Alpha Aiden And His Invisible Mate

Alpha Aiden And His Invisible Mate

By:  Arianna  Completed
Language: English
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“Liar! You don’t have a wolf at all!” “I have one..You just can’t reach it…” Abandoned by her only family, mistreated by her aunt and cousins, and bullied at school, Anastasia is already living a miserable life. When she finds out that she can't shift, her life turns into a living hell. But then she comes across the handsome new Alpha, Alpha Aiden, and her fate changes. But what if she discovers something new about herself with all the challenges thrown her way? Will she be able to face it all or crumble in the process? "You are going to leave me as well because I can’t shift." "I love you for who you are. I will always protect you, no matter what."

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70 Chapters
1. The Wolfless Girl
Chapter 1 -Anastasia’s POV- On my way home — or should I say the place where I slept? — I couldn’t help but think of what I had been through this morning. Jenna and Anne ripped off my top and called me the sex slave of the Alpha’s two sons after they saw the bruises all over my body. “If only I can help you, I will beat up that b*tch.” Amy popped out and growled in my mind. She was my wolf, but we couldn’t shift. So everyone thought I had no wolf even though I explained that I had a wolf. They didn’t trust me and called me a liar since they all couldn’t mindlink me. It’s been two years since my older brother dumped me to our aunt and left with no reason. And it’s been two years since I lived in hell, suffering from my peers’ jeers and my aunt’s torturing on my own. I guessed I would end up dead soon cause I couldn’t bear living in such a shit life anymore. “Do your chores, you lazy rat!” A woman’s sharp voice belongin
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2. Why you come back?
Chapter 2 -Anastasia’s POV-“Why?” I murmured as Ajax took off his shirt and covered me with it.He didn’t answer me but helped me stand up before pulling me closer to his chest.“Why are you here?” I stared at his sad face as he guided me out of the house. The locked door was already open, but I couldn’t care less. I couldn’t believe he was here. “After two years?”“I will explain.” He gave me a blank look before he turned around and threw me into the backseat of a jeep parked by the house. He didn’t kill the twin sons of Alpha Don but only kicked their asses. Was that what a brother should do for his younger sister? I didn’t know and didn’t want to know.For the moment I only wanted to know why he came back. Just in the way he left, he returned without a reason.I bit my lips and watched him getting on the driver’s seat and starting the engine.
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3. Your blood tastes good
Chapter 3 -Anastasia’s POV- “Anastasia?” “Yes.” I straightened up once hearing him call my name. “Relax. I won’t eat you up.” The Alpha showed me a gentle smile which surprised me. He looked like a gentleman. It was not what I had heard about him before. When I was running errands for Jenna, I had heard from her that there was an alpha who killed his father and took over the pack...And the pack was called Night Howlers...So, the man killed his father? I couldn’t imagine that. “Be seated, please.”  He nodded at me and
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4. So the Rogue wants a Fight?
Chapter 4-Anastasia’s POV-Read more
5. Show me some good, Bi*ch
-Anastasia’s POV– “Alpha..” Stacy stuttered when she turned around and found it was Alpha Aiden who answered her. “Shouldn't you be busy with the training?” Alpha Aiden said with his head tilted. Stacy’s face went blank for a second and then her eyes went wide. “Yes, alpha……” Stacy’s nervousness was so obvious, plain on her face.  “I will be there this afternoon.” Alpha Aiden said in a downplayed tone but Stacy’s face was lit up. “I will do my best!” Stacy bit her pink lips when staring at Alpha Aiden. Her feelings for the alpha couldn’t be hidden. Alpha Aiden just nodded at her and went away. Read more
6. Tit for tat
-Anastasia’s POV- “Anastasia, I’ve told you to behave. You are drawing attention to yourself.” Ajax brought me into the classroom building and dragged me to a corner. He sighed and started to lecture me. I didn’t know he could say so many words before. “It's Stacy picking up trouble!” I said with my teeth clenched, "what do you expect me to do?" He sighed. "Stacy...has someone backing her. I will find a way to teach her some lessons.""I don't need you..." I was cut off. “That’s it. Now, go join the running.10 more laps for you and Stacy.”&nbs
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7. Will you be my saver?
-Anastasia’s POV-He didn’t beat me to death but I felt my face heated up and I was on the edge of death...My attacks were all in vain in front of him. I couldn’t even touch him!He was too fast. Unlike Stacy, I couldn’t catch a glimpse of his move and was tripped over when I didn’t know when he came closer to me.I felt I was played around by him.I turned around and dashed to him when he stopped behind me, but he quickly ducked it and controlled my arms instantly. My hands crossed behind, I couldn’t move at all.“That’s it.” I heard him say so and he let me go. I fell down on the ground and saw Stacy speaking to her followers and giggled.I thought it was the end but when I saw Ajax
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8. You have to help me
-Anastasia’s POV-I walked to the school gate where I was supposed to meet Farisa but I saw Ajax standing there while the students peeked at him when they passed by....Was he waiting for me? But I had told him I was going to Farisa’s home.Taking a deep breath in, I walked to him and found Farisa standing behind him with her head bowed. She peeked at me from the corner of her eyes and almost jumped to me.“What’s up?” I looked up at the tall man who crossed his arms, looking a bit impatient.“Pick you up.” Farisa glanced between Ajax and me, daring not to speak.“I’ve told you I will stay at Farisa’s home.” I glare
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9. With your lips
Chapter 9-Anastasia’s POV-Dizzy.My head spun like I was thrown into a washing machine.Hot.I bet the heat of my body could burn up a rock.Was a fever this uncomfortable?I didn’t remember what a fever felt like. I was always strong. Barely ever caught the flu.“Anastasia….”Farisa was calling me. I wanted to answer her but I couldn’t control my body. I felt like in a tumbling cloud where lightnings and thunders couldn’t stop and I was tortured.“Anastasia, wake up!”I couldn’t! I wanted to scream but my mouth shut tight. Soaked in sweat, I knew there must be something wrong with me. A fever wouldn’t kill you.“Anastasia, I am here.”Who was that?It was a familiar voice. Somehow it had a magical power which led me to deep sleep.I remembered what I had done before.<
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10. Mate
Chapter 10–Aiden’s POV–Read more Protection Status