Cosmic Struggle

Cosmic Struggle

By:  Incarnation of Evil  Ongoing
Language: English
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Red didn't mean to find out. She was the assistant to a private detective and she needed money. It was a regular night and she went to work, only to find out that her boss wasn't there. He wasn't just gone but truly gone. Now, who was going to pay for her bills? Desperate for money, Red looks for her boss only to find something else. Now, will Red be able to deal with her new problems and most importantly, will she be able to pay for her bills?

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    2 chapters
    Chapter 1: My Salary!
    Red takes the long and grisly walk towards her workplace. She felt the night air engulf her body as she continued her brisk walking. She forgot to bring her coat with her so she had to brave the freezing air. So cold… It was night, the usual time for people who looked for private detectives. She weathered the catcalls, insults, and brazen approaches to get to work. After all, she desperately needed the job. Unfortunately, after being harassed by loan sharks, drug dealers, and even members of the mafia, Red was almost always prepared for a fight. If some random guy approached her because they found her as easy prey, they were wrong. Three hospitalized men, and one pending court case proved her ability to defend herself.  Read more
    Chapter 2: Darkness Stirs
    Red was riding a bus to her destination. It wasn’t too far but she needed a ride to get there, especially at night. It was a shame that she couldn’t use the money she had to buy a car or a motorcycle. That would make her everyday commute far easier.  It also prevented perverts or assholes from harassing her.  The bus was empty except for a few usual night residents. There was an unconscious drunk, an overworked white-collar worker, and a sweaty suburban athlete. This was the usual crowd that Red interacted with at times like these. The clients that went to her boss were not these types of people.  Red leaned on the window as she watched city lights pass by. She felt cold, hungry, and tired. Cold because she forget her coat, hungry because she only
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