Contract Beta

Contract Beta

By:  Raelyn Karson  Updated just now
Language: English
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When Beta, Eric Gunner, rescues Leilani Daniel, he isn't sure what to make of her. For one, she doesn’t have a wolf. For two, her fiery attitude is enough to drive him crazy. He knows she is his mate, but without a wolf he can't claim her. Taking a page out of his brother's handbook, he gets her to agree to sign a contract to be his mate. He just needs to buy time until he can figure out how to get the wolfless spitfire to realize they are fated for each other. Leilani Daniel has not had an easy life. Abandoned by her parents, she was left for dead until she was found by the Alpha of the Red Rose pack. Being cursed at a young age didn't help matters either. Now she was unable to connect with her wolf or find her mate. When she found a website that offered to help her, she didn't hesitate. Since she didn't have a wolf she just wanted to live a normal life, but when her handsome rescuer offers her a deal, she has a hard time refusing. Will Leilani be able to figure out that Eric is her fated mate before its too late? Will Eric be able to protect her from the one that cursed her? It's a race against time when the truth is revealed. Can the Black Fang pack once again come together to defeat the enemy that threatens what they hold dear?

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89 chapters
Eric-“Well? What did they say?” I asked Brook before the door even closed behind her.From the moment I met Brook, I instantly liked her. She was like the little sister I always dreamed of having. When I found out my brother was mated to her, a part of me had been a little jealous.It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy for Tate, I was, but he was already on his second mate, while I have yet to find my first mate. I admit that there had also been a part of me that wished Brook had been for me. She was just too good for my brother.At least too good for him at the time. Now that he was back to his old self, they were perfect together. He was still the overbearing prick, but she was more than able to put him in his place. It was always funny to see my brother, the Alpha, be taken down a couple of notches by his mate.“They approved it!” Brook beam, her eyes filled with excitement and tears.“I knew they would.
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Chapter 1
Leilani- This was just great. The one time I asked for help, I get asked a million questions. I thought that by contacting these people, they would understand my situation. I didn’t have time to be sitting here ‘chatting’ with a computer screen when I didn’t even know if I was talking to someone real or a computer program. WL0033: Look, if you aren’t going to help me, then I will figure it out myself. I shouldn’t have expected you to be able to help me. BrooklynB: I can help, I just need to know if you are real. WL0033: How do I even know if you are real? This could be a trap for all I know. I stared at the computer as three little dots kept dancing around in a little bubble, signaling that the other person was typing. If I got caught in here, my ass was grass. The last thing I wanted was to spend another night in the basement, sleeping with whatever the hell was crawling around down there. It wouldn’t be the first time I have been locked down there, but
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Chapter 2
Eric-“What is up?” I asked Brook after she asked me to come to see her in Tate’s office.“I need you to be in Blackwater, Colorado by tomorrow night.” Brook said, getting straight to the point.I tried not to groan. It has been a little over two months and we haven’t been successful with helping anyone. Most that contacted the website had been just a waste of time. Just teens messing around and sending me on a wild hunt.The few that did need help, it was for help with things that weren’t related to the program. It was either they needed help with money, or they needed a job, or help with their homework. I was pretty sure there were some out there that needed help, but I was rethinking how to find them.I have scouted a few packs but didn’t come across anyone needing help. This was turning out to be a lot more difficult than either Brook or I have realized. Even she had thought about shutting the pro
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Chapter 3
Leilani-My head was spinning when I finally came to. Sitting up, I rubbed the spot on my head that hit the bed. When I pulled my hand away, it was covered in a little bit of fresh blood, as well as flakes of dry blood. Great.Looking around, I found myself in the basement. It was dark and smelled like mold. With how nice the rest of the house was, one would think they would take better care of the basement. From the looks of it, it looks as if the foundation was starting to crumble.I didn’t know much about houses, but from the looks of things, I gave it another year maybe before the foundation gave out. Hopefully, I wouldn’t be here to see it. That was if I could find a way out of here.I knew the only exit was locked tight with a couple of deadbolts. Three was a small window on the far side of the room, but it was too small for me to squeeze through. At least it looked too small from this angle.Standing from the dirty basement floor
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Just a little update, I will be returning to update Contract Beta more regularly. I am sorry to everyone that has had to wait for a while. When I started this I thought I had more time to write, but then my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been busy the past two months but trying to update at least one of my books regularly. Since things are getting better, I will have more time to write. I will be writing as much as possible so I can give you all a quicker update time on this book. Again, I am sorry I haven't been updating regularly with this book, I was just trying to at least update one, which was my other book. (Moon Princess and the Second Chance.) Thank you all for your patience.
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Chapter 4
Eric-These fuckers were tough, I thought as I fended off another wolf that tried to latch onto me. I may have had my doubts at first, but I now realized this girl was in more danger than I thought. I am just glad I was prepared.I was also glad we didn’t find her in the same condition Brook had been in when Tate had found her. The scent of the female was sending my mind into a massive cluster fuck. It was hard to focus on the three wolves I was dealing with right now.“You good?” Tate’s voice filled my head.Even if I was distracted by the female’s scent, these wolves were hardly a match for me. The issue I was having was that my wolf was screaming in my head, it was so loud that it was hard to understand what he was saying. Not to mention, I felt as if I was on the verge of getting a boner for some reason.“They fight like children.” I told him, using our link to speak to him.“Then finish it
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Chapter 5
Leilani-I have heard the expression, take your breath away, except I never knew what it meant until now. Eric had to be a god or something. Could a man even be classified as beautiful? If so, the word beautiful still didn’t do him justice.His eyes almost looked grey from the reflection of the moon. They were a pale blue though, that I imagined looked much like an ice glacier that was reflecting water. Maybe the grey was from the way his eyes appeared to glisten under the moon.Either way, I found myself drawn to him in a way I couldn’t understand. It wasn’t that I hadn’t been looking at him earlier, but I hadn’t really been seeing him. My head was pounding so bad that it was hard to focus on anything.Up close, I couldn’t help but look now. Without my wolf, I couldn’t find my mate, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t drawn to this man in a way that I felt pleasure just by looking at him. I have found men a
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Chapter 6
Leilani-Sometime during the ride, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was lying across the seat, with my head on Eric’s lap. Sitting up abruptly, I had a rush of dizziness run over me.“We are almost there.” Eric’s soothing voice proclaimed.I decided to ignore the fact that I had just woken up on Eric’s lap by not mentioning it. If he wasn’t saying anything about it, either was I. Looking out the window again, I realized the sun was starting to peek over the mountains.If there was one thing I loved about living in Colorado, was the mountains. Not only did the air seem fresh, but the views were remarkable. When we passed a gate, I moved a little closer to Eric, so I could peer out the windshield.Tate drove us through the streets, occasionally stopping to let a child that was playing run to catch the ball that got away from them. They all looked so happy and full of laughter. I couldn’t help but envy them as
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Chapter 7
Leilani-For the life of me, I couldn’t fathom why I reached out to accept his hand. I expected him to let it go when I got out of the vehicle, but he held on as he guided me toward the building. Part of me wanted to pull my hand away, while the other wanted to hold on.There was something about his touch that soothed me, one in which I didn’t understand. It was both comforting and there was something else that I couldn’t put my finger on. Why was it that when he was touching me, I felt all my worries fade away?We reached a door that had the number one on it, in a bold black font. It was simple which made me feel a little better about the place. The mansion was huge and extravagant, yet this place seemed much plainer, like me.Eric opened the door and allowed me to go inside first. That was also when he released my hand. My hand which had once been warmed by his touch suddenly felt cold.When they say never to judge a book by its
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Chapter 8
Eric-With the new information about her not having a wolf, I didn’t want to leave her side. I considered telling her that we were mates. If it weren’t for the fact I thought she would laugh at me, I probably would have.Now I just had to come up with a way to stay close to her, without her catching on that I was her mate. It wasn’t that I didn’t want her to know, I just wanted her to find out for herself. I highly doubt she would believe me anyway.I knew she would be safe at Black Fang since everyone would ensure her safety. The problem I was having was, that she was too far away from the packhouse. If, and I do mean a big if, something was to happen, I wouldn’t be able to get to her in time.The apartment was on the far side of the territory. There was a closer apartment complex we could have used. Brook and I had discussed that it would be better if those we brought in had a little privacy.For someone that had bee
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