Into the Woods

Into the Woods

By:  Serene Santelle  Completed
Language: English
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History repeats itself. The dominant yet stubborn alpha meets the independent but abused commoner. In their journey of avenging their love ones and finding the truth about the death fours years ago, love will blossom unexpectedly. Will both of them accepts a love that's beyond gender and rules? Upon unfolding the truth of their identity, will they be able to fight for their love that transcends boundaries or let the rules decide for them? What if what happened years ago would happen again?

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1: Life in Death
Chapter 1: The Life in Death Trigger Warning: Physical abuse and inappropriate scene. Read at your own risk. Elias’ POV A loud gasp escapes my lips as soon as the whip buries in my skin. It creates a searing pain I manage to endure. My hands forms into fists as I close my eyes, accepting the excruciating pain. It is as if a knife is drawing maps on my bare body. I am kneeling in front of Samael, the white-haired old man who own us as his runners. He is sitting comfortably on his one seated couch with his tobacco in between his blackened lips. He is a ruthless and lustful owner, as if we are not the one who bring him comfort and fortune. Sweat after sweat. Tears after tears. Blood after blood. After being beaten by his people, the sweat, tears, and blood flows uncontrollably on the lines of my back; streaming down and stops on my fresh sliced wound. “Aaah.” I wince, jotting my eyes close. It creates a searing pain I didn’t know it existed. For years I’ve been beaten because I ma
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Chapter 2: His Saving
Chapter 2: His Saving I drop on the floor. My body freezes. I think my arm is ripped and broke from the fall. Realizing that my rope has slipped from above, I collect myself and did not feel like the pain I am wearing. Instead of complaining, I retrace my track and do it again. I have no time to wait. I have no time wasting seconds because of this pain. I need to do something. I thought someone has thrown a knife, but it is all in my imagination. With that, I stand up again. But, to my horror, I see the man who whipped me earlier—watching me with his glaring eyes. I am dead. “You little punk, why are you so disobedient? Do you really want to get yourself dead?” He slips the key into the key hole and makes his way inside easily, dropping his keys unconsciously. “Please, let me go. I do not want to live anymore. I am so tired with this life. Let me kill myself instead!” I beg. But it seems like he has no ears and his hearing is like those old people. “Why would I do that? You we
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Chapter 3: The Recognition
Chapter 3: The Recognition I wake up in a huge room I am not familiar with. The room is in plain black and the furniture are not only expensive at first sight, but also expensively organize and pleasing to the eyes. A long black settee, a king-sized bed, and a man firmly standing by the window. His upper body was naked, helping the blinds block the sun creeping in. My body stiffens at the realization. I immediately sit up and knelt down on the cold marble floor, slightly bow down. I was not supposed to be in bed. I was prohibited to even touch the mattress. After the realization, I was like a demon from hell who had been showered with holy water. I quickly got up and apologize for my intrusion. But, on the other side of my mind, I had to lift my eyes. His upper body is muscled and toned. Seeing him this closely with a clear mind, I felt that I had known him before. Not in the abandoned underground building, not anywhere else. It is as if my heart recognized the alpha of the town.
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Chapter 4: The Connection
Chapter 4: The Connection “Shahida!” Isadora raises her voice a little to Shahida. It looks like a warning to her. But, Shahida is adamant of her claim. Base on her attitude, I know she won’t drop this topic that easy. “She’s really the late mate of the alpha! Why can’t you see it?” Shahida keeps on pursuing Aunt Isadora who is now tired and fed up of Shahida’s childishness. It is been five minutes since she insisted to Isadora that I am the late mate of the alpha. But Isadora just shrugged her off and told me not to bother what Shahida is saying. But ignoring her is so hard. She keeps on examining my entire being as if she is undressing me. That is ridiculous. How could a mere slave like me would be grace by the moon goddess of this rare opportunity? It was true that in the book, the Moon Goddess graces an individual to be reincarnated for her unfinished business. It will happen every year this month, but it did not happen for almost half a decade. “Shahida, stop it. The alpha
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Chapter 5: The Wife
Chapter 5: The Wife “Bring him into the dungeon.” His order is too cruel. My eyes went bigger as he did not even reconsider listening to my words. I want to be heard but why could not give me the benefit of the doubt? “Alpha, I really did not do something bad. I am sorry if I crossed the line.” I knelt down and bowed my head on the floor to be forgiven. I do not want to use my last card but I think I need it. “I am a healer myself. Although I came from the syndicate, I know what is right and wrong. I know I will be pusnish if I cause you harm. What I did to you is not something the cause of your death. I am sorry but I sipped the bad energy inside you.” “What? Bad energy?” Andrius and Shahida came. I glance at Shahida and asks for help through her eyes. “What do you mean bad energy? Do not lie, slave. The alpha is just fine and his illness is attacking him. Why would we believe your nonsensical claim?” Andrius asked angrily. Even the alpha’s second in command did not believe in
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Chapter 6: The Signs
Chapter 6: The Signs “What? What do you mean Isabelle is here?” Shahida’s voice echoed in her highly soundproof room after I told her that Isabelle came today. She could not contain her anger towards the situation because of a reason I was not aware of. This woman have so much hatred on her plate. It seems like she was born with anger. “Isn’t it amazing that the alpha’s wife have come home? I mean, she could be of help with the alpha here,” I asked curiously. The alpha and his wife should be together in handling the town as the wife provides emotional and physical support. It is only in Northcrest that the two seemed like have different perspectives on this matter. And even Shahida herself looked so done. She does not want Lady Isabelle here. It is certain. And she is not sugarcoating her treatment towards her sister in law. Other packs’ alpha and respective mates are together in the battle of life and death. But Northcrest looks at this matter differently. I do not really unders
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Chapter 7: The Lady Isabelle
Chapter 7: The Lady Isabelle I am kneeling nervously in front of Lady Isabelle in her office. It has been minutes since she slapped me in the hallway that I did not know the reason why. I could not lift my chin to face her. I heard a clicking of the spoon against the mug. “Do you know why I did that?” she spoke, emphasizing each word she uttered. “If it is about the cockroaches, Lady Isabelle, it was not me. I slept last night without knowing where your room is. I spent the night at Shahida’s and did not leave there until dawn. I am telling the truth.” “How dare you lie in front of the alpha’s wife?” She raised her voice impeccably, her veins popping on her fair neck. Never did cross my mind that the refine young woman in front of me could be this cruel. Shahida must be right. She is not the person whom everyone meet every day. Lady Isabelle must have misunderstood me being with the alpha that night. Perhaps, that was the reason she bursted out and not the cockroaches. But, I wan
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Chapter 8: The Warning
Chapter 8: The Warning My body froze when the three warriors come to get me because of the blood dripping on my pale face. Two of them gripped each arm of mine. They smelt and licked my face as if taking their time. I thought their innate skills were stopped. Did Aunt Isadora lied to me? How come they know there’s a human blood here? I also felt their fear when one of them was uneasy of what he is doing. They are not here to kill me, I am certain. “Keep on licking or else—“ I did not hear what they were talking after when I saw Lady Isabelle on my peripheral vision, amusement written on her face. So, is this her doing? That answers my question earlier. “P-Please, d-don’t…” I begged, almost a whisper. What happened next is not something what I expected would happen. I felt their fangs touched my bare skin and their breathing were uneven. I am crying my heart out, fearing I will die even before I save Riley. I closed my eyes involuntarily and waited for it to dug inside. My whole
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Chapter 9: His Hug
Chapter 9: His Hug ELIAS’ POV “I can’t believe him. Is he really my brother? Why is he so stupid?” Shahida had been complaining the moment we reached her room. She continuously speak ill towards her brother as I close the door shut behind me. “You know? Why can’t he see Isabelle’s two-faced act? Even a child could recognize it from afar.” She kept on questioning his brother’s decision with things around the mansion. I wondered if Shahida was like this even before; she knows how to judge a person quickly and I don’t think she’s being irrational. After meeting Isabelle that day, I have come to my senses that she is not a normal wife of the alpha in this house. She is actually intimidating and menacingly evil in all aspect of her body. The bed lunged down as Shahida sat down on it and scrunched her face in annoyance. She looked like the older sibling among them. The difference between these two are Shahida looked the situation subjectively, while Apollo looked at it on the objecti
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Chapter 10: The Town Rally
Chapter 10: The Town Rally “So, what else did you two do? Did you it already? Come on, Elias, tell me!” I mistakenly told Shy about what happened last night in my pad. Alpha Apollo lent his bare body and the accidental hug I did. But, I didn’t expect that Shy would be this interested with what happened. Because we’ve been walking in the market for an hour already yet she didn’t drop the topic unless I’d tell her. “Then, what happened to you feet? You are sprained. Is that the after effect of the two you’re sharing? That is quite… wild.” “Nothing particular happened, Shy. Stop it. I hugged him and he hugged me back. That is normal for me,” I told her, not minding if that speaks for a meaning or not. That is the truth. After a couple of minutes of hugging and when I felt like I could handle the coldness, I was the first one to break the hug. It did not last that long that something would happen like how Shy imagined. Last thing I remember was him, sitting beside the bed, while I
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