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A famous handsome basketball player and a beautiful sensible cheerleader, perfect relationship can considered the love story of Serena and her boyfriend Dominique. Many admire their relationship because of the perfect flow of their life being together. But what if the two years they had been together were thrown away so easily by her boyfriend and quickly found a girl for her replacement? And what if the formerly sober and contented woman transforms into a playgirl and cold -hearted badass girl? Is it possible for the man who's the reason why her heart has turned to stone to make her heart fall in love again? How would it happen if she already removed the space of love in her heart? Watch out the thrilling, annoying and tearful story of two people separated because of one worthless mistake.

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5 Chapters
SERENA'S POV   “Let’s end this worthless relationship,” Dominique opened up to me when I arrived at the restaurant he had chosen to discuss our falling apart relationship. I was momentarily stunned by what was he said. Then I laughed bitterly as the words he uttered sank into my brain.   "Do you hear what you're saying Dom? After two fcking years then you'll break up with me? I've been a good girlfriend! I'm not just a woman you can easily dump after you're loathed! Dom, please!" I let out a furious shout that caught the attention of the people there. Fortunately, I am thankful because there are only few could see and hear our conversation.   "Serena, stretch yourself and don't mess it up. What you're doing now is embarrassing," he whispered as his jaws clenched. I laughed bitterly again. I cried, for two years... I had done nothing but love him. Even being a cheerleader I entered because that was he want
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SERENA'S POV It seems like my eardrum would explode with the excessive volume of the music in the disco house we entered. I am not used to go with this kind of place, that's why I am not comfortable. But this is the time for me to shine, no more turning back. "Oh my gosh Serena! You're look so fvcking hot with you're outfit!" Sidney screamed looking at me. I didn't say anything but motioned my hand to the waiter. When he fin'lly got close to our seat, we immediately asked for drinks. "Isn't what you're wearing was very daring?" Skye asked seriously as her eyes looked over me. I was wearing only a tight spaghetti shirt and a short skirt. My white and long legged thighs showed up and I can say it fits me so well, especially I paired it with a long boots I bought lately. "Daring? Oh c'mon! She's prettier with that, stop being KJ Miss Gamer." Sunny teases Skye. It's because she's a streamer and loves onl
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SERENA'S POV Gradually my intoxication dropped due to circumstances. I have never seen even Marcus after what happened. I don’t know why that asshole even showed up here when I was already in the process of moving on. Sapphire and I struggled to passed by with people dancing in the dacefloor to find the rest of our friends. "Hey bitches! Here!" Sidney called us. She just standing in a corner and seemed bothered for something. "'W-Where have you been? I'm scared, he's been l-looking at me in a long time," she said in a raspy voice followed by a glance at the dark part of the disco house. We followed her eyes with our eyes but nothing was there. "Are you crazy bitch?" Sapphire asked while raising her one eyebrow but Sidney shook her head quickly. "N-No! I swear! Someone was there earlier," she sobbed. "Then, where is he now? Maybe he just looked at you be
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Chapter Three
"You were great earlier, Serena! Did you see Fridman's face?" Sidney asked happily when we reached our room.I also smirked in my mind but chose to be silent, "Can you guys please not talk about him? Show some respect for Skye. You know that no matter what happens, Dom is still her brother and blood is thicker than water, you know that," I whispered. I kept Skye from hearing the bad things they were saying about her older brother.Grimacing, Sunny sat next to me while Sapphire and Sydney were behind me, and behind them was Skye who preferred to be alone in the chair. She doesn't want a noisy seatmate."It's not funny what that Dominique did. Two years is not a joke! You were boyfriend and girlfriend for two years and then he just threw everything away so easily? Another thing that really annoys me, among the many beautiful women scattered around here on campus, is why Chelsea Lavigne?! OMG! Give me some air, I can't breathe!" she fanned herself sassily with her hands as her eyes stick
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Chapter Four
"I told you to let's forget what happened last night, didn't I?!" I am so bored explaining myself to Marcus. He doesn't stop pestering me either."Why? What happened last night?" asked a voice from behind me.I turned to face him and I was right. Dom was there."You don't know what happened last night?" I let out a sarcastic laugh."Do you have amnesia?" I added.I was ready to scold him for what he did last night but I was stopped when Marcus grabbed me by the elbow and then pulled me to his side."We spent together last night," his cold reply.Dom's previously cold expression suddenly changed. His jaw and his fists clenched."M-Marcus! W-What are you saying?!" What is he saying we spent together last night?"Don't deny our relationship to him, Love. Tell him the truth so he can stop stalking you and messing up our relationship."He tightened his grip on my arm.He brought his lips to my ear and he uttered something, "You want to hurt him, right? This is your chance to save your ego,
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