Maid At Home

Maid At Home

By:  Trixie Kim  Completed
Language: English
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I was an orphan being adopted by a simple family. My dad was a driver of a very powerful businessman. My mom was one of their maids. She was in fact their lady butler. This family with gazillion bank accounts had an only heir, drop dead gorgeous young billionaire, Albert Michaels. He was always the talk of the news both in mainstream and social media along with either a popular pop star diva or a hubristic socialite with voluptuous body and kittenish voice. I, Samantha Reynolds, one of their servants had been stealthily trailing him since the day that I stepped in their grand top of a kind living room. His stone cold aloof aura as he stared at me everytime he caught me gawking at him made him even more attractive and charming than he already was. Till one rainy night, a magical or should I say disaster happened. Arriving at home late and intoxicated while I was busy wiping the glass tea table, he was almost dropping himself on the cold marble floor. Guiding him towards his room, his heaviness was weighing up my petite body. Till we both dropped on his king sized bed with me under him. His glassy eyes tingling my long time desire. His warm rims made me want to wrap them with mine. Till time stood still as the rain continued pouring engulfing the atmosphere with its coldness while him covering me with his burning libido. As we both reached the top, he called a name, ''Madeline!'' D*mn!

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154 Chapters
Chapter 1: He Has Arrived
Michaels' Mansion...A new model of black Cadillac was driving smoothly with two black sedans in front and behind serving as the guards for this gorgeous limo. As it droved in smooth curved wide iron gate with curved top Classique designed ground coated with red marbled tiles, the guards in uniform bowed before one guard pushed the button making the wide door open in a smooth slide.The Cadillac drove to a path where Italian giant cypress trees were lined in rows like soldiers saluting a general. As the driver looked ahead, he smoothly turned the wheel to right avoiding bumping the two layers round fountain with the statue of a woman holding a pot in the renaissance era.Then it turned to the left circling the fountain before it stopped at ten steps pearled marbled stairs. When the one holding the wheel got out of the car, he adjusted his uniform first before he opened the backseat door.The eight passengers including the drivers in black sedans also got off and lined in rows bowing to
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Chapter 2: The Homecoming Party
The wild night came and the servants from the mansion had never been this busy. Orders and demands here, there, and everywhere. Even Sam and Laila were getting dizzy obeying the demands of these young billionaires.Who were they?Sitting on the marbled stairs of the pool was Albert's bestfriend since his primary days. His name was Edward Carter or CEO Eddie Carter for his employees and the media. He was the CEO of their three decades of international commerce the Carter Homes Inc. They developed condominiums and hotels in this country and overseas. He was as tall as Albert, good-looking, and a real player. He was actually hanging his gorgeous arms to the shoulders of two famous models at the moment.Not far from him was another young master from a noble clan. But this one was a little tamer. At least he stuck to one woman at a time principle. But he also changed girlfriends like he was just changing his outfits from his wide built-in closet.How did people know he had that?It was all
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Chapter 3: Their Primary Days
Eight years ago...The next day, Samantha needed to wake up early to catch the first bus. Her little feet had to walk for 200 meters passing by the tall cypress trees before she could reach the wide iron gate.After that, she had to walk for another 200 meters going to the bus stop for the mansion was situated in private residences where only exclusive taxis were allowed to go inside. By the time she arrived at the bus stop, either she was sweating all over or gasping for air."At least, I still have 5 minutes to rest before the bus arrives!" she murmured as she sat on the bench.When she saw a black luxurious Mercedes-Benz turning right passing by the stop, she hoped the one riding in the backseat would see her situation and his conscience would kick him hard but h*ck No!That will never happen she thought as she ignored the Michaels' car that just drove by. When the bus arrived, she got up at once and waited for it to stop.As it stopped in front of her, the automatic door opened and
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Chapter 4: Flavor of the Day
"Wow, Sam! Within just an hour, you attract the attention of the three most dreamboat students in our school!" Andrea teased while they were going back to their classes. They were already in their skirt and blouse uniform at that time.Sam was just listening. Her mind was with the words her gorgeous young master said. She would go home with him in his luxurious car.That's epic!"At least, I don't need to squeeze myself inside of the bus today!" she uttered inwardly.Then suddenly a strong shoulder bumped into her chest which made her fall to the ground."Ops! What the? You have two eyes, right?" Vanessa immediately freaked out.Andrea who was walking a bit faster than Samantha halted when she heard Vanessa's voice. She turned around and saw Samantha slowly getting up while pushing herself from the ground. She hurriedly held her hands and helped her get up."Tell me what happened?" she said as she glanced at Vanessa.Beside her were her bestfriends, Sylvia and Celine. They were chuckli
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Chapter 5: The Difference
Samantha would like to spend a wonderful weekend in their place. During these two no-classes days, her Aunt Maria was with her. She was her father's younger sister and a street-smart woman.That Saturday, Maria wanted her niece to learn how to drive a scooter. They were in front of their simple single-story wood house."Sam, you should learn at least one or two rides. Either a two-wheeled vehicle or a four-wheeled car. So that when the time comes that emergency rises and your only option are to take the wheel, at least you know how to maneuver the controls!" Maria smiled while putting her hands on the handrails.With Maria's lengthy message, she thought she had grasped more than learning how to drive."Aunt Maria, can I ask you something?" Samantha's ten-year-old inquisitive mind and curious almond eyes squinted at her."What is it?" Maria asked back without exactly glancing at her. She was staring at the scooter instead."Why didn't you continue to go to school?"Maria halted upon hea
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Chapter 6: The Luscious Mangoes
"Wooo!" a surprised tap on her shoulders and an abrupt deep pitch almost made Samantha fall on the pool."Ahh!" when she turned around, she saw her neighbor Jaden who went to visit his mom in the mansion grinning from ear to ear."Jaden, don't ever do that again!" she frowned at her with the same age friend at once."Why are you the one cleaning the pool?" Jaden snorted instead as he took the deep skimmer net from her."Give me that. Nobody told me to clean the pool. I just want to help my dad!" she was trying to reach the stick but Jaden raised it higher."Let me do it. You can't swim. What if you accidentally tripped and fell!" Jaden sternly uttered.With furrowed eyebrows, he scooped the fallen leaves into the water.Samantha was just watching him. She sat on one of the sun lounges and rested her chin on her palms while her elbows nestled on her lap."By the way, I brought you your favorite carabao mangoes. They're on your bed!" without looking at her, he gestured his head to the se
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Chapter 7: The Gift Box
Years had passed and Samantha was now in high school. Albert who skipped a couple of years was graduating at the age of fourteen while Samantha was in her freshmen year.The same with Andrea and also the rest of Albert's friends, they continued their schooling in Georgetown. Vanessa who bullied Samantha in their primary years also studied in the same school. She was as arrogant as ever. Samantha on the other hand was as meek and as lowly as she was on her first day in Georgetown."Hey, Sam! Have you heard the news? There will be a modeling agency that will visit our school next week. They are going to choose some students to be part-time models for a teenage magazine. I would like to join but I am sure my parents won't allow me!" Andrea spoke in a lengthy manner."Why won't they allow you?" Samantha narrowed her eyes at the book she was reading. She flipped the page and stared at her."Girl! A daughter of a captain joining some photoshoots for a magazine? A big no! I would be exposed.
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Chapter 8: A New Day
Albert went downstairs dragging his feet towards the dining room. It was 7 in the morning and he needed to go to school for their varsity practice. Part of their yearly event was the Intrams.Aside from the coming Photoshoot that would be held in Georgetown, their school was also busy choosing some students to represent the once-in-a-lifetime The International Physics Olympiad which would be held in Ireland."Albert, good thing you woke up early!" Christopher, his business tycoon father uttered.Christopher was already having breakfast when Albert sat on his seat."Have to dad. The varsity has a practice every morning!" still groggy, he politely replied as he drank a glass of cold water."Hmm! That's good. After your class, if you still have time, come to the company. I need to teach you something!" Christopher sternly explained.Albert's father was in his late thirties. He was in his prime. His features were actually the same as his. He was a spitting image of his dad in almost everyt
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Chapter 9: The Dinner Date
Go home with me later! If I don't see you at exactly 5 pm in the parking lot, better not come home!"Albert's roar escalated in the whole court. The two teachers, the varsity players, and Samantha's classmates were even startled as their shoulders bounced up."Yes, Young Master!" she meekly obeyed.Her head was bowed down while Andrea patted her back. Tears were coming down again so she pursed her lips tight.Upon hearing Samantha's reply, he strode off the basketball court leaving everyone dumbfounded except for Albert's and Samantha's friends. They shot Albert a dagger stare."What's wrong with your friend?" Andrea, who lost interest in him since the time he forced Samantha to apologize to Vanessa, couldn't help but exclaim in anger."We apologize on his behalf!" Edward gently replied giving Samantha a shallow smile.They forgot that there were almost 40 people in the court listening to their conversations. The teachers who were still flabbergasted coughed to clear their throats."Cl
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Chapter 10: The Fee Is High
Samantha had no choice but to wear them at school. The sparks that the diamond earrings created as they touched the sunlight made her small face beam with her ponytailed hair. Her perfectly shaped neck that was wrapped by a gold chain highlighted her snow-white skin and its heart-shaped diamond pendant glittered as it hit the rays of the sun.She was hugging her two thick books like before and no one dared to care about it but that day, everyone gazed their eyes at the books for her wrist was shining bright.She was so beautiful and radiant but that didn't reach her eyes. All the while, she was looking down till she hit a broad chest and almost fell to the ground."Did you drop something that you are looking for it?"A stone-cold voice she always heard but couldn't get used to it. She almost jumped to her feet. When she lifted her head, his frowned face greeted her innocent look."Tantalizing!" he whispered when she flickered her eyes on him."I'm sorry, Young Master!" her soft angelic
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