Evading the Cursed Alpha

Evading the Cursed Alpha

By:  GladysQuarshie   Completed
Language: English
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“Just say yes, Ken…” He whispered huskily against her neck. “Be my mate.” Every part of the female Beta was screaming to say yes, her body very much aware of the Alpha’s presence, but when she opened her mouth, all that came out was, “I—I can’t.” ******* Kendra Sullivan is a feminist… one who believes that she should make her own choices in life, rejecting the laid down roles of women and she wolves, which is to populate the pack and care for their young. Alpha Killian Silvercrest is cursed, and only his mate can save him and the entire pack from imminent doom. He is desperate, and already enamored by Kendra, and she by him… but their union goes against everything she stands for, and she is the most stubborn person he has ever met. Torn between her own personal beliefs and saving her Pack, Kendra has to make the greatest sacrifice she has ever made. But what choice will she make?

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85 Chapters
CHAPTER ONE- CHURNING RUMORS AND THE ‘ELABORATE’ PLAN 1620 AD, Silver Crest Packhouse, 10:46 am “No!” The skinny redhead exclaimed after hearing her best friend’s outrageous tale, her brown eyes wide as saucers. “I don’t believe you.” “I cross my heart, Jen,” The busty blonde— Katie said, her voice lowering to take on a more conspiratorial tone, “Alpha Killian is really impotent. The rumors are true.” The two she-wolves were in the Silver Crest pack gym house, working their asses off after a night of partying and intoxication. “Well, what are you waiting for, Katie? Come on, give mama the juicy deets!” Katie laughed, “Jeez! So impatient.” She teased. Placing her pair of dumbbells on the cold ground, she proceeded to tell her best friend the story. “So… when you left me to go hang out with that insane boyfriend of yours,” Katie paused her story to shoot the redhead an accusatory look. The she-wolf had the decency to wince and look down in shame. “I got invited by a couple of w
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CHAPTER TWO- THE DATE 1620 AD, Silver Crest Packhouse, 12:00 noon.   Kendra Sullivan cursed her impetuousness. How was her plan going to work?  Where was she even going to start? With the Red moon fast approaching, it was best that Killian started the courtship thing as early as tonight!  Her mother had always said she was impulsive, acting out and doing things on a whim without thinking of the implications. She was starting to see that now. As it was now, the lives of everyone in the pack rested on the success of her plan,  She had even given the Alpha hope once more. Kendra settled into the chair and reached for a parchment. She took a deep breath, dipped the quill pen into the inkhorn, and then she began to write: Alpha Killian’s Courting Schedules. She leaned back to examine her title, c
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CHAPTER 3- THE FREAK, THE MONSTERSilver Crest Packhouse,12 midnight.  Kendra Sullivan was waiting at the entrance of the Packhouse when the carriage pulled up.It was late, but try as she did, she couldn’t sleep.And how could she?Killian was out there with some other woman!Kendra knew that the whole pack was in danger if Killian didn’t break the curse before the Red Moon, but she didn’t think she could handle it if he alighted from the carriage feeling excited because he had hit it off with Yennefer Macguire.No. It was too soon. She needed more time to psych her mind.Back in the carriage, Killian groaned as his eyes landed on the beautiful woman excitedly waiting for him at the entrance.He had half a mind to skip the annoying ‘dates’ that were sure to follow and just ask to court his Beta instead, but he knew Kendra.Read more
CHAPTER 4- ARTEMIS“Alpha Silvercrest,”Killian turned in surprise to look at the woman— no, the she-wolf who had called his name.He was late for a werewolf council meeting— something that rarely happened.But that was because one of his wolves had been attacked by the Curers— a faction of Werewolf hunters who saw the wolf’s curse as a threat and sought to destroy everyone who had been affected.And now the she-wolf was going to take up more of his time.“What is it?” He barked harshly.The wolves standing with him looked on, feeling sorry for the she-wolf who had approached the Alpha at such a bad time.The wolf, a redhead with striking green eyes and a tall, slender frame met the Alpha’s gaze, not looking the least bit intimidated. “I am Artemis Landon, Kendra sent me here for you, but I see now that you are busy so I shall call on you another time.”<
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5. THE BALL- (part 1)
CHAPTER 5- THE BALL- (part 1)Kendra was seriously starting to regret inviting Artemis over to spend some time with them.It wasn’t any fault of the redhead really, it was just… she and the Alpha were hitting it off very well,Perhaps a little too well.Kendra knew that was supposed to be good news, because it meant that there was a chance at redemption for both Killian and the entire pack, but why did it hurt so badly then?Killian barely spent time with her anymore. They didn’t spar as often as they used to…They didn’t talk much, only making time to talk if it was related to pack business and affairs,Heck even Artemis barely spent time with her as well.  It was quite sad really, for aside her duties as Beta of the Silver Crest Pack, she didn’t have much of a social life.“Why don’t you go out and try to have fun, my dear?&rdquo
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6. THE BALL- (part 2)
CHAPTER SIX- THE BALL (Part 2)Killian saw her first.No amount of camouflage or mask could hide Kendra from him. He knew her both inside and out,Well not exactly inside, but you get my drift.She looked so ravishing, dressed in a strapless burgundy ball gown, her face concealed by a black, elegant lace like mask. For the first time in a really really long time, her curly hair had been styled in an intricate chignon.Only her mum used to plead with her to wear it like that.Killian was mesmerized,What was she doing here?The Beta didn’t do balls.He basically had to blackmail her sometimes to tag along with him, and even then, she never took the time to look this… lovely.The feeling he felt was so foreign that he stumbled in his dance routine a bit, the action causing Artemis to look up at him in concern. “Hey, it’s everything all right?&rdqu
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CHAPTER SEVEN- THE KISSA growl escaped Killian’s lips as he closed in on the couple obliviously dancing to the sound of the lively music.“Kendra!”Well, he’ll be damned.Of all the wolves present at the gathering that his Beta could have danced with, she had to go and pick the one that he hated most,Tyrone Riverdale.Alpha of the Riverdale Pack, who took great delight in causing mischief and encouraging excessive violence among his wolves.His Beta had the decency to look like a cat that had been caught trying to swallow the family mouse, with her wide eyes and lace-masked face.Good. He’ll deal with her later.“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Killian Silvercrest.” Tyrone boomed, his voice taunting as he held on to a frozen Kendra. “You know, I was wondering when you were going to show up, since you somehow always manage to keep your Beta o
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CHAPTER 8- The Ultimate Sacrifice Killian didn’t even make it out of the building when he shifted into his wolf form, the action causing his clothes to tear into mere rags, into shreds.He dashed off, heading into the forests, a shortcut that would take him straight to the pack borders.Back at the grand hall, Kendra was cursing the Alpha,In her head, of course.She had barely managed to bark the words Wait, we need to plan first, when the infuriating beast had burst out of the grand hall, heading for the borders.Kendra knew how important the pack was to the Alpha… he was as possessive of it as a mother wolf was of her cubs, but he didn’t know how many of the curers were out there, and granted… he was a very powerful wolf, but a few Silver weapons too many, and he would be just like a normal human being— completely mortal and at the mercy of the evil humans.Now a l
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CHAPTER 9- THIS WAS GOING TO HAVE TO DO   “Any changes, Maymunah?” Kendra asked for the umpteenth time as she observed the comatose Alpha. “Still nothing, child.” The Oracle confirmed. “Honestly speaking, it’s a miracle he’s still alive, Kendra. No wolf should be breathing after having that much silver in their system.” If it was a miracle, why wasn’t the brute fucking awakening then? Kendra didn’t ask the Oracle this though. She already knew what the answer was going to be. Only the Gods knew why. At this point, and with everything that had been going on, Kendra wasn’t even sure she believed in them anymore, but for the sake of her best friend, she prayed to all of them… Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, Athena… she prayed to whoever cared to listen to save her friend who was simply put, nothing but a pure heart. It had already been three days. Three days since their clash
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10. WET
CHAPTER 10- Wet   Killian was trying to work out, but he couldn’t concentrate. What in the fuck had he gotten himself into? He couldn’t really explain it, but it was like now that he had gotten a taste of Kendra… gotten a taste of her lips, of her skin, he just couldn’t seem to stop himself and his thoughts. He wanted more! But that did not even make any sense. He had never felt that way with anyone, not even Artemis whose company he was growing to appreciate more and more each day, the feelings just… confused him. Was he feeling this way because inwardly, she was the one he wanted to be with? Or was it because he was afraid that she would find her love in the arms of another man from another pack and leave him all alone? At this point, he didn’t know anymore… and he didn’t care. All he knew was that he was a very stubborn man, and that he was goi
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