His Majesty's Forced Bride

His Majesty's Forced Bride

By:  Nina AM  Completed
Language: English
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Addison wakes up thinking this day is going to be like any other, but soon she finds out her uncle has other plans: she is going to marry King Gregory Dominis, the most handsome yet intimidating man she has ever met and the ruler of a far away kingdom. Now she is going to be the wife of a man that terrifies her and the queen of a place she knows nothing about. ******* excerpt ******* “I have great news for you, Addison,” he announced. “You are to be married today!” At first, his words made no sense, how could I be getting married today if wasn’t even engaged? I didn’t even have a suitor! “Ma… married?” I babbled. “Yes, don’t you know what married means? I don’t understand why you look so baffled, girls your age marry all the time!” He exclaimed. The king was right, it wasn’t unusual for girls my age to get married in Lerene, but they were usually informed in advance, not the very same day of the wedding. “But… today? It is so soon…” I mumbled. “I know, but the groom is a busy man who has no time for a long engagement,” he said. His reply made me realize I hadn’t asked the most basic question. “Who is the groom?” “I am glad you asked, Addison, because that is the best part,” he said smirking. “You are to be married to King Gregory Dominis of Dranda.” My heart sinked into my stomach. I felt like I was going to get sick. Did he just say I was going to marry King Gregory Dominis? How could I marry a man I have never met? And he was not just any man but a king!

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57 Chapters
Chapter 1
I was awakened by the sound of horses galloping, I opened my eyes while my heart pounded against my head due to the commotion. It sounded like at least thirty horses were marching down towards the castle. By the sound of it, it appeared as if we were being invaded, although I knew that was not the case or the guards would have alerted us already. The room was still dark, the sun hadn’t come out yet. I got up from the bed and walked towards the window. My room had one of the lousiest views in the castle, so I couldn’t see what was happening, I had to resort to my imagination. I tried to remember if I had heard about something important happening today, but I didn’t recall anything, today was supposed to be like any other day. My brother Andrew and I were supposed to go to the market like we always did on Tuesdays because that was the day people from all over the Kingdom came to buy and tra
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Chapter 2
My uncle gave me a couple of minutes of solitude so I could compose myself. As hard as I was trying, I was not able to stop crying, tears slipped down my cheeks no matter how much I tried to hold them back. Not only was I going to marry a complete stranger but I was doing it today. Everything was happening so suddenly that it felt unreal. Since a while back I suspected that my uncle intended to marry me as soon as I turned nineteen just to get rid of one of us, but I never imagined he would marry me  to a foreigner and send me away to another kingdom, and of course not even in my wildest dreams did I think he would marry me to a king!  I felt the urge to run out of the office to tell my brothers what was happening, to warn them that I was going to be taken away to another kingdom to be the wife of a complete stranger, but I knew the guard was waiting for me o
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Chapter 3
The attendees clapped unenthusiastically. “Wonderful! Now it is time for the wedding feast!” My uncle announced. I could not help but see him with resentment. Feasts take a long time to get organized and Gregory mentioned my uncle talked about me in his letters, how long had he been planning this marriage? It had to be at least a few months, which meant he knew for a while that this was coming and yet he never told me anything, he caught me off guard and gave me no time to prepare for this. Today I woke up thinking it was going to be just a regular day and now I was married to a king! All because of my uncle’s cruel silence. He could have warned me about his plans but he never said a word. Gregory offered me his arm to lead me to the dining hall. I took it
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Chapter 4
My whole body trembled. I had never been with a man before and now I was supposed to sleep with this complete stranger that became my husband out of nowhere. The attendees stood one by one to say goodbye to the bride and groom. Their smiles and good wishes felt like daggers to my stomach. Andrew walked towards me and hugged me, I could see in his face that he was mad and that he wanted to stop this, so I knew I had to stop him instead before he did something reckless. “I am fine, I wish I didn’t have to go, I will miss Lerene, but this is a good thing. I will be queen,” I whispered to his ear. “I love you.”“I love you too,” is all he said in return, he was confused by the fact that I kept on reassuring him and Edward that I was fine, so they had no idea how to act or what to do.Read more
Chapter 5
At first, I cried over my brothers and the life I was leaving behind, but as our journey progressed my sadness transformed into fear. Fear of the unknown, of the life that was ahead of me that I knew nothing about. The uncertainty of my future was too great for my mind to grasp. I was going to become the queen of a place I had never seen before, a foreign land filled with strange people I was supposed to rule. Of one thing I was certain: I was not at all prepared to become a queen. I lacked the knowledge, the personality, and the strength to be a leader. I was shy by nature and not much of a talker. I also lacked the etiquette pertaining to royalty. Even though I was the niece of a king, I grew up like a commoner and my two years living in the castle didn’t do much to improve my manners. My uncle never allowed me and my brothers to attend royal events, he preferred to keep us in the dark, so I never
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Chapter 6
It took us three days to get to Dranda. During that time I barely spoke to my husband, he was cold and distant, like he could not care less about me being there and I appreciated it; having him near was intimidating so I preferred his silence and indifference. I was indifferent to him too, every time I had a question or needed something I resorted to Norton or Rudyard who were the friendliest among the king’s knights.  At last, we arrived at our destination. The City of Dranda was surrounded by a thick forest of tall trees, it had four main avenues that led to the castle located right in the middle of the city. As we marched down the North Avenue, people looked outside their windows to witness the king and his new wife. Luckily, the carriage’s roof covered me from their curious gazes. After three days out in the wild, I was in no condition to be seen by an entire kingdom
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Chapter 7
I finished my breakfast and then I took a long bath, I had gone many days without taking one and it was as if I could wash away all the pain and anguish that I had experienced since the day I was forced into marrying Gregory Dominis. The seamstress was already waiting for me when I finished, Cora offered me a white nightgown to wear while the woman took my measurements. Since Gregory had not allowed for me to bring anything from Lerene, I possessed nothing but the clothes I wore during the journey here."Lady Addison, my name is Arlene Polk, it is a pleasure to meet you," the seamstress introduced herself. She was around 50 years old, her brown eyes had a maternal air to them which made her look more beautiful than she really was. I liked her instantly, she was a person with sweet gestures and an affable personality. She w
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Chapter 8
Four days went by, Cora taught me everything she knew about royal manners, she was a kind yet a strict teacher. During those days, Arlene and Sadie came back once again to bring me some other beautiful dresses that they made for me, some were casual for everyday and others for special occasions. The best thing about those days was that I did not see my husband once during that time, he usually went to bed very late at night and awaked very early in the morning. I could hear him as he came and went through the common area that connected our bedrooms but we never ran into each other and I preferred it that way.  Unlike my husband, desolation was a constant visitor. I inevitably felt broken every day before going to bed and every morning as I woke up. I missed my brothers, Lerene, and the life that was taken away from me without even taking my feelings into consideration. I hated my uncle for doing this to me
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Chapter 9
The king kept on staring at me as I desperately tried to remember what Cora had taught me. This was not a simple dinner, this was a test and I was about to fail it. I could not recall what piece of cutlery was used with what dish, where I was supposed to lay my napkin, or how I had to address the people around me, especially the king. "Are you comfortable in the room I gave you?" He asked as the servants poured wine into our glasses.His voice drew me out of my worries. "Yes," I replied curtly, before taking a sip from my glass.I didn't normally like the taste of wine, but I was nervous, and maybe a little alcohol would help ease my nerves or help me remember my lessons. The first dish arrived and I had no idea what piece of cutlery to ta
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Chapter 10
I woke up in a bad mood, I wanted to go home and forget I ever knew this place. Cora misinterpreted my moody behavior as annoyance because I had not spent more time with the king the night before. She was so wrong! She was so devoted to the king that she thought everyone felt the same way. In her mind, it was impossible for someone not to love him as much as she did, so, of course, she had no clue about my real feelings for Gregory. We continued with the lessons, this time I put more attention, I did not want to go through what I did the night before and forget everything I learned under pressure. Cora appreciated my extra effort. After the lessons were over, Arlene and Sadie brought more dresses for me, it seemed like their only goal in life was to sew. I enjoyed their visits, apart from Cora, they were my only distractions.

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