My famous Alpha

My famous Alpha

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"Sorry, but I can't wait any longer, baby. I need to fuck you right now and I am going to do it right here". Her outfit had a zipper that went all the way down between her legs, making it possible for him to unzip it from the bottom and upwards, getting access to her pussy without taking it off, and she wondered if he had planned this. "Baby those damn leggings are in the way, so you can either take off all your clothes or I’ll rip them to pieces". He whispered against her neck, after zipping her outfit open at the crotch. She had already been turned on from the vibrations and being so close to him, but his voice made her go crazy. "Please just rip them, I want you". He smiled at her, grabbing her leggings on both sides of the seam, splitting the crotch open with one hard pull, making her gasp. Amelia isn’t picky, she just knows what she wants and doesn’t want in a man, which is why she had only one boyfriend, that he turned out to be a cheating bastard hasn’t helped. Until she meets mister right, sweet, handsome, a model and singer and a werewolf. Connor Edon is an Alpha, but spends most of his time away from the pack, as a celebrity, letting his twin brother Weston be Alpha while he sends home the money needed. He had not expected to ever meet his mate, and definitely not in the form of a blonde Danish girl he runs into on a holiday. Will Amelie be able to accept the truth about her lover and handle his sometimes dominating wolf behaviour ? And will the wild and Independent Alpha be able to settle with a human girl.

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108 Chapters
1: First meeting
 Part I Amelia was standing in front of the mirror getting ready. This was one of those rare Friday nights where she was going out on town with her best friend Linda, something she didn't do very often. Partying and drinking was just never really her thing.  She brushed her long blond hair, contemplating whether to leave it down or put it up, deciding to leave it tumbling down her back. She finished off the light make-up, looking into her own blue-grey eyes, this had to do.  They were going to a karaoke bar, and she put on a pair of skinny jeans and a fitted T-shirt, that left about an inch of her abdomen visible. She was rather happy about the way it showed off
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2: That weird attraction
 "This is my best friend Joel. Joel, say hi to Ami. I kind of got in her way, so I asked her to join us". Connor introduced them.  Amelia thought Joel looked like someone she had seen before, he had that kind of face you didn't easily forget. She grabbed his hand. "Hi Joel, I hope it is okay for me to join you". "Hi Ami, great to meet you, and of course only happy to have something more pretty than this one to look at". He said grinning at Connor.  She sat down on the bench across from Joel and Connor slid in beside her, he had to angle himself towards her to make room for his long legs.  He looked at Joel with a smirk. "Oh Joel, you were going to get us drinks weren't you ?"<
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3: And he can sing and dance too
 He started to sing and Amelia almost forgot when she had to start. I can sing somewhat okay he had said, yeah right that had to be the understatement of the year at least.  She found it easy to sing with him, he seemed to be used to singing duets and he automatically adapted his voice to hers when they sang together.  He had a way of catching her eyes and she felt like there was no one else in the room, like he was meaning every word and it made her get a bit flushed. What was it about him that affected her like this ?  When they finished they got the biggest applause of the evening and Connor put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her with him back to the table.  Joel looked up at her, when she slipped into her seat. "I am really impressed Ami, you have a beautiful voice".  "Yes, wow Am
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4: First date and jealousy
 Even though Amelia had gone to bed late the night before, she woke up early the next morning, feeling so excited she couldn’t go back to sleep. She was going on a date.  She debated whether to write and tell Linda, but she kind of wanted to make sure it actually led to something first. She didn't want to get her friend’s hopes up.  Maybe he would turn out to be a total jerk or maybe he had some big flaw she hadn't spotted in the darkened bar that would turn her off.   Maybe he wouldn't show up at all.  She showered and had some breakfast, but she couldn't really eat anything, getting more and more nervous. She hadn't been on a date forever. Read more
5: How a gentleman does it
 Amelia was in a great mood all day and she had to admit that she had a hard time not thinking about Connor.  But when she hadn't heard from him the next afternoon she began thinking that he might have changed his mind, that her outburst of jealousy had scared him away after all.  "Ami there is a really hot guy asking for you". Her colleague Maria came into the kitchen, where she had been chatting with the chef.  She walked into the restaurant and spotted Connor standing by the bar, looking like a cover model to a steamy romance novel. She walked over. "Hi Connor, what are you doing here ?"  "I thought it better to come here in person than to just text you". He said smiling, then he pulled o
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6: A perfect date
 She jumped in surprise when the doorbell rang, and then breathed in deeply before walking out to open the door.  Connor was standing outside, his eyes ran up over her body and he swallowed. "Wow Ami, you look absolutely stunning".  "Thank you, you look rather handsome yourself". She said smiling, he was wearing a blue 3 piece suit, with a white shirt and a dark yellow tie. He bowed lightly and offered her his arm. "Well thank you, are you ready to leave my …lady ?" "Certainly my good sir". She said grinning, she locked up the door, and then accepted his arm.  In the elevator she noticed him glancing at her and chuckle and she ask
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7: Legs popping and flirting
 His lips were exactly as soft as they looked and he tasted sweet with a hint of wine and something she could not describe. When Amelia felt his tongue run over her bottom lip asking permission, she opened her mouth to him, her tongue welcoming his.  Her hands were in his hair, and.. What ? Seriously, did my leg just pop like in an old romantic movie ? She thought and yes it actually did. She felt out of breath when he ended the kiss and she was wondering if it would be too early to invite him inside.  What she didn’t know was how he was fighting his wolf. It was pacing and howling, his teeth were itching and his mouth watering as it tried to break free.  But he managed to push it down, sen
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8: Deep talk
 The grey Nissan was parked across the street and Connor opened the door to her, before walking around the car getting into the drivers side.    "How fast does a car like this go ?" Amelia leaned over to peak at the speedometer.    They got onto the freeway, and he pushed down the pedal a bit, making the car roar, before answering with a grin. "Well a lot faster than the legal limit. I think the record is 193 mph on a closed track".    "193 mph! Oh wow ! I wouldn't dare to go that fast". She said her eyes were blown big, wondering why they built it to go that fast.    He kept his eyes on the road, but she could see a small smirk pulling at a corner of his mouth. "I don't think it feels very
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9: Pizza, movies and marking her
 "Is it okay if I just take a quick shower and change into something more comfortable ?" They had just entered her apartment and she didn't really want to stay in her work clothes.    He put the pizza down on the table and turned towards her. "Of course, I can wait no problem".    "I promise to be quick, you can just sit down and watch some TV, I'll be back in a minute". She kissed him quickly and went to the bathroom.    She just took a quick shower, she didn't want him to wait for too long. She had washed her hair in the morning, so she twisted it up on her head, to not get it wet.    But what to wear ? It seemed stupid to dress up, but she didn't want to come of as desperate and needy eit
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10: Kinky breakfast
 Amelia snuggled up to Connor, and sighed happily, her thoughts once again thinking about the topic of him being perfect and she whispered. "Well not that either".  "What are you whispering about darling ?" He was stroking her back, looking curiously at her.  Whoops she hadn't realised she had said that out loud and she blushed. "Uhh a little embarrassing, that wasn't supposed to come out loud, I was just thinking".  "Come on tell me, I am not going to stop before you tell me, I won't laugh". He looked up at her making puppy dog eyes.  She closed her eyes and whispered. "I have just been trying to find your flaw, because no one is this perfect, so I thought it, you know, might be in the bedr
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