Alpha of Nightmares

Alpha of Nightmares

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Alec - My life has been nothing but pain. I gave up not just looking for my mate but in general a long time ago. My pack, my friends, not even my children can bring me out of this endless nightmare. My wolf runs things. But when I see Crista's face, I see an end to my misery. I'll stay silent no more. She is the light, and I'll do anything to protect her. Crista - One night of terror has sent my peaceful life into turmoil. My pack is gone, and so are my parents. I was only able to save my little sisters. But when we're found unknowingly crossing the border into the Incubi Pack, it feels more like out of the frying pan and into the fire. The alpha of the Incubi Pack is known across the world as ruthless. The Moon Goddess must have a sense of humor as my wolf whimpers mate' as his yellow eyes meet mine. This book is a spinoff series from the Bloodmoon Series. Characters and events in this book may overlap with Beta's Surprise Mate. Bloodmoon Pack: Book 1 - Alpha Logan Book 2 - Beta's Surprise Mate Book 3 - The Reluctant Alpha Book 4- The Hunted Hunter Book 5 - The Genius Delta (TBD) Novella - Seducing the Bloodmoon Princess (TBD) Short Story - Warrior's Redemption (Bloodmoon & Incubi Anthology) Short Story - Love After 40 (Bloodmoon & Incubi Anthology) Short Story - The Hybrid's Rogue (Bloodmoon & Incubi Anthology) Short Story - The Hybrid's Vampire (TBD) Book 6 - Her Second Chance Mate (TBD) Incubi Pack Books: Book 1 - Alpha of Nightmares Book 2 - The Hybrid Alpha Novella - Chosen Mate (Bloodmoon & Incubi Anthology) Book 3 - Dream Mate Short Story - Sicilian Holiday (TBD) Short Story - The Quiet Giant's Mate (TBD) Book 4 - Beta's Innocent Mate (TBD) Book 5 - Beta's Twin Mates (TBD)

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81 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Crista
I shuddered as I smelled the flames, the distinct odor of burning flesh on the air. I could hear the screams in the darkness. The howls of pain echoing. Need to run. Need to get to safety. Need to protect them. Can’t let him find us.  “Mommy!!” “Dad...nooo!!!” the screams of my sisters wake me from my restless nightmare-filled sleep. I felt them shivering on either side of me as they clung to my ivory fur that was dingy from dirt, twigs, and leaves from running. Emilia whimpered in my head as I nudged Persephone first with my muzzle, then Delilah.  I’m the oldest. I’m supposed to protect my sisters. But how can I be the strong one when every time I close my eyes, I’m haunted by the image of Ignazio ripping my father’s heart out of his chest and the sound of my mother’s screams of agony as she rushed forward on instinct to try and help her mate only
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Chapter 2 - Crista
Keeping my sisters close, we were loaded into the back of a black sedan. ‘When I give the signal, I want you to both tuck and roll out your doors. I won’t risk letting that insane Alpha anywhere near you.’ I instructed my sisters as André got into the driver’s seat. “Crista darling, whatever you mind linked your sisters. I wouldn’t recommend it. Child locks.” André grinned at me in the review.  I narrowed my eyes. God damn it. “No one will hurt you between here and the villa. Why don’t you try and get some rest?” he suggested. I didn’t trust him. He’s the son of the most feared Alpha in Europe. I won’t feel safe till my sisters, and I are far away from the Incubi pack. “Suit yourself.” André shrugged as he started to drive. We were at the edge of their pack, so the drive was almost two hours. Despite how keyed up we all were, knowing we were basically pr
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Chapter 3 - Crista
“We’re locked in.” I groaned. “Whoa…” Persephone gasped, tugging at my elbow. I turned, and my eyes widened as I looked around us. This was beautiful. We have a library at the packhouse back home, but it’s not like this. While it’s probably the same size, the whole feel of the room is vastly different. The ceiling featured a stunning Fresco painting that depicted the lunar cycle. Instead of showing the cycle as the moon itself, it was shown against a wolf’s face. Built-in shelves lined the walls except for the window seat and the wall with the door. The shelves were filled with books of many genres. Many looked very old and well-read based on the wear and tear on the binding. I wanted to touch them. I want to read them all. Has the Alpha read all of them?I stepped further into the space, in the direc
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Chapter 4 - Crista
“But… why would he? The darkroom is invite-only. And I’m really guessing she disagreed with being invited.” she frowned. André shrugged. “It’s out of my hands. It was an Alpha command. And well she’s…” he then leans and whispers too softly for me to hear in her ear. Judging by how gobsmacked she looks, he told her I was their father’s mate. “Oooo. That’s even worse. I’m calling Zia Izzy. She’ll put him in his place.” Katrina scoffed, digging her phone out. “No. Don’t. If you call her all hell with break loose. I think Crista can handle him. She’s probably the only one that can.” André said, grabbing his sister’s phone and holding it up too high for her to reach. She pouted, folding her arms.  “Stupid twin brother. Stupid tall bastard.” she grumbled. “Then why did you call me if it wasn’t to get Izzy? Not that you couldn’t just link her.” Katrina raised a
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Chapter 5 - Alec
Yet another day of Chesed doing as he pleases. I don’t know why he bothered giving Beatrice the time of day. She’s not even our type, and she sure the hell isn’t our mate. I hate this. I hate how many women he’s slept with. I would have preferred we waited for our mate. I only made the exception for Liliana. She was a good woman, and she loved us very much. She wasn’t our mate, but we could have lived a happy life with her at our side. But sadly, it was not meant to be. The Moon Goddess took her from us the same day Liliana gave us André and Katrina. The twins have been a light in my life.I have so few reasons to push forward and wrestle with Chesed for control. But when they were young, he let me. He at least knew he wasn’t capable of taking care of young. But he only let me have control when it was about them.
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Chapter 6 - Crista
‘Okay, you have to admit that’s hot. You can’t lie to me. I’m in your head and know you are turned on by what he just said.’ Emilia unhelpfully commented. I gulped, back wholly rigid. As much as I want to deny her words. She's right. I don’t know how much I’d care to be suspended from this thing. But the rest of what he offered. Teased every inch of my body till I was so overwhelmed by the pleasure I begged him to fuck me… that is hot. I shouldn’t find it hot. This man is old enough to be my father. I mean, I’m relatively sure André and Katrina are older than me. It should be gross and creepy to be mated to a mate so much older. ‘Older, wiser, and skilled.’ Emilia purred, getting off on his proximity. ‘Oh my god, you are so gross. Can we not go down this path? He’s holding us hostage, remember.’ I pointed out. ‘He’s our mate. Why leave?’ Emilia rolled her ey
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Chapter 7 - Crista
I blinked because of what the hell was going on. Why am I here? Does he plan to make me stand here and watch him bathe? Maybe he’ll invite that slut back to make me watch them. That thought both turned my stomach and pissed me off. ‘He wouldn’t do that.’ Emilia whimpered. We’ve never witnessed it, but everyone knows how painful it is when your mate is intimate with someone else. Even unmarked, I would feel it now that we’ve touched.“Why am I here?” I questioned. “I told him this was stupid.” Chesed muttered. “Told who? What did your son tell you to do this for me?” I questioned. “No. Alec did. Foolish human side thought being nice to you would be a better route.” he scoffed. “Alec? Alpha Alec is still inside you? And he… he thought to set this up?” I blinked, turning to look at him. “I am the Alpha
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Chapter 8 - Alec
God damn Chesed. Why can't he just be kind to our mate? Between spanking her and in front of her sisters and Katrina to just being a jackass. It was getting on my nerves. ‘Can’t you be nice to her? She is our mate. Our Luna. She should be treated with love and respect.’ I grumbled as he at least left her to bathe alone.‘Oh, shut up. Crista enjoyed every smack of her ass. You smelled her arousal the same as me. She’s just too young and innocent to realize what she wants. I say we show her.’ he smirked as he headed down the stairs to the kitchen. ‘Now, what do you want to feed her? Since this whole being nice shit is your idea.’ He grumbled, opening the refrigerator.I rolled my eyes but looked through his eyes as he scanned the fridge. ‘There. The stockpot. Take it out, put it on the stove, and start it on m
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Chapter 9 - Crista
Why must he always be an asshole? I don’t want to sleep in here, at least not with him. I just want to go be with my sisters. We only just lost our parents, and they have been having nightmares. I need to be there for them. Why can’t he understand that? They need me, damn it.I am a person, not some doll he can move around as he sees fit. I’m not his damn toy. ‘Oh, please. I’d be his toy.’ Emilia sighed. Ugh, stupid horny wolf. ‘Oh, I’m not the only horny one. You can deny it all you want, but I am in your head, and you like him spanking you. ‘TOLD YOU SO’ Emilia’s sing-song voice annoys me. I don’t know which was more shocking. Getting called out by my wolf or by my mate as he threw me onto the bed. Either way, I’m left blinking up at him, blushing, taking shallow breaths. He i
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Chapter 10 - Alec
Her pissing-off Chesed would almost be funny. If, of course, I hadn’t felt that elbow to my gut or that pissing him off makes him do stupid shit like dig his claws into her jaw. When he’s angry, he’s terrifying. I’m his human, and he scares me. Yet he’s not scaring our mate. She’s standing her ground. She’s challenging him. She is denying him and asking for me. The more she talked, the more I moved forward. As she called him out for hurting her, I felt him second guess himself. No one but Nonna has made him really question his actions. Sure sometimes Izzy or Katrina can startle him into realizing his faults. But this was different. I shoved forward, trying to pull him back, to give me control when she said she’d reject us. ‘Stay out of this!’ he growled at me. ‘Like fucking hell I will! You are hurting her! I’ve been telling you from the beginning to be kind
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