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Two brother's find themselves in a tug of war, when one was stolen at birth, but when destiny brings them together in a twist of fate, will the truth be known?.. what larks in the dark?. Bloodline ( stolen at birth

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15 Chapters
Coming home!!.
Lights, camera, action, that's how my life became when mom decides that it was best to relocate to a new City, and start a fresh, that is, a new house, a new job, a new college and all new other things. Hi,I'm Chris Hart, a tall, handsome, and most especially good looking also the only child of my mom, who was a single mother, and yes!! I don't know who my father is, haven't met him and don't even think I would?". ( Frowns) STORY "Finally, we are here?". The cab we entered stoped in front of a huge Mansion, I asked myself, "does people in here?" Because it was so fucking huge, pardon my language. Mom takes down our luggages and we swiftly made our way to the front door and got welcomed in by a man, who donned a huge smile on his face. "Good day, Allison!! And hello Chris". The man who I had no idea who he was says to us, ushering us in.Wh
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Meet my bosses son.
So, I left the room a few minutes later, I strolled downstairs and  gained sight to some group of guys seated at the garden. They both talked and drawened in the alcoholic beverages placed in front. "Helloo guy's?". I walked in to their circle, sewing a curious look on their faces. "Who are you?" In return a masculine voice asserted standing up from the bench he was seated on, I smiled and introduced myself, just to infern another question. "What are you doing here?, Like what's your business here?".. Apparently to me, it felt like I was being interogated, and the same time, mom walks in and found me there. She says, "oh Chris, you're here!! And I can see you've met master Keith". I Sharp look on, my eyes swifty scanned and saw the boy, mom just called master Keith, it will only mean that, Keith's master Leonard's son. <
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Bad intro.
He takes a step further, only to get drawn back by Keith's excessive shouting, immediately we ran inside to find him tossing a full plate of spaghetti on the floor, master Leonardo wasn't pleased by his son's attitude and while he tries gaining Keith's scrutiny, he stumbled on a wooden stool and almost fell to floor, luckily I acted fast and held back. "Are you okay sir!!" I asked"Yes, I am!! Thank you" he answered and finally dragged Keith."Dad?" He vents out by his father's attitude, in return master Leonardo, raised his hands and once again, slapped his son in front of the whole staff and at the mansion. "How dare you act like an idiot?". He continued frowning, Keith moves a step backwards and further acted on his own will, by trying to hit his father with an empty glass on the table. And trust me, I wasn't going to allow such happen and so, I stopped him mid way and tossed the glass to the ground as i
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Now reading as Chris POV I waited for mom to come back to the room, and it's been over an hour, yet she hasn't returned."What's going on?" I asked and left in search for her, my feet gained entrance into the living room and found everywhere quiet, everyone must have gone to bed!!, Initial I thought so, ambling outside the mansion. I kept on searching for her with so much running through, I went behind and stumbled on a room at the back of the mansion. I noticed the door locked with a padlock , something asked me to check and so I did, I peeked through the glass window and found nothing out of the ordinary. "Mom!! Where are you?".( That's my sub conscious talking, as I left and walked back inside) Two hours passed and yet mom seems not to have return, out of fear, I went on knocking at the door of master Leonardo, rather some one else walked out to meet me.
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Helpful hand.
The following morning, I walked down and met the whole family seated at the dinning room table, "good morning sir!!" I greeted master Leonardo ambling towards the kitchen. "Hold on Chris!". Master Leonard's voice pinned me to a stop, I veered and he proceeds further with his words."Come join us!! Its a huge table and I'm certain no one would object". And by that he meant, his wife and Keith who refused to derail his attention from me. I looked through and found an empty sit next to him ( master Leonardo), thus a few minutes later, mom walked out of the kitchen seeing me seated among her bosses family. Her curious look urged master Leonardo to speak and he lets on telling the reason behind me sitting with them.In return mom smiles and served us a bowl of hot chicken soup, with a dash of orange juice. She stood behind and watched us eat,   I swifty filled
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Press conference
The same day after college, I went up to my room, a few minutes later mom strolls in and flung me up from the bed. "Get up!!"she says, looming my eyes to the door scurrying master Leonard standing behind.Immediately, the dull look on my face washed away, " hello sir!!", I said. "Hello Chris!! Can we please talk?". He asked, mom takes a new turn ambling outside, but halts noticing he stopped her from going. " I need to talk with you as well!!". He added. She falls a step backwards, working a nervous glare on both sides, what does he wish to talk with us about?. ( I contemplated as he proceeded further with his statement) He says, "Allison!! It's been not more than two days, you came with you son to the mansion, and in this two days, chris's presence have proven to be of a good thing to me". ( master Leonardo co
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My inheritance
Authors note: hello guys thank you for reading, and now a new drama unfolds at the woods mansion when master Leonardo decided to announce Chris as his new adopted son. Hated by his wife and son, Chris must get ready to fight against the impending doom coming into his life. My characters 1) Chris Brown2) Keith woods3) master Leonardo woods4)jane woods5) Allison brown6) Maria Jose Clark7) tina hemisphere And so many characters too. Please enjoy and God bless 🙏🙏. ONE WEEK LATER Months after grooming myself to act like the son of master Leonardo, it was eventually time to tell the whole truth to the real world. Master Leonardo donned the entire mansion with speechless decorations, I went down to the living room and festively found the entire living area. 
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The following morning "Good morning master Chris?"A feminine voice gets me up, I turned and saw Maria Jose standing a few steps close to me."Good morning Maria!! How are you?".I Implored yet her response gave raised to another,"please get ready and meet the rest of the family?".( She left not giving me a chance to speak) Thereafter getting ready, I walked outside and stumbled on master Leonardo seated at the dining room table, he wasn't the only one, his wife and Keith was also there. Apparently, it seems mom isn't going to be the one to serve, rather Maria Jose took up the responsibility.She passed and left a plate full of spaghetti. A weak smile falls on seeing her, somehow the look on my face got Keith's attention, and as usual he drove to create drama. When the glass cup place next to him, drops and scattered on the floor.Immedi
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Annoying.. like always
While trying to stop her from leaving, a hand walks in and whiskered her away."Keith?".I rushed behind and caught up with him, Keith let's go of Maria Jose and said. "What's up bro!! Why the unnecessary drama?, Don't tell me you're acting up because of this maid?". Keith has always been someone that has a sharp tongue, and no matter what I've got to teach him a lesson. So I said, "tell me something? Why do you need your geography textbook, we don't have lectures on that today?". He kept quiet not being able to speak!!..I spoke out again, "Keith!! What happened? Cat cut your tongue?".Instantly he flares up and almost attacked me, if not for the presence of the university's administrator, he dragged him back and in an angry tone, held Keith by his ears heading straight to his office, "damn!". ( I exclaimed). Maria Jose kept a quiet look seeing the drama, the look on her face pro
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Not much to say?.
A while later, master Leonardo walked me into his study room, he gets the atmosphere settled before speaking."Do you believe my son?". ( He asked)"No sir, I don't". ( Without hesitation I answered)My non hesitancy to his question got him smiling, he adds up speaking again, "I do feel the same way, but if truly my son has changed, let's find out?". Master Leonardo coursed out speaking unrestricted, " tomorrow is my birthday and every year my son always gets intoxicated out of excitement, and ends up doing something improper, so if his really speaking the truth, will truly know tomorrow ".(He asked me to leave thereon) I sauntered upstairs to my room, and on my way crashed into Maria Jose, she fastened her feet at the sight of me, it almost feels like she was trying to dismiss my existence. "Maria Jose?" Her feet froze at my say, she veers and with her gaze fixed down, w
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