Alpha Osiris

Alpha Osiris

By:  Naomi D.  Completed
Language: English
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Lily is one of the six children of Alpha Edward, but she is not like the rest. While her sisters excel at everything and stand out, Lily is less than perfect and hardly anyone notices her. When she meets Alpha Osiris at a dinner they both dislike each other. Alpha Osiris tries reluctantly to find a mate, while Lily tries to think of a future that isn't dictated by whom her future mate will be. But the Moon Goddess has other plans for the both of them.

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292 Chapters
Chapter 1
Lily’s pov It’s always busy at the packhouse, but especially tonight. I am the fifth child out of six. My father Alpha Edward Burton has always wanted a big family and so did my mother, Luna Katherine. My parents decided after having two girls they really wanted a boy, but it took them 4 more tries. My thirteen year old brother Edward the Second, or Eddie as we call him will be the alpha of our pack one day. While we have to wait to find out mate. It feels really outdated that we can’t start our lives or careers before meeting our mate. My parents always hoped that our mate will be a Beta or Alpha from another pack, like with my older sisters. I just hope whoever my mate is, he will be kind and get me out of this pack. I love my family, I do. But I am not like the others, my sisters are all gorgeous and smart. They honestly look like models. And I lack their elegance and good looks. Maybe I am being too hard on myself, but it’s hard not to compare yo
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Chapter 2
Osiris’ pov I hate going to these dinners. I don’t even want to meet my mate right now, I am too busy making sure my pack is safe. I am the Alpha of one of the largest packs in the world and this makes me somewhat of a target. I took over the pack 4 years ago, when I was 18. I am known for being ruthless, but in reality I’ve haven’t done everything they say about me. I don’t mind people being scared of me, that makes it less likely for them to attack. I will protect my pack at any cost and I am not afraid of using violence. My Beta Riker is the opposite of me, while I hate socializing he excels in big crowds. That’s part of the reason why I chose him as my Beta, the other reason is that Riker and I grew up together and he has always been there for me. Riker is the one that made me go to this awful dinner, apparently some of the Burton sisters are unmated and they are known for their beauty and skills. They are trained in combat, excel in school and they would make sure I would have t
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Chapter 3
Lily’s pov My brother Eddie and I are the only ones of my family still in high-school. As the next Alpha in line Eddie is pretty popular, I am happy to say he’s not one of the mean kids. I know being an Alpha can go to your head. There is this kind of hierarchy in most packs with Alpha on top, then Beta, Gamma, the rest and the omega’s. The rich families fall somewhat between Gamma and Beta I guess. I am not one of the popular kids, but no one dares to mistreat me. They just avoid me. I have my own small group of friends, Sasha and Aubree were my friends since we were four. They are the most loyal friends you can have, but always tell me the truth when I need it. We usually hang out in the drama room when we have a free period. I couldn’t act if my life dependent on it, I am horrible at pretending or lying. But Sasha and Aubree are absolutely brilliant and have been the leads in most plays. I help with the set pieces, I love to paint. That’s where I
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Chapter 4
Lily’s pov The next day I didn’t see Noah until after lunch. Sasha, Aubree and I had lunch at the drama room that day, because I wanted to finish up the last of the set pieces. When I left the classroom I bummed into Noah. I almost stumbled, but Noah caught me “I missed you at lunch, I was hoping we could sit together,” as he held onto my arm. “I needed to finish something, but maybe tomorrow?” I asked shyly. I hated that Noah made me feel so shy, I usually didn’t feel this way around people. “It’s a date” Noah said as I started to blush. I quickly turned around and walked to my locker hoping Noah wouldn’t see my red cheeks. I explained to Sasha and Aubree that I would have lunch without them tomorrow, but when I told them the reason why they didn’t mind. They both got really excited for me. Aubree was saving herself for her mate and refused to even think of dating. I really hadn’t given dating much thought. Not because I was
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Chapter 5
I wouldn’t say I don’t pay attention to what I wear, but I do like to be comfortable. I get a lot of paint stains on my clothes anyway. Usually I wear pants or jeans with a nice top, blouse or sweater depending on the weather. And in the summer I wear shorts and summer dresses. Because I am more curvy than my sisters I can’t always borrow their clothes, although they love stealing my comfy sweaters and vests when they’re cold. But we all have different styles anyway. Angelina wear dresses all the time, she has hated pants ever since she was little. She wear leggings to workout in and that’s it. Emma has a more edgier style, in her case that means she wears a lot of black. Even though I am often jealous of my sisters they’ve actually always treated me nicely. I know they’ve got their own insecurities and issues, they just don’t talk to me about it. Probably because I am the youngest. But today I decided to pay some extra attention to my clothing and ma
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Chapter 6
Osiris’ pov There was another rogue attack near our packhouse while I was away. That’s one of the reasons I hate going to other packs, it’s like the rogues know I am not around and try to grab their opportunity. Luckily I had doubled the patrols at the border since last time, so there were no casualties on our side. I’d hate to have to show the rogues why they should fear the Iron River pack again. Although Santos didn’t mind tearing another rogue into pieces. My pack had gained in size over the past few years, I’ve had new members join and I’ve taken over my neighboring pack. After I found out the Alpha was mistreating his omega’s and women. Every Alpha has their own way of ruling, but Alpha Zeke went too far. He treated the omega’s as slaves and the women as second class citizens. I tried to have a conversation with Alpha Zeke about his pack, but he started attacking me as soon as the meeting started. Like I said, I am not afraid of using violence. So when Alpha Zeke attacked I did
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Chapter 7
Lily’s pov Noah and I have been dating for a few weeks now. I really don’t like his friends that much, so I am staying with my friends during lunch and we try to meet up after school. I haven’t brought him home yet, I am not sure what my parents will think. It’s not against the rules to date, but I have never had a boyfriend before. Well, I think Noah is my boyfriend. We haven’t really had a talk about it yet. He has been patient with me, but I really thinks he wants to take the next step with me. I really like Noah, I do. But I am not ready for sex. I have been a bit distanced from Angelina after she said Noah was a player. She tried to talk to me a bunch of times, so I spend as little time as possible at home. I was either with Noah or ate dinner at Sasha’s or Aubree’s house. Tonight Noah’s parents are away, so I am going to have dinner at his place. I wore a dress for the occasion, Noah said he liked seeing me in a dress the other day. I wore my hair in a
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Chapter 8
Osiris pov When I entered Alpha Edward’s packhouse Lily was just leaving, I could feel Santos was excited to see her again. “Say something nice or apologize. Or maybe be rude like last time and we will see the fire in her eyes again,” Santos said. She looked really pretty though, she had a nice dress on and her hair up. I could feel Santos staring at her neck. “Down boy” I told him jokingly. I could smell the scent of apples and cinnamon fill the room and I smiled at Lily. I had hoped to run into her while I was here. Lily apologized for leaving and all I could think of was saying “Hi Lily.” Alpha Edward and I continued to his office where we spoke for a bit and then headed to dinner. I didn’t take Beta Riker with me this time, he had other obligations. The rogue attacks were more frequent now and I needed someone to keep an eye on our border security. When dinner was over we went in the office again and talked a bit more, Alp
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Chapter 9
Lily’s pov The next morning after Noah's and my weird evening I started painting in my room. I hadn’t really done any painting the last few weeks, I’ve been too busy. But it cleared my mind and my worries for a while. My painting was interrupted by my phone ringing, Noah was calling me. “I think we should stop seeing each other. I am almost turning 18 and I think we both know we’re not each other’s mates” Noah said. I swallowed, trying not to cry “where is this coming from, yesterday you were happy to wait?” I asked. Noah replied “I talked with my friends and Alpha Osiris about it. We all agreed it would be better to just end things now.” What did Alpha Osiris have to do with Noah and me?! I hung up, not knowing what to say anymore. I didn’t think I could change Noah’s mind anyway. I had enough pride not to try and beg Noah no take me back. I couldn’t force Noah to want to be with me. But I couldn’t understand why Alpha Osiris hated m
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Chapter 10
Lily’s pov I have been avoiding Noah like the plague at school. I was never popular, but people knew me as one of the Burton sisters. They knew not to bully me since my dad was the Alpha. But during the weeks I was dating Noah people actually learned my name and greeted me in the hallway. But everything is back to normal now, I have lunch with my friends in the drama classroom and everyone either ignores me or whispers about me behind my back. I try to sit as far away from Noah in class, but in some classes it’s harder to avoid him. Luckily Sasha and Aubree are there to back me up. The first few weeks I was sad, but the rose-tinted glasses have now been removed. I know see Noah for who he is and what his real intentions were. I am not even sure I was actually in love with him or if I just liked the idea of a boy liking me. In the last 2 weeks I have seen him flirting with 3 different girls, he is trying to get around as much as possible before his bi
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