The One Night Stand Mafia Heir

The One Night Stand Mafia Heir

By:  Peyton Iuga  Completed
Language: English
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Matteo Rizzo is the heir of the Italian mafia in New York City, and he is arrogant, obnoxious and a playboy. He has a constant target on his back, as he is feared by most. No dares to cross his path, and those who do, don’t to tell the tale.Avery Miller is a college student, and on a out, she decides to let her hair down and enjoy herself after her of six years dumps her for her roommate. Avery and Matteo cross each other’s paths, and he becomes obsessed with the goddess that used him for her own satisfaction and disappeared in the middle of the . always come back for more, expect her.

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63 chapters
Meet The Characters
Matteo RizzoMatteo is the new leader of the Italian mafia in New York at the age of thirty. His parents were killed in a plane crash when he was only eighteen, making him the sole heir to the throne. Matteo had to take care of his younger sister with the help of his father’s best friend that soon became like a father to him. Matteo was trained since a young age in weapons and martial arts, and he has an endurance for fighting that is envied by a lot of people. Matteo is extremely successful, hard-working and he takes no shit from anyone. Most feared him, and whenever someone crosses his path, they don’t live to tell the tale. He leads the mafia with confidence and perseverance. Matteo is obnoxious, dangerous, determined and extremely sarcastic. He lives for his family and friends. He might be a criminal, but in their eyes, he is the most caring and reliable person they have ever met. Matteo takes care of his younger sister as if she was the most prec
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Chapter 1 - Heart for a Heart
Matteo POV“Boss, you need to check this out”, I hear as Leo speak through the earpiece. “On my way’, I reply ask walk around the corner of the empty abandoned factory where we were supposed to meet Andreas Santana, the heir of the Spanish mafia. They contacted us to meet here and after we swept the place it was empty and they never showed up. I am always aware and anticipating an attack, but I never anticipated what I am about to face.As I see Leo across the room I approach him while I still hold my gun in case someone appears out of nowhere he is bending down looking at something.“What is it?”, I ask“A heart’, he says and I look down to see a human heart wrapped in a piece of fabric. The fabric is now red but you can tell that it used to be white. It has some engraving as well. I scrunch my nose as I smell the irony scent of blood.
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Chapter 2 - The Break up
TWO YEARS EARLIERAvery POV“How could you do this to me?” I ask Fred as he sits in front of me, not shedding a tear.“I am not doing anything to you, Avery, and this is why I can’t be with you anymore; everything is about you”, he says, and I shake my head as a tear spills down my cheek.“You cheated on me, Fred, and you are the problem, not me”, I let out as I feel like I can’t breathe while he looks at me unfazed. “I loved you, Fred”, I let out, and he laughed.“I don’t love you. How could I? You’ve let yourself go. You don’t make an effort anymore”, he says, and I can’t help but feel my heart shattering into a thousand pieces, “At least Bella still knows how to please me”, he says, and I slap him across the face. My hand starts burning at the contact
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Chapter 3 - Happy Birthday
Matteo POV“Happy birthday”, Amber says as she walks into my office without knocking on the door.“How many times do I need to tell you to knock before you come in?”, I ask and she laughs. She walks to me and I push the chair away from the desk as she sits on my lap and wraps her arms around my neck.“Happy birthday sis”, I whisper and she smiles looking at me.“Are we going to celebrate?”, she asks and I shake my head. I can’t be fucked to go out one more night and have one more drunker mistake. I am not going to lie, I enjoy sex very much, but today I just want to stay home and be a normal person, watch a film in bed while I have hot coco and some popcorn.“Come on, it’s my twenty first birthday. You can’t not go”, she says and I take a deep breath.“I am getting old for the kind of parties you throw Amber”, I say and she starts pouti
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Chapter 4 - Happy Birthday part 2
Avery POVEliana pulls me to the middle of the dance floor after we had some shots and we started dancing around each other. I can’t believe I am doing this. I can’t remember the last time I danced like this. Eliana smiles at the same time I feel two big hands rest on my hips as I get pulled back as someone starts rubbing their junk against my ass. “Keep away from me you creep”, I say stepping away from him and pulling Eliana away towards the corridor where the VIP bathroom is. Eliana keeps asking what is going on and as soon as we get into the bathroom I close the door and lock it. She looks at me a little in shock and I shake my head.“What is going on?”, she asks again and I start pacing around like a maniac. I only really seen people doing this in films and now look at me, pacing like them, as if it would help me with anything.Read more
Chapter 5 - Happy Birthday part 3
Matteo POV “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen”, I tell Avery before I crash my life against her, I can taste the alcohol and her sweet taste mixed with it. I can’t help but hold on to her ass keeping her closer to me while my lips to the dirty work. I feel her arms around my neck as she kisses me as if her life depended on it.  I press her body against the wall that is behind her on the corridor for the VIP section and I feel one of her legs wrapping around mine and I take it as a signal to lift her from the floor as she wraps both legs around my waist. Her legs on that position lifts her dress up exposing even more her legs and we only have my jeans and a thin layer of underwear between us right now. Avery moans on my mouth while my tongue plays with hers. I hear someone coughing behind me and I break the kiss to see one of my guys with his arms crossed in front of his chest with his eyes on the
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Chapter 6 - Happy birthday part 4
Avery POV This is so out of character for me, but I really can’t even think straight. Matteo smells and tastes amazing and I think that all the alcohol I had to drink made me a little more outgoing, but hey, I am not complaining as Matteo makes me straddle him and he pulls my dress up exposing my ass with my little thong. I like how sexy he makes me feel as I feel him growing underneath me.  Between kisses and moans I ask him where he is taking me but honestly I don’t care anymore, I am in heaven and I love how his hands feel touching my body, I can only imagine the damage a man like this can do to my body with his. My eyes roll back in pleasure as he pulls my hair back offering him better access to my neck. I arch my back with the pleasure that his soft lips cause on my body. I can tell he is starting to lose his self control because he pulls my dress down exposing my breasts and the cold air make them harder, as if it
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Chapter 7 - She's gone
Matteo POV Avery is the most amazing woman I have ever had in my life, and she was the only one I have ever brought home, I usually have them in my office or in their houses, never on mine and I never have the driver take us anywhere. I don’t need them to know how to find me, how to contact me, they are just links to me that I don’t need.  Don’t get me wrong. I respect woman, I think they are the most amazing God creation, but I don’t want them chasing around me. I like my freedom, but if Avery wants to find me again, wants to be around me and have some fun in my bed again I am game. I never repeat sex with a woman because they will get clingy, I made that mistake before and lived to tell the tale and I don’t recommend. But Avery is different. Sex with her was perfection, she allowed me to dominate our interaction and she played along, her curves made me realise that top models are not as good. I think I am addicted to
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Chapter 8 - Moving on
Avery POVI know I am awake, but I don’t want to open my eyes. It feels like I have just fallen asleep, and I am too tired. My entire body is aching, I move my legs, and I touch something. What the hell? I open my eyes, pulling the sheet to cover my breasts as I sit-ups on the bed. I look at my side, and there he is. The most beautiful man I have ever seen. His long dark lashes cover his eyes as he sleeps. He’s resting on his back with the sheet hanging dangerously low on his waist, his left-hand rests on his stomach while his right hand is behind his head. He is breathing deeply in sleep. I can’t help but stare at him for a couple of seconds.I take a deep breath getting out of bed, and recover my clothes from the floor. They are all scattered, and I need them to get out of here. I get dressed quickly, so he doesn’t wake up. I have never done this before, having a one night stand, but I know the rules, you leave as soon as you can, you don&rsqu
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Chapter 9 - Trouble in sight
Matteo POV“Boss”, I hear Leo say as he enters my bedroom. Does he have a fucking death wish?“Fuck you”, I let out through greeted teeth.“I wish, but come on, you need to get up”, Leo says and I roll my eyes that are covered by my arms. I absolutely hate him. I don’t even know what time it is, but I know its too early. Why is he even awake?“What the fuck are you doing in Here?”, I bark at him as I sit on the edge of the bed. I pass both my hands through my hair and I look up to see Leo standing at the end of the bed holding his iPad, he is looking down at it as if his life depended on it.“What is it? Spit it out”, I say and he clears his throat resting the iPad on his side.“We have a message from the Chinese, they want to meet up, they contacted one of our corner boys”, Leo says and I stand up offering him a smirk.“Finally, took them long enough&
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