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when Jason suddenly finds himself caught between a war for a realm by both the forces of light and darkness, little did he know how deep the rabbit hole went. now he would have to step up and claim what was his, for the lives of every soul in that realm depends on it.....

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It was a sunny morning in Oregon as Jason dragged his sleepy feet to the bathroom staring at the mirror,  yep, same old me he thought as he wore his glasses, not that he needed the glasses anyways, just to disguise his look. Not really understanding why himself, just because his aunt told him he had to keep low from everyone at school, with a snort to himself he stretched, he wasn't even popular at school!. Putting off the glasses, he entered the tub and switched on the tap as warm water gushed out of soothing his bones as he gave a sigh of relief, closing his eyes. The water was a little bit hot,  it would pay a lot better if it were cooler, he thought it might had been his mind playing tricks on him but Jason could had sworn the heat of the water reduced…. he would later wish it was his mind somewhere else..... A man moved at a spe
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Curiosity drove Jason towards the gem that shone brightly in the early morning sun, it called on him, dragging him towards itself. He reached tentatively, picking it up gently. On both sides of the gem were inscriptions in a language that was vaguely familiar to him, not like any known language he knew of or he’d seen before, but for some reason he couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was supposed to understand the language, like deep down in his mind that language was locked. It beckoned on him to read it out and soon he was caught up in it, "Florea varecto illummino scythe-" "JASON!, what's taking so long!" his aunt called from the kitchen cutting him Midway through whatever spell the gem had put him under,  Shaking his head to clear his mind of the haze he was in, he dropped the gem, moving farther away from it as he felt his mind race, what was he doing?, what had he just stumbled upon? and how the fuck did he get into this
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Jason sat in the class, bringing out his iPod trying listening to music in a fruitless effort to tune out the noise of his classmates, he could barely hear the lyrics. Feeling someone tap him on the shoulder as he turned in response, in his front were the only two friends he had in the school. A tall chocolate skinned girl and a gruffly looking boy with dark hair sat smiling at him, he managed a smile, "so, what’s bothering you?" the girl asked, Terra, his brown haired female best friend was a bombshell, category A disaster class if she walked down the hall way during recess, Jason was pretty sure half the school football team wanted to date her and the nerds would have her featuring in their fantasies almost on a daily basis. Terra rectir was tall, bright blue eyes, full lips, a shape to die for and had the brains to back it off as she was the schools leading student in their science department, he had seen more than a few girls give her the stink eye as she walked
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To Jason, the next few a second were a blur to him. All he knew was that he had to save his hide from whatever creature the shadows were, a quick glance at his left showed daren in wolf form, clawing at a fellow wolf, only darker and more ferocious. On his right was terra, skilfully wielding the blades and slashing at the shadow warrior, which left him with their leader. He held on to the poker stick that was used to start the furnace at home, the leader was obviously irritated by the parring of his strokes with his blade, he moved to the kitchen area and dodged a blow that would've cleaved his head off,     the man grunted and moved forward when a loud whine was heard, the man turned, the shadow wolf turned to wisps of smoke as terra pushed it through the window, the leader screamed in rage and that gave Jason the edge that he needed as he swung the fry pan with its hot content on the bald headed man, he screamed in a mixture of pain and rage as his s
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The sun rose high in the sky, brightening the way and everything in it.  Although one can't say the same for the residents of cadesway street, the whole area looked eerily quiet, like they felt the darkness that invaded them the day before.       The newspaper boy rode about delivering papers on people’s thresholds, only him and the wind walked the road.     No.4 of the particular street looked strange for a start, neighbours never asked around who lived there, like it gave off bad vibes.  Of course, if they knew that was where the darkness that sufficed into their lives came from, they would have a different say on the matter.      The windows were locked from the inside, the blinds were drawn and the door looked like it was being worked on by a wood carver of some sorts.  Inside was a whole new story, despite attempts to clean the house up, traces of a serious fight still lin
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Jason stared hard at the faery, he hopped about while whistling a tune jason was unfamiliar with.    He turned to terra who nodded, this was the creature who Rumpelstiltskin was fashioned after," er faery?... Rumpelstiltskin?" He said," you could call me that ikir, or four hundred other names that justify me from the twelve realms" he replied pouring a powder that daren said to be fairy dust on the ground.  Jason stepped forward,"Then you know why we're here" jason said,"By all means ikir, you and your protector with your...." He stopped looking at terra as a sly smile curved up his lips,"Interesting, very interesting don't you think?, terra of house rectir" he said,   Jason turned to terra, she shrugged,"What's he talking about?" He asked her,   " don't know, he must have seen something" she replied,   Jason bit back the reply that pushed at his
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Derora rode down the hill top on her retoode, a one eyed, six limbed reptile with scaly armour as thick as metal. Its viciousness was what bonded derora to the beast of the abyss, it could trace the scent of its prey from over a mile away, that was what made it the perfect hunting creature.The roads to Vulpix were rather long and stressful, even though she took a set of veratus with her who if course do not tire or relent from their mission, it would be good if she could track the prince down in a record time.That's why she took the shortest route, the forests. Travelers don't pass the route she did due to the dark creatures that roamed the parts and the plants that devoured flesh since the rise of marxis.They didn't disturb her though, it was like they felt the anger and darkness she possessed, even the veratus kept their distance. Perhaps they were afraid of marxis rage if the mission wasn't successful.She flinched at the t
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The word still rang in his head,            "Blood bonded",It had almost been a minute since he heard those words, aether knows he was seriously confused. Daren sat by the tree trunk with a very calm look, jason turned to terra,"It's a long story, the short version was that we were young and stupid, we did a stupid thing and it bonded us together" she rushed,His voice hung in my throat, after a while he talked,"How close is the bond?" He asked,"I can feel what you feel and hear your thoughts if you want, to sum it all I'm meant to be your other half" she said,  Jason raked his hand through his hair exhaling, that was what illummino and the rest couldn't say, now he saw why. She was his....mate?,No, that's sounds animalic, he thought,A thought clicked in his head,"How's that possible?, I've never be
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It had almost been ten minutes later since daren watched over terra and jason still in the trance they were. He studied them closely and smiled, They actually fit! He thought, The only problem was neither wanted to accept, it was like they felt guilty for it, he knew the magnetic feeling they had for each other since the beginning, Aratia enhanced the feelings, it was like a driving force between them, he at least hoped they would realise they were meant for each other before it was too late. His head snapped towards the direction of vulpix, smoke rose from the distance, the smell of burning wood slowly saturating the air, his keen shifter nose catching it as it came, it didn't look like a festival fire..no, more like things were burning. Realisation seeped into him, he looked frantically at his friends, whatever they were doing, they better hurry, they were in danger... C'mon terra...... <
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To say terrena was scared out of her mind would be a terrible understatement, she was terrified, shocked, name it. Terra wasn't still sure the quick call she did to jason worked, even though she taught him how to counter it, there was a loophole around it. The thought of the prince of feys made her cold, he was legend, born from the fear and deaths he caused during the reign of maximus elixtu, Said to be the son of herandra, queen of summer and sister of refrot the king of winter, he was the spawn of a terrible taboo, an offspring between siblings, the thought of it made her cringe. He had the face and beauty of herandra, her glow and smile, but within that smile was the mask of his father refrot, his heart forged of metal and only lives to shed the blood upon the alter of refrot as a tribute to the allied god of darkness dradror. It was said his mother denied him at birth, casted him down from her kingdom at the root of the tree of wisdom and left hi
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