Twin Tormentors

Twin Tormentors

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TWIN TORMENTORS BOOK 2 is out: *BEAUTIFULLY RUINED* It was outlawed to excuse oneself in the presence of either of the twins, let alone when they were two. But the clattering of the spoons against the plates made my head spin in circles. I wanted out of this place and I didn't care whether I would rub the obsessed psychopaths the wrong way, because they’ve been breathing down my neck since they brought me here. I can’t eat, shower, sleep, even sit alone without them going alpha on me. My twins: My tormentors!

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74 Chapters
PROLOGUELeigh-AriA soft ping from my phone had me looking from the laptop in front of me. It was on a Saturday noon and I was trying to submit the assignment which was due tomorrow. After clicking send, I grabbed my phone and smiled when I saw the name on the notification.‘Verzi’ it said.I opened the small message icon and read the text from one of the only two best-friends of mine.Can you come and help us with the assignment really quick? I laughed softly and shut my laptop then exited my room. These boys, these twins, they were the best things I could possibly ask for. Ever since my mother left us, for some rich guy, the twins across the street have been my safe fortress. They picked me and mended me and made me whole when I was crumbling. And from that incident that happened when I was just 8, we have grown closer.I found my dad reading a newspaper on the couch, slowly sipping his whiskey.“Hey pa, I will be out for a few minutes. I am going to
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Chapter 1
VERNERO POVThe drug they used on me was slowly wearing off, and I was slowly slipping back into consciousness. However, my body was so damn painful that I could barely move a muscle, probably because I’ve been chained on a chair for over 71 hours now with no food, water to drink or anything to keep me sane. I had been careless, careless to let my guard down and actually thought I got my shit together.But I’ll give them; the Sicilian men had been clever and swift this time. They managed to capture me.I groaned softly and winced as the wound on the left of my groin oozed with blood. The fucker’s did me a good number there.I engaged my ears to pick all the sounds, since my eyes were failing pitch in; I decided to settle with hearing. There was laughter coming from the left side of where I was chained. The conversation among the people seemed to be an easy one, but the smell of pot was intoxicating and I knew I had an easy pass out of th
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Chapter 2
VERNERO POVI woke from a slicing splitting headache. Although my body was still sore, the pain was lulled by the drugs and whatever little fella injected me with. I groaned softly as I tried to get up only to find that I was dressed in nothing but bandages, and my boxers. The soft snores caught my attention and I glanced to my left to find that she had dozed off while watching over me. But what had my eyes widening with shock was the little scar on the left eyebrow of the little stranger. The nose, the way she sucked on her bottom lip while she slept… it could not be! It could not fuckin be!I got up to my sitting position and actually assessed and studied my savior. With every passing second of me staring at her, my breathing labored. It couldn’t be her. I have searched the entire world for her and I hadn’t found her. For years, I made sure that I left every stone unturned in search of her, but it was if all her entire existence has been a sweet da
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Chapter 3
LORENZO POVThe meeting with our partners was rather annoying, provided the fact that I was having a very rough day already. And what made me want to scream and yank my hair off my scalp was the fact that they thought they could cancel our collaboration with just a word of mouth like what the hell did they take me for?Apparently, they didn’t feel “safe” with CAT Holdings after finding out it was involved with Turantello Familia, and I wanted to laugh in their faces because Turantello Familia controlled 80% of the country GDP. Little fuckers with small brains.I remained quiet at my seat as I listened to them bickering around how it’s not healthy to continue our collaboration. However, my mind was elsewhere as I tried to think of all the possible ways to reach Verzi. Knowing him, he could be trying to escape from captivity and when he did, I knew things weren’t going to be pretty for whoever dared to capture him. And I prayed for th
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Chapter 4
VERNERO POV I was seated in my office with Marcelo going all over the things that have transpired since I went missing. I was at Black Woods; my home, my castle, my fortress, where no one dared to set a foot at. But I couldn’t shake off the unsettling feeling that was gnawing from deep within. I kept on nipping the tip of my thumb with my teeth while my knee continued to bounce like crazy underneath the table; an old habit I couldn’t just get rid of!  I had found her, finally. It still felt so fuckin’ unreal. “It was the Sicilian gang. They have a base in Cyprus and that's where they kept you.” Marcello informed handing me a tablet; I furrowed my brows and scrolled down through the details of the rival gang that just kept poking their noses in my business. “We have an imposter who gave out your location the time they captured you. And… he has been smuggling gold from one of the mines in Piedmont to them.” that somehow managed to irk me even furth
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Chapter 5
VERNEROOnce again, I was 19 years old. I found myself in the glacial, bitter lands of Japan, one of the bases where I was currently under my “remodeling” phase. According to my father, Lorik Cattanio, I was a weakling. I was not even fit to be his son thus needed to be reconstructed, to be remodeled into something perfect, something he would take pride in. So he took me here, to one of the Turantello bases.The mountains and the thick heavy forest created a false scenery to the viewers, feigning the beauty of the lands of green, hiding the cruelty of what was at the feet of the mountains and deep within the thick forests.The whir of the gelid frosty air of winter morning sang along, adding to the fake beauty of white coated lands and swallowing the bitter cries of the distressed, creating a nice but harsh tune that bit the earlobes painfully; also giving a crisp, but cold air to breath. The land under the 4 meter thick snow was inconsolably hard ag
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Chapter 6
LORENZOIt has been a few days since Verzi’s last seizure attack. And luckily this time, no one was killed because they saw him during his vulnerable time. Seeing him like that, helpless and very vulnerable, that always made my heart clench painfully. But what made me want to yank my hair out of my scalp was the fact that he was steel-headed by keeping everything that has happened to himself.All I wanted to do was share with him his pain. I had no idea of what our father did to him during the time he took him away from me. Before then, my brother and I were inseparables, we were the shadow of the other and shared everything. There were no secrets from us. But after that, Vernero was a whole new person. That was seen through things he did. It was safe to say there was something that happened, something that made him lose his mind.After his last seizure, I had calmed him down by informing him that the Roberts had called. The Roberts turned out to be Leigh&
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Chapter 7
LEIGH-ARI POVDriving home from the doctor’s appointment felt serene. I was relaxed from head to toe and the usual painful pounding of my head was gone. I was listening to smooth slow music as I swerved and maneuvered through the heavy evening traffic. At long last, I arrived outside my flat and packed the car, then rode the elevator to the first floor where my apartment was.Upon arriving on my floor, I realized a whole new commotion of gazillion boxes stacked and piled outside the flat opposite mine. Curiosity had me walking stealthily and sneaked a peek inside. There were orders barked from the inside as a feminine voice commanded some men to decorate the house however she saw fit. One, I was happy that I had a new neighbor. Two, I was nervous as to what kind of a person she would turn out to be. Right when I was about to leave, a voice called out; telling me I was caught red handed:“You can come in. I might need your help with all these.”
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Chapter 8
VERNERO POV “Boss, we got him!” Marcelo announced peeking through the slightly opened door. I raised my head and there he was, with that smile that he always wore when we were about to skin someone alive or roast them. The look on his face pulled my own lips in a lopsided smirk, because I knew the shit was about to go down. “Now that's the best news I’ve been waiting for!” I called out getting up from my giant ass chair and rounded the table, exited my office with Marcello by my side. We walked down the stairs with him filling me up with the details of what had transpired during his hunt for the imposter. I was rather disappointed to find out that it was one of my trusted men who just decided to go behind my back. And betrayal was one thing I never knew how to handle or stomach! I never spared anyone who betrayed my trust! If I did, then I would be the weak kid my father despised. I got rid of that child a millennia ago and I wasn’t going to revive him. The o
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Chapter 9
LEIGH-ARIThree full days passed and my new neighbor and I continued our newly formed routine. I would wake up in the morning and go to work, and then come back at night to have dinner with her. Laura joined us two days back and like I, fell in love with Valerie. She was such an open, easy-going person that made everyone feel comfortable around her. Although she was way too classy and fancier than us, she was really a nice person.Last night we had plans to go out for drinks, only to pull an overnight shift. I had an 8 hour surgery and by the time I left the OR, I was just ready to hit my bed on the bed and get done with the day. I arrived at home to find her preparing to leave.“I am just going to pick my boss from the airport. I will spend the night here and fly over to Italy tomorrow morning.” She explained when I looked at her questionably.“And you dress like that when you go pick your boss? From the airport?” I gestured to he
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