Alpha Carter’s Cursed Mate

Alpha Carter’s Cursed Mate

By:  Zoumi  Completed
Language: English
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Thalia Faux, was cursed as a kid despite being a seer she couldn't use her gift to see the future, but her blood could be used to heal however her blessing became a curse and left a forever mark on her life by weakening her wolf to the point where she could no longer shift. In the end she was trapped by her Alpha and her blood which was blessed by moon Goddess was used by the packmates to heal themselves. She believed that she would die just like this but then her pack was attacked and Alpha Carter came into her life, she thought she was saved but once glance from her savior and she knew she was a goner. He wasn't her savior but tormentor The first words that he spoke while he held her by her throat “I will ruin you ” sent her life into an irreparable chaos She should have died back then but she didn't now she would pay the price for all her life. Everything About Carter was dangerous , beneath his charming facade laid a monster that Thalia never wanted to become target of, but no matter how much she escapes, Carter only wanted her.

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158 chapters
No please don't take my blood
Death wasn't supposed to be this gorgeous but mine was- Thalia Faux. “ No, please, please don't do this” Thalia screamed as she tried to get away from the silver knife that was approaching her, however, her wrists that were tied by shifter resistant handcuffs made it impossible for her to run. She shook her head desperately trying to incite some sort of emotions in her tormentor but the latter didn't even flinch.  “ oh shut up” snapped Taryn sounding bored, raising the silver knife in her hand she glared at Thalia when the latter tried to get away from her “ you are such a wimp, it's just a cut, there is no need for you to scream like you are being chopped” Yes, it was just a shallow cut but to Thalia’s whose entire body was covered in cut marks, it was sheer torture. Not to mention, Taryn was going to cut her skin with a silver knife, silver was dreadful to werewolves. Just the lightest touch and their skin would burn as if they were drowning in a sea o
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Where is she?
Thalia didn't know what made her regain her consciousness, all she knew was that every time Taryn took her blood she would only wake up somewhere in the noon. But when she opened her eyes, the window that was situated on the top of the basement's wall still showed the moon that was hanging in the sky. She blinked her eyes, trying to focus on her surroundings. Her senses that were hazy because of sleepiness finally regained a bit of their clarity. Screams.Mournful shouts. That nauseating scent of blood. Like a tsunami wave, everything came crashing and Thalia's wolf set up straight in high alert. Now that the two of them were wide awake they could smell the scent of something burning, fire - there was a fire.And their pack was what was getting burned. Thalia moved and then winced, the shifter resistant handcuffs tightened their hold when she moved coupled with the still recovering cut that Taryn gave her
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Chapter 3
“ who? I have no idea what you are talking about” said Taryn her voice shook as she tried to assert her dominance, Carter raised a brow as if he was fascinated by her struggle. He pinched her chin with his claws, digging the tips of his claws in her flesh, he watched as the latter gasped trying to pry his fingers off from her chin but Carter didn't let her go, instead, he tightened his hold and crouched down so that he could hold Taryn's gaze “  Taryn, you should know me well I think, your brother and I had enough dealings together with each other, I think you know what I do with people who try to lie to me”Taryn shuddered she knew of Carter though she had never seen him before she had heard of him from her brother, he was the Alpha of Blood Moon pack and he was notorious for being cruel and psychopathic, though his appearance didn't suit his cruelty. He was a gorgeous man, with eyes as warm as honey and a smile as charming as if it was full of s
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Chapter 4
Two months later." oh she is here" "Here goes my appetite, can't she hide those ugly scars, they ruin my appetite every time" As soon as Thalia entered the common Kitchen of the pack, she heard these complaining comments. Her brisk pace faltered and she looked down, a button-down white shirt that hid her entire slender front including the script that was engraved in her skin. She had buttoned up the shirt all the way to its last button to hide the script on her throat.And she had even hidden the marks on the left side of her face with her bangs so that no one had to look at her cursed marks.  But even then - Thalia sighed, she knew that it was all because of these she wolves being jealous of her. Two months ago, Carter, the man who saved her and the Alpha of this pack brought her here, though he didn't mention why he brought her here, Thalia knew that he brought her because his pack lacked a healer and wanted her gifts to h
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Chapter 5
Carter hated her. No he loathed her, despised her. Thalia could literally imagine him planning her death and what flowers he would put on her casket at her funeral. Why? She didn't know and she wouldn't dare to ask about it either, because one thing she has learned after staying locked for a good six months was that never try to understand your tormentor. Your tormentor was your bully and he was completely entitled to ruin your life, make a mess out of it whether for fun or because of some personal prejudices. Other than that there was no other reason at all, and in Carter’s case it was the latter, he hated seers and her kind, tormenting her, humiliating her must bring him some sort of kick, what more was there to understand? And yet, despite all the hatred and humiliation, she still felt that sexual attraction that she had for him was driving her crazy. Like this was simply insane, though Thalia knew that this teeny tiny crush of her wou
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What breaks you? Let’s see shall we?
The reason Thalia hid her curse marks was all because of the sympathetic gazes she got from others, and she didn't want others to consider her as something breakable. She was a dominant wolf, even with her wolf tied up and chained she still considered herself as someone who was dominant and not submissive - those sympathetic gazes only made her feel pathetic and weak. But Carter, his gaze was not at all sympathetic hell she couldn't even mistake his gaze as a sympathetic one because now his eyes were downright maniacal. If his gaze was murderous before now he was looking at her as if he wished to skin her alive, see what laid beneath her cursed marks and rip her heart out of her chest while he was at it.Her heart somehow was inclined to believe that Carter wouldn't hurt her, that he was different from Taryn and Marcus and that there was more to him than other wolves who craved for the power that her blood could bring them..but her experience had taught her not t
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Locked in a dungeon
" what?"" you don't seem to give a fuck about anyone, lost in your own world like no one worth your time, like you are better than everyone else " he pulled a strand of her sable hair and started twirling it in his fingers watching her with a maniacal interest " and I hate that about you, do you have any idea how much I hate that better than others attitude of yours ?"Thalia's breathing hitched as she looked at the strand Carter was twirling in his hand. It was as if the more he twirled it the more winded up she became, it was stupid. She didn't know what his plan was - was he going to rip it right off her skull before knocking her out or was he going to pull her around by it. A dark, almost claustrophobic sensation gripped her heart. And believe her, when she says that her wolf wasn't liking it one bit. Sure, a strange sensation seemed to overflow her senses every time Carter touched her like she and he were long lost friends or something and yes, a sin
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Shouldn’t have challenged his authority
Being locked in a water-filled room with no light and only rats as your company wasn't fun. Thalia has crawled her way up the only stone platform that was more like an old stone age bed trying to keep her toes out of the scurrying mice. She didn't have to put her feet at risk to know that the mice locked in this room were pretty hungry, with the loud ruckus they were making it was clear that they were making it was clear they were happy about the arrival of fresh meat as for how she knew that the mouse was feeding on rotten meat - the room stink. It smelled worse than a butcher house that hasn't been cleaned for years. She was angry, and her whole body was aching with pain from cold and lack of sleep. She really wished she could slap that haughty, maniacal Alpha who once in a while had homicidal urges of hers.  The light beamed inside the room as soon as someone pushed open the door. Thalia swung her head away to avoid the pain in her eyes because of the
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Thalia thought she knew fear, she was wrong. She was so damn wrong, being locked up in a dungeon with a greedy Taryn was loads better than being together with a demon with the warmest eyes that she has ever seen. As she stared at Carter's impassive face, she realised once again that she knew nothing about fear.Or even if she did, she seemed to have forgotten about it all. This time no matter how much she screams for help, no one was going to come for her. She was helpless, just as helpless as she was when she was locked in the dungeon by Marcus and Taryn.She was just as helpless when she was left behind by her parents.  Who left her alone, and died - how? She didn't know, because she couldn't remember an ounce of what happened before she got these curse marks. Her memory was hazy and the only thing she remembered was running for her life while someone shouted at her from behind to run and escape whatever monster that was chasing her. Them.Bu
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Call me Sir
He wasn't even bothering himself to hide his sadistic pleasure anymore, as his fingers trailed over her skin, he watched her with a gaze that didn't match his poker expression, his fingers lazily traced the curve of her bosom. Stopping right where the curse marks vanished underneath the cloth. It seemed Carter was going his all out for making her uncomfortable.And it was working. Like hot dang, it was working. He tugged on her bra once again and Thalia couldn't stop herself anymore, as she seethed " fine, you want an apology? I will give that to you? Are you happy now?"It wasn't that she was willing to back out but there was just something about the hard lines of his face, the direct gaze and predatory posture and the way he was holding himself against her - it was unnerving. It was as if he could stampede all over her and stomp her to her death without even changing that maniacal smile of his. Letting him have his way with her was like made
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