One Way

One Way

By:  J.Z Evans  Ongoing
Language: English
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"This is all your fault, so make your existence worth for once in your life and fix this!" Her aunt screeched at her. She let tears freely flow down from her face. It was all her fault, her mistake that her family had to suffer. "Aunty please, I will do anything to fix this." She begged. "Good, then prepare yourself, you are getting married." Blair Andrews had a seemingly perfect life until one day her determination let to the downfall of their business. Now she had only one way, to get married and save their company. But it wouldn't be easy with dangerous people on her tail.

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63 chapters
"Now you may kiss the bride." Blair held her breath when she heard those words. The man in front of her lifted her veil, she took a glance at his handsome stone cold face. His beautifully unique eyes showed no emotion. He wrapped one of his long arm around her waist and cupped her face using another making her look up to him. He was so tall, even in four inches of heels she had to crane her head up to look at him.   "Congratulations wife" his raspy voice said before he connected their lips. He gently sucked onto her lips while tracing them with his wet tongue. She felt her knees weaken, it was unlike something she had ever felt before. But as good as it felt, she could not bring herself to kiss him back. She always dreamt of having her first kiss with the guy she loved. But there she was, giving it away to a person she met for the first time while her first love watched in between the guests.   So how did she end up being in that position? L
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His Side
Sunlight peeking through the white curtains of the hotel's luxury suite forced Calvin Cartier to open his eyes. He rubbed his eyes, ran a hand through his already messy hair and sat up straight on the soft matress. He looked at the sleeping figure of the beautiful woman beside him. Her soft ginger hair was sprawled on the bed, a thick blanket covering her naked body. His eyes widened in shock when he saw the time in his cellphone."7:00 am? Shit!" He cursed loudly and quickly got dressed. He needed to reach the Empire on time or else he would hear an earful from his brother. He picked up his phone, wallet and Rolex from the table, wrote a short message on the notepad which was provided and left it near the table lamp. The girl woke up only after he left. She was wondering about his absence when she saw a note on the table. It said:"Dear Kyla,I had a good time last night. Please don't contact me again :-)Ps. I have already paid for the room."She cru
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Their Decision
Calvin's tanned slender fingers glided swiftly across the keyboard as he typed 'Blair Andrews' into the G****e search bar. Many results popped up. His hazel eyes scanned the webpage to look for any article that could give him some type of information about her.   Finally he found a page, it was like wikipedia but only for business related people. It wasn't a challenge to find her since she had been a hot topic for a few days now.   He clicked on her profile and after taking a good look like at the picture provided, he began reading out a loud in hopes to learn something about her .   "Full name: Blair Astrid Andrews     DOB: 4th October 1998     Age: 23 years     Profession: Lawyer   Blair Astrid Andrews is the one and only heiress of country's biggest construction company. Losing her parents at a ripe age of 7, Blair has
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The Wedding
Blair was introduced to the Cartiers while preparing for her wedding. Calvin's mom Joanne was a wonderful lady in her sixties. She had big green eyes, tanned skin and greying hair. Very sweet and well spoken. Rachel, Emma and Maya, wives of the three sons of family, Denver, Elvis and James respectively. Jackie, his fierce and outspoken sister, whom Blair found to be a little intimidating at first and her wife Venessa, the last daughter in law of the family and a well known movie producer. She got a chance to meet Albert when he visited her uncle in the hospital. He was tall with an intimidating aura and deep voice but his kind smile and gentle eyes made her like him. She also met James once when he came to pick up Maya in between their dress selection because they had to go somewhere. First thing she noticed about him was that how good looking he was with his curly dark hair, hazel eyes and well defined jaw line.
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His Creepy Smile
Unlike the wedding that was limited to close friends and family, the reception hall was full of people. Blair changed her white wedding gown to a floor length red mermaid dress which hugged her hourglass figure with perfection till her thighs, after which it fell to her legs like a waterfall, with spaghetti strap sleeves and V neck. Her hair was free from the bun, her makeup was the same, except her plump lips that were coated red, similar to her dress.   Calvin also changed out of his tuxedo and bow tie to a three piece dark red, velvet suit to match her dress. His hair was gelled and styled upwards which gave him a fatal look. But it wasn't her husband Blair was paying attention to. Her chocolaty eyes were searching for a certain dark eyed, pale skinned person admist of them greeting the guests.   "Congratulations Blair, Mr. Cartier." There he was. Looking as handsome as ever in his formal suit. She gave him a shy smile, Biting the
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New Home
Calvin's house was gigantic for one person. It was a two floored mansion, with about five rooms and an indoor swimming pool. The decorations, the furniture, the designing, everything screamed money. It was all so modern, almost futuristic. Surprisingly, the house looked very bright. She thought he would be a dark colours type of guy but his house was painted baby blue and white with matching furniture. She loved the place. They were standing in the living room. A was huge, a long blue couch with two small ones at the side and a glass table in between was placed in the centre of the room. The front wall was a collage of framed pictures. Family photos, graduation photos, school pictures and even some random shots were placed precisely on the wall. Kitchen was included in the living room. The stove was electric and sensory, cabinets had well designed sunmica on them, counter was made of pure white marble in a U shape. And at the end of the counter, an expensive table cl
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Originally His
The digital clock on the table said 7:30 when Blair woke up. 'What is this place?' she thought, noticing the unfamiliar surroundings. Memories from the previous day flooded in her mind. She was in her new room, their room. The place next to her was empty meaning Calvin was already up. She changed into her workout clothes, a fitted tank top and black leggings and went towards the rooftop to follow her daily yoga and meditation session. The rooftop was wide and broad, there was a lot of space. She spread her mat and putting on some classical music, she began her routine. Seeing the wide area of rooftop, she thought of something. The place was perfect for gardening. Maybe she could plant some fragrant flowers and a few herbs and vegetables. She trusted her brain to remind her later to talk about this with Calvin. Walking back to their room, she couldn't see him anymore. He wasn't in his study or at the mini gym and not even at the pool. This left only two places, kitche
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Blair was crying. While sitting in a puddle of soapy water and surrounded by dirty clothes. The person who claim she could fight voldemort was crying, because of laundry. It had been days since they got married and Blair was having time of life while living with Calvin. He was just so active in household work. She didn't have to lift a finger and not to forget his five star Michelin like food. She felt guilty for not helping around the house so she volenteered to do the grocery shopping but Calvin made her stop after one day because she messed up between scallions and wild reek. Which 'absolutely ruined his special dish' in his words. She didn't understand what the deal was, both were long and green. Since that day she would always accompany him to the market to learn 'the art of grocery shopping'. Again, his words. Now, there was one thing that was bothering her. The pile of dirty clothes that she had gathered. She didn't know how to do laundry. She thought of asking Mary or Tris
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"All of you are fucking useless!"   Britney screamed pointing at the 3 suit cled men in front of her. She stomped her pumps on the tiled floor in frustration. Frustrated that those three men with wide range of connections weren't able to get her brother out of jail.   "We tried our best mam but the case is too strong. The prosecution really made sure not to leave any loop holes. Even bribing the higher ups didn't help." One of the men spoke bowing down his head.   She let out a long breath. She was furious. They were one of the most powerful and feared families of the country and suddenly because of a rookie lawyer her brother went to jail and their relevance began to fade? She couldn't accept it. Those higher ups who mooched off their money were now covering like rats, hiding behind the fake masks of honesty and patriotism.   'Of course they would do that, after all they are getting praises without
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Her Lover
"This is so tiring." Blair sighed while shifting her weight from one leg to another. Her heels were making her legs ache. Well, they are called killer heels for a reason.    "Then you shouldn't have wore six inches of heels." Calvin nagged. Even the sight of those strappy maroon heels looked painful. He looked around searching for a place to sit but everything was occupied. He called over a waiter and asked him to arrange an extra chair.   She gave him a greatful smile. His thoughtfulness somehow made her feel special. If only she didn't already love someone else, she would have fallen for him the day they met.    "Hey there, hotstuff." A familiar voice made them both tum around. "Did you miss me baby?" Blair smiled wide and squeezed her into a bone crushing hug. She looked pretty as always in her thigh length black bodycon dress.   Jessica was the most beautiful women she had ever seen. Wi
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