The Twins

The Twins

By:  lynn the writer  Ongoing
Language: English
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Caroline Brooks has spent the last few years working from home. It was easier for her. Safer for her. But everything changes when her friend asks her for a favor. "Are you going to kill me now?" Caroline looks at the twin devils in front of her, half scared and half turned on. She could feel her pussy throbbing with need. "And why would we do that to our wife?" Nicholas smirks at her as Antonio reaches for his belt.

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"Thank you for calling Tech Buddy! My name is Caroline, how can I help you today?" I listen to the lady on the headset and let out an internal sigh. Are people actually this stupid or does Tech Buddy simply have the stupidest customers? "Yes, Ms. Martins, I can understand your frustration. I believe I know what the issue is. Can you please press the button on the top of the router for me please?" I pause to listen to her. "Yes, ma'am, it's the button with our logo on it." The lady on the headset takes a couple of seconds before letting me know she has pressed the button. I take a sip of my sweet tea before continuing. "Now, if you check your computer the wifi should now appear to be working." She pauses before telling me it is now working. "Well, I'm so glad that worked for you! For future reference, that is our on button on most of our devices. Was there anything else I can assist you with today?"She declines my offer and bids me a good day before hanging up without my
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I raise an eyebrow, crossing my arms and trying my hardest to not pay attention to the way his eyes drop to my cleavage for a moment. "Not that it's any of your business, but no, I'm alone." I take a small step forward, coming even closer to him, and look up into his eyes through my eyelashes. "Would you be jealous if I did have someone over?" His eyes drop to my lips briefly before snapping back to my eyes. I smirk at him and duck under his arm to get out. "I'm going to change really quick." I walk into my bedroom, shut the door behind me, and walk to my closet. I pull out one of my pink silk pajama sets. It's a tank top and some shorts that don't even reach mid-thigh. I go to my dresser to pull out a pair of underwear but stop myself. What's the point? I'm so wet that the underwear would simply be pointless. I close the drawer and start drying off. I rub on some of my peach lotion and then put it on the shelf. I look in the mirror. My nipples are so hard you can see the out
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I turn forward again and load up my computer. "What's the name of the company?" I ask and turn towards them. "Rossi Inc." The twins both rise to stand next to me. I turn towards Nicholas immediately as his hand settles on my arm. I nod my head and turn to the computer. "You can wait on the couch right there. It might take a while." Antonio places his hand on my other arm. "We are fine right here." I nod, knowing I could do nothing to change their minds. Two hours later, I lean back into my seat as my printer begins to release the remaining pages. The twins had soon grown tired of standing and fetched chairs from the kitchen to sit right next to me, one on either side. They watched me the entire time I worked. I went through hundreds of lines of code and I nearly missed the trace of the leak. But I caught it. "Ariel Sanders. He's a gifted hacker, I've met with him for a few different projects. He's not cheap." I stand up and walk toward my printer. I could fee
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He goes back to my room and drops me back down on the bed. I sit on the edge, my legs spread slightly as he stands between them. Nicholas stands next to him again. "We will not be slow, or gentle, or any of that romantic bullshit." They begin to remove their shirts again. "We can't promise any future with you or anything like that. But we can promise you a night of pure fucking pleasure." Nicholas drops his shirt to the floor and leans down to look me in the eyes. "Do you want this?"I nod and turn to Antonio, who's staring at me with dark eyes. "I want this." I reach up to his belt and unbuckle it, unbuttoning his slacks and pulling down his zipper. I reach into his briefs to grip his thick cock. "I want you guys to fuck me."They share a look, and Antonio removed my hands, pushing me to lay back down. They both remove their slacks, and then their briefs. Letting their thick monster cocks spring free. "I am going to destroy your pussy." Nicholas grips himself, stroking gently. "An
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Monday morning, I wake up with a smile on my face. Today I will see the twins again. I haven't seen them since they left Friday. Before they left that night, they both kissed me over and over and over again. The entire weekend was spent texting back and forth with them. They kept telling me how much they wanted to ditch all their meetings and come over. The thought of being with them again made me and my little vibrator extra close. I told them about it, too. About how I got myself off to the thought of them. In return, they promised I would be punished for touching what belonged to them. They had told me from the very beginning that they couldn't promise a future with me, and I understood that. After all, I'm only twenty. Shouldn't I be hitting the clubs and getting it on with random strangers?The thought of sleeping with anyone other than them just didn't sit right with me. I know it's typical for people to have emotional connections with the person who takes their v-card. But
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"Please, just fuck me, Nicholas." I finally bite out, trying to push myself back into him. He holds my body against the table and keeps just the tip in me. "That's not what I want to hear, darling." I groan and turn my face to look at him. "Fuck me, daddy." The asshole smirks at me before pulling all the way out and then slamming into me. I squeal out at the sudden intrusion but he doesn't stop. He thrusts in and out of me rapidly, my tight pussy clenching around his cock. My fingers scrape against his desk as I arch my back and release loudly all around him. My pussy clenches tightly around him, keeping him from moving. That was quicker than expected. I've never cum that fast. I turn to him with wide eyes. He chuckles, smirking down at me. "You're going to cum again for daddy, darling." I shake my head at him, my body is sore and my pussy is stretched. It's still clenching him tightly inside of me. He growls down at me and brings his hand down against my right ass cheek, makin
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"Where are you going?" He asks me, sliding his chair out from under the desk. I slide my heels on and buckle them, still looking around for my panties. Where the hell could they have gone?"I need to get home." I look under the desk, hoping to see them, but they aren't there. "You're going to leave after what we just did?" Antonio growls out and crosses his arms. I still and stand up from my bent position. "What we did was fun and all, but I still need to get home." They crowd me instantly. "It was fun?" Nicholas growls out and pushes my body against his chest. "What is the problem? I thought this would be like a one-time thing. I didn't expect this to happen again when I came today." I push against Nicholas's chest, but then Antonio reaches over from behind me and grips my arms, pinning them between us behind my back."But it did happen again." Antonio growls into my neck from behind. "And it will happen again. And again. And again..." Nicholas trails off mockingly against my
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I shake my head again, despite my body lighting up at their words. Of course, I want them to fuck me. I love it. But we can't do that anymore. Besides, they are accusing me of being some kind of whore! Why would they even think I had someone else here? I was going to ask them, but then Nicholas reaches around me from behind and lifts my breasts through my robe. "No bra on?" Nicholas breathes out into my ear as he feels my nipples harden through my robe. Antonio lifts my right leg up and wraps it around his waist, pulling my core against his. "I wonder if she's wearing any panties." His fingers trail up my exposed leg to my inner thigh. I let out a moan as his finger reach my uncovered slit. He trails his digits down my slit and lifts them to his mouth to suck my juices. "Always so wet and ready for us."Nicholas raises one hand to my face and grips my jawline to face him. His other hand lowers down to my cunt, and he feels my wetness. "Tell me, who else gets you wet like this?"
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Nicholas trails his hand up my leg and to my inner thigh, rubbing the skin there, teasing me. I reach down to the knot at my waist. How this robe stayed on this whole time, I have no clue. I pull at the string and the robe opens. My large breasts spill out, and I let the robe fall down my shoulders, throwing it to the side of the bed. Antonio's body wraps around me from behind, his hard cock pressing against my lower back. He trails kisses along the side of my neck and I arch into him, my pussy still against Nicholas' cock, wanting it to be inside me already."Tonight, we are going to fuck you. Hard. We will make you come so many times, with our cocks and our mouths and our hands. You won't be able to walk right after." Antonio turns my head to face him. "But tomorrow night, after our marriage is solidified, we will make love to you, gently." He gives me a quick, rough kiss. Nicholas turns my head back to him and cups my jaw in his hand. "We will fuck you every day, Caroline. We wil
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"Is this chair comfortable for you? Because you will be sitting in it for an hour." I nod at them. Everything seems to be happening so fast. It almost seems like a joke. I sit in the chair once they motion at it, and they got to work, Jenny working on my makeup while London starts on my hair. Before I close my eyes for Jenny, I can see Luna begin to unzip the garment bags. Before long, they announce they had finished, and I was allowed to open my eyes. Looking into the mirror, I can see that I looked beautiful. Was I really about to get married, and to two people? Two strangers?"Now, we were only able to bring three dresses today. The boys insisted on you wearing these specific pair of panties."She had set up a partition that would allow me to try on the dresses with some privacy. She had also managed to bring in a full-length mirror. I take the dress and the panties she holds out to me and go to the other side of the partition. I drop the robe and look down at the underwear. I
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