Blood Prophecy

Blood Prophecy

By:  Diana Matthew  Updated just now
Language: English
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Her blood was like liquid fire, it attracts and it destroys but what if it attracts the wrong and destroys the good? Gwen had always thought there was nothing particular about her. She was just a normal she-wolf living with her grandma who restricted her from most things for unknown reasons and a best friend whom she wasn't so sure considered her as one. Then she met her mate, a blue eyes male that she was supposed to live the rest of her life with was already mated to another and lied to her face without remorse. Then her grandma died, leaving her with tons of questions. Now Gwen could only find the answers on her own. Was she just a normal white wolf with a moon mark on her head or was she the magnet that attracts nothing but trouble and destruction? Find out more in Blood Prophecy.

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81 Chapters
®All Rights Reserved.Diana Matthew©Copyright 2022 Before you start reading this book... The content of this book is explicit, if you are underage and cannot handle such content. Please, Do Not Read This but, if you continue, you are agreeing to being exposed to content that is not suitable for people with immature mindset. If you see anything you do not like, PLEASE DO NOT BLAME THE AUTHOR. Do not say I didn't warn you. 16+ Moving on... No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted in any more or by any mass electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior written permission of the author. Please, Take Note: This is a book of fiction. All characters, names, places, incidents and behavior are from my imagination, used with no intentions of hurting anyone; Any resembl
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PROLOGUE- The Beginning of the End
Her blood was like a liquid fire…   Just a drop of the virgin’s blood on the stone of Amethyst could bring back the greatest evil of all. The one that provoked horror and terror to man’s heart. The one that enslaved those who were weak and those who are robust, yet not strong enough to withstand it.   She could only stare with her eyes widened in fear and horror as the five men in red cloaks and hoods circled a sealed crypt with a weird symbol on the top, murmuring and chanting words she had never heard before and they weren’t even witches!   With uncertainty evolving in her chest, adding layers upon layers, she toiled with the ropes shackled tightly around her wrist and ankles to a stone pillar while she let out hummed sounds from her sealed mouth. But the more she struggled, the more the silver ropes cut through her flesh, dragging out blood that dripped on the floor, and the more the strength in her slowly withering,
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001: Forsaken by the Goddess
«SEVEN YEARS EARLIER» The timberland was dusky, gloaming with only but the moonlight as guard but with their vision as sharp, they wandered deeper into the thick, barren forest while the fierce wind of the night brushed against their flushed cheeks. The twigs were crunching under their hurried feet, reeling their heads once in a while in panic, hearing the sound of their pursuers. With an aghast gasp, they fastened their pace, the smell of rotten woods and skunk weed was nearly repulsing while the sound of yowls followed behind them and the night cricket led their way. A sudden cry yelped out from the heavy woman's lips as she supported her heavy stomach with her left hand while the other went to her lower back. She shook her head as her mate rushed back to her side. "No, you have to continue without me!" She hissed at the unbearable pain in her abdomen, she could feel the infant in her w
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002: Fresh Feeling of Betrayal
Her eyes fluttered opened as the juggling sound of keys reached her ears as she stirred awake in time to watch as a few guards walked into the cell she shared with her husband. “What’s going on?” Her broken voice called out, watching as the guards approached her sleeping mate and kicked him on the rib, waking him up as he groaned out in pain. Ignoring her questions, the guards hooked their hands on her mate’s arms and carried him out from the cell. “Hey, what are you doing?!” She stumbled up on her feet but landed up falling back on the wall as a cry escaped her mouth, supporting her stomach with both her hands and stared as two other guards walked up to her. “Please, what’s going on. Where are they taking my mate?” Her pleading voice inquired. “To the arena, you were given the front ticket to watch” Yarkona’
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003: Two Alphas
“Stop, please stop!” An unbearable exclamation erupted out of her throat. Yarkona shrieked, puffing as she supported her back with both her hands. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this!” She screeched, stretching her back on a tree. With lachrymose eyes, she stared up at the murky sky with only but the moonlight brightening, almost glaring. So vast, so intense, Yarkona could almost feel it heckling her, fueling more resentment and bitterness inside of her chest as her sniveling gaze lingered on the moon. “You better be watching, am going to make them all pay…” Another loud cry relinquished her throat, staved off her widened eyes over to her savior, Xenia, a sparkling redhead. “I think he’s coming!” “Now!?” Xenia panicked, her grey eyes expanding as she wheeled on her feet, the withered leaves of the soil scraping below her feet. But as she stared around, she was met w
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004: Ruining Lives
«Two Years Later» Like an ordinary commoner, she ambled through the packhouse of the White Claw Pack like it was her home, carrying a silver tray with two golden chalices filled with wines. With an abrupt turn, she steered towards the main hall, her shady brown orbs stared ahead, filled with a twinkle of enthusiasm and a little spark of evil. When the doors opened, she didn’t balk as she strolled in and was met with loud energetic laughter coming from a group of people standing in the middle of the enormous hall. A tiny smile crept to her face as she saw a tiny boy crawling at the feet of his mother, tugging on her jean. She averted her gaze to a couple standing on the opposite side, a newborn baby spread out in the woman’s arms. A smirk tugged at the corner of her lips as she went to stand beside a fellow servant at the corner and watched, counting every second that passed, the clock tickling along with her plan.
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005: The Forest
Present Time..."Hurry up!!" A high-pitched tone nearly squealed in aggravation, finally coming to a stop beside a large tree. Reeling her head to the rushing sound of leaves and footsteps, she sighed, spotting her best friend from a rather far distance, blundering with a large basket of herb hanging over her shoulders.A tiny giggle erupted from her throat as she could hear the grumbling sound of her friend's demurral."Are you going to hurry up or not, am leaving you behind!" She yelled out, not bothering to secrete her smile while kneading her palms on her large brown trousers and a considerable cherubic shirt that was tucked into her pants while her legs were covered with a pair of worn-out raven boots."Well, I'm apologetic your highness, am the one carrying this bloody basket here!" A sarcastic voice retorted, lividity almost evident in her voice.With a sigh, Gwen rested her body
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006: It Sting
Gwen dragged her feet on the ground of the forest...It all started from the pit of her stomach as she hugged her arms around her stomach and slowly, it circulated to her heart and slowly she drowned.It felt like she had fallen into a cactus, and her heart had been punctured a million times over by tiny pins. Its sting, it throbbed, it ached at first but now it felt like she had gone numb. She wasn't bleeding but she felt like blood would come gushing out from her chest. Why did it hurt so bad?"Goddess, why is he so heavy?!" Odessa panted and sweated from behind, carrying the unconscious person over her back as they finally reached their destination, in front of a large treehouse.Gwen halted, staring up as the ray of the evening sun lit up and comfortably nestled in a small treehouse. It was a cube with a star-shaped window on the walls and a broken and rotted rope ladder suspended in midair above the branches.
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007: First Meeting
An agonizing moan left his lips as he sluggishly regained consciousness. Slowly, his eyes fluttered opened but were welcomed with a blurred sight that cleared after a few blinks and he found himself staring at the trees that blocked the ray of sunlight from penetrating through his vision. He almost thought he was dead but the soft chirping of the birds, rustling of leaves was a reminder and the awful sting on both sides of his ribs brought him back to reality.He groaned again as a sharp pain shot through him from his injuries and a heavy throb from his head. He suddenly felt his vision spinning while he believed was because of the silver he was injured with.Wanting to bring his hand up to his forehead, a light gasp vacated his lips when he realized he couldn't move, his body was incapacitated, he couldn't shift a single muscle.He shut and opened his eyes, trying not to unnerve. What had happened to him after he has passed out because
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008: Betrayal
Gwen disregarded the enthusiastic stare that permeated through her face as she changed his plaster and wrapped his wounds with a new bandage. She tried not to gleam at his intense gaze, she could vouch he hadn't looked away from her face since he woke up. She tried to ignore it but she couldn't help it when she glanced up and her breath instantly hooked as she found herself entangled in a pair of midnight blue orbs that made her heart hop a beat. She found herself enmeshed, unable to look away, sniffing his lemony and musky scene but when the other unpleasant scent reached her sense of smell, she immediately looked away realizing he could never be hers, not anymore. He already had a mate that he seemed to love more than his destined.Suddenly her mouth turned sour and her heart ached as reality hammered her to the ground. She moved away after helping him rest his back against a tree. She distanced herself."I will make you something th
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