. It was happening so quickly. Victoria swore that she could hear her heartbeat. She watched as he only had three balls left on the table. She chanced a glance at Nic. He seemed calm, although he kept his eyes glued to the table. Fuck! Now he only had two balls left and Nic hadn't even had a shot yet. She started to panic."Shit!" Sonny belted out, when he finally missed a shot. He backed away from the table, shaking his head.Nic calmly stepped up, chalked his cue stick again, while staring at the table. He looked over at Victoria for a second, then made his first shot, sending two balls in. The entire room was quiet as Nic proceeded to pick off each colored ball one at a time.Victoria stared at Nic, as he glided around the table. His concentration was unbelievable. He was now down to two balls also. She held he
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Chapter 10
Victoria wasn't quite sure what to do. There was no manual to tell you what to do if you are ever trapped in this type of situation. Was he being serious?"I've never done that before," she admitted."Not to worry, I won't laugh at you," Nic said, grinning at her."I mean, I can dance, but I've just never done the seductive stripper type of dancing." Victoria didn't know why, but she was embarrassed to admit that to him.Nic flexed his index finger for her to come to him. Shit. She wasn't getting out of this. She took a huge gulp of her wine and quickly shook her head. Perhaps she shouldn't have downed it that fast. She stood up and walked over to him.'s just him. It's not like she was doing it for an entire club of people. She would just pretend he was her boyfriend, and that it was his birthday or something like that.'Okay, I can do this,' she thought. Plus, she wasn't willing to have him add yet another week. She'd keep her mouth clos
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