The Lycans' Broken Luna

The Lycans' Broken Luna

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Lilly thought, her life would end soon enough, as she was too weak and exhausted from all the pain in her body. She couldn't take it anymore. The thing that kept her willing to live still there was her parents' last wish. For her to fight for her life. Her miserable life. At first, Lilly still hopes and believes that a slave, a low-life like her can have that proper living. Just like other normal living beings. But no. Normal and proper life was not in her fate. She is sure of it now. No hope for a low-life like her. A slave like her will always be a low-life creature. They either die on the street like rats or a breeder for another creature. -------In a harsh world where a girl with an unlucky fate like Lilly lives, she no longer has the will to live. So, when Alpha Ken, bored of her as his plaything. She didn't even beg for her life when he decided to sell her off to the Lycans. Because Lilly decided to die in another place. Far away from here. Will that happen? What will happen when she finally arrives at a place far away from her expectations? Will Lilly stick to her plan and give up on her life, or will she fight for herself once again when she finds them, the ones that Moon Goddess destined for her?

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Worth every penny! Love it!!!!!!
2023-11-29 16:19:01
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I love this book, amazingly written... won't spoil the newbies but I'm definitely recommending
2023-11-14 12:16:16
default avatar
I liked this book
2023-11-11 09:04:44
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Such an awesome book and story! You’re doing an awesome job!
2023-10-25 08:57:12
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Delinda Schumacher
68 chapters 10-18-23
2023-10-19 10:00:40
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Absolutely love this book, love the chapters still being added! Such a great read!
2023-10-15 20:57:33
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Sakshi Chaudhary
I love your stories very much
2023-08-29 14:21:26
113 Chapters
Chapter 1
"YOU UNGRATEFUL BITCH!!" The booming voice of a man’s snap and a girl's small cry could be heard from behind the wooden door. Other sounds such as the crushing of a belt being smashed against someone's body and her weak screams could also be heard from outside the room. "Please... It hurts..." The girl whined in pain with a hoarse voice when the belt, for who knows how many times, hit her injured skin harshly. "Oh it hurts, huh?! Apparently, you know what pain is. Then why did you choose to feel pain when I've given you the choice to live a good life?!" Splash "AH!" Lilly. Is the name of the poor girl who was curled up beside the bed to cover her face from the beating from the man. Punch or kick, whichever is thrown at her. His irascible she always get, when she refused to be the wife of an Alpha. "You UNGRATEFUL SLAVE!! A lowlife like you dares to refuse an Alpha's proposal?! Who do you think you are?!" This time, a hard kick went to her stomach. Lilly gasped for a moment but
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Chapter 2
The sound of chains clanging with each other, mix with the sound of murmured, whispered, crying, and sobbing. The line of girls, walking with chains made of iron on their wrists and ankle. They all bare feet, stepping on the hard and cold, ground. The sharp rocks made cuts to their sole. They were looking so tired, hungry, and wounded. Some even nearly fainted but didn't dare to stop. They were wearing thin clothing despite the cold weather and the wind blew making them almost freeze. "Hurry up! You ungrateful slaves!!" One of the guards roared and the girls instantly cowardly and hurried their steps. The sound of the clanging chain became rapid as they moved faster. Not without reason they fear the men who were the guard of this border pack line. They were not just a big muscular man with terrifying faces. They are werewolves. They were the guards from the Rogue pack which consisted of werewolves who rebel against any rules from this world. Alpha Ken. The alpha of the Rogue
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Chapter 3
Hundreds of kilometers away from Lilly's current location. A large pack of Lycans lived peacefully under the leadership of triplets alpha Lycans who were renowned for their strength. It was the Blue Moon pack. The three of them ruled Blue Moon and made their territory the strongest and largest among the other Lycan or werewolf territories. The three brothers ruled firmly and wisely. Their people admire and respect them. They are Declan, Luca, and Finn. The three leaders of the Lycans are feared by their enemies. They are very strong, intelligent, and quick-witted. The three of them are handsome Lycans. They were triplets but not identical. Every one of them has its own charm that can make any young girls and women all over their heels when they meet the handsome alphas. Lycan can live up to 700 years. So the triplets can be said to be grown-up Lycans since when they were compared to human age, they were 300 years old right now. Behind all the glory the triplets achieve, there is on
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Chapter 4
"Lilly! Wake up!" Debby called her, trying to wake her best friend with a whisper tone, hoping that Lilly could hear her. She didn’t want to cause any trouble for the both of them by talking out loud and gaining unwanted attention from those monsters. All the girls in the cage slept while still standing on their feet. Some of them had already woken up because it was impossible to sleep soundly in such a miserable condition. Lilly didn’t react to Debby’s call, even her head still hanging low and Debby felt even worried because from aside, Lilly seemed so weak and pale. She couldn’t reach her, since they were squeezed in a cage like some animals. But sometimes it was also a relief because they could lean against each other for warmth. "Lilly!" Debby raised her voice but she still didn't get any response. She tried to move her hand to reach Lilly, asked the other girls who were huddled together to move aside a little bit, and gave her tiny access to Lilly. Debby managed to touch her
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Chapter 5
A few kilometers deeper into the dark forest, horses that pulling their cage stopped."Get out, you lazy low life!!" The werewolves roared and purposely punched the cage's side, making all the girls in it shocked and scared. Including Lilly.She instantly perked up, even though the pain and tiredness killing her but she didn't want any new wounds. The lash cuts on her back were still there, the healing process was really slow this time.She looked around before quickly lowering her eyes. They were in the middle of nowhere. Thick and tall green trees surrounded them. The other girls were trembling in fear, not only of the monsters that guarded them. But with so many questions inside their head. What will they face ahead in the deep forest? Will it be more scary than they hear about Lycans? Is this their end? Because they heard nothing from the girls that already sold here before. Not even from the talk of the werewolves.For Lilly, all of that doesn't really matter. She will die anyway
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Chapter 6
The voice growled low but was heard by all the people that were there. Instantly, the man looked back, his eyes then caught up with the source of the voice that made everyone get goosebumps. Not only him, but everyone who was there turned their heads towards them. Especially the figure of a Lycan who now stands towering behind a ma,n who previously looked tall, now smaller than the Lycan that was staring at him intently. Lycan is the oldest mythical creature that lives on Earth. They are the purest form compared to their kindred creatures, werewolves. You could say they are the ancestors of the werewolf itself A werewolf if it changes to its original form will be a very large wolf beast compared to an ordinary wild wolf. Stand with their four feet on the ground. Apart from their size, they are not much different from ordinary wolves. As for Lycan, they will turn into a very tall and big monster. Half human, half animal. Their feet are like those of wolves but they will walk on two
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Chapter 7
"MATE!!!"The three Alpha Lycans roared as they ran in speed, causing the ground around them to shake. Once in front of Lilly, they sniffed her limp body, which lay pathetically on the ground."NO! NO! Mate! MATE!!" Oscar, Finn's Lycan, moved frantically while gently touching the girl's pale and cold body."Mate!! Lorcan, Luca’s Lycan growled and stroked her soft cheek."What- What the hell happened!!" What the hell happened to her?!" Draco shouted in panic seeing the girl who turned out to be their mate, was weak and helpless with a body full of bruises and wounds.In the panicked state of the three Lycans who faced their dying mate, their wild nature came out.The three of them, grinning sinisterly, looking at every single person sharply with their red eyes, got everyone trembling in fear including the member of the Blue Moon pack itself. The three of them bared rows of sharp fangs and teeth as a warning to everyone who dared to hurt their mate."Alpha..." Rio ventured to speak. He
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Chapter 8
"Doctor! DOCTOR! ALYSA!!” Finn shouted loudly, the ground and trees shook because of his roaring. The members of Blue Moon pack stopped their activities to see what was going on with their Alphas. They stood still with curious eyes, didn’t dare to approach their deadly furious leaders that running from the forest right now. The only thing they knew was Alpha Luca holding a small girl that seemed to be unconscious in his arms.The three of them had reached the center of the pack housing, transformed into human forms, and headed straight for the Blue Moon pack's medical center. The large two-storey building that serves as the general hospital for Blue Moon residents looks pretty quiet as usual. Because it's rare that people get sick or injured here.Luca who was holding his mate in his arms immediately ran towards the building. There, Alysa, was already running from inside the building to approach them with a panicked face. Finn had told her from mind link.“Alphas!” She greeted them wi
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Chapter 9
“Talk to her. Call her to go back.” Myrna, the witch, told the three Alphas who looked very worried about the pale, fragile girl in their arms. Now, it was Finn's turn to embrace their mate carefully. They were afraid that they would injure this girl who was already covered in cuts and bruises. “Baby, come back. We love you. We need you here….” Declan whispered it into Lilly's ear which was immediately followed by Luca who gently stroked her face. “Come back here please, Love. We need you…” Myrna, waved her hand in the air, and out of nowhere, she was already holding a long, dark red leaf. She stroke the leaf gently three times over Lilly's face. Seconds passed, Declan, Luca and Finn gasped as they felt the electric shocks on their fingers against Lilly's skin. The longer, the stronger the sparks. Lilly is breathing again and the sound of her heart beat was clear to their ears. Everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relief, especially the three Lycans who worriedly sick about th
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Chapter 10
The three huge Alphas immediately roared when they saw what was all over their girl's body. Cuts and bruises. The most obvious to their eyes were what looked like scratch marks covering her stomach and thigh. "What the fuck are these?!" Declan with red eyes like a burning flame, signaling that Draco was about to take over and showed his anger, he roared at the state of his girl. "S... She... was whipped?" Alysa's soft voice made the three of them immediately realize that there was someone other than them who saw these wounds all over their naked girl's body. Instantly, the room was almost in chaos. Alysa is a female Lycan. They also have the same sensitivity as male Lycan. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Luca was ready to attack in her direction. Alysa quickly dodged to the room's other side, protecting herself from the raging monster. "Luca!" Declan and Finn swiftly blocked and stopped their brother who was already in a position ready to pounce on Alysa. "A-Alpha... I'm her
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