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Rejecting her one true mate, Alpha Anton Bates, after all the horrible things he and his father had put her through. Nala thought moving into a new land and studying to become a doctor, her life would run smoothly, and she would have a wonderful new start, but it is not as she seems. Her being away from Alpha Anton his love for her has turned into an obsession one that is not healthy for him and dangerous for Nala. But that is not all happening within poor Nala's life. While trying to ignore her alpha mate another alpha's eyes met her. How will Nala get away from these two now or does she don't want one to leave her side. "Get engross in an intriguing read." FACEBOOK PAGE: A.K.KNIGHT INSTAGRAM: ATHAN941

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39 Chapters
I turned my back and went over to the cabinet where all her medicinal stuff was, searching for the cream. As I did, I heard the patient came in and Dr. Annie instructed him to sit down. I finally found the cream anxious to see how Dr. Annie was going to attend to this patient and there I was so shocked that I have frozen.What the heck is he doing here? I thought angrily within my mind as I stared at him.Dr. Annie was observing his right arm."Nala, come with the cream quick and help me with Mr. Kyle," Dr. Annie told me.The brute hazel eyes went to mind as he heard my name. He stares paused at me. My eyes went away from his right away and went over to Dr. Annie, standing at the left side of the bastard. At that moment I wish Dr. Annie had allowed me to attend to another patient instead of him. I didn't want to touch his whoring body."Here, apply the sprain cream to his arm and give him the rest," Dr. Annie instructed me as she gave me his right
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Chapter 1: Roxburghe
Nala's P.O.V"Are you almost through, Dr. Nala?" Blair inquired me as she stood in front of the door.I gave her a smile before answering."Please stop calling me doctor, I'm not as yet and nowhere near to its title," I told her as I continued to smile and completed putting all the instruments Dr. Annie had used to treat her patients for the day.Blair gave me a warm smile."Yes, I am, but I'm not yet ready to leave. You can leave without me." I gave her the answer she wanted."I can wait, I'm not in any hurry," Blair responded back to me.I nodded to her.Blair is a nurse and a new worker of Dr. Annie. She has been working with us for a month now. She's twenty, two years older than me. She's a helpful and kind-hearted person and does very well with our patients. Her warm smiles and beautiful appearance always allowed the patients to feel so welcome. Blair has short blonde hair and chestnut bro
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Chapter 2: A drink out
Nala's P.O.VI sat within the dining room having my dinner. Baked chicken, white rice, and pasta along with a glassful of orange juice."Remember you have an invitation to attend," Dr. Annie reminded me.I nodded and completed the meal she had prepared. I detested I was going to the bar that I wished the day would be ended. I wanted to be over the thought of going to the bar now. I placed my dirty plate in the sink and went upstairs to select something to wear. I found a long green dress and changed into it. I went into the mirror to check myself. My long dark brown curly hair was okay in its bun. I wasn't going anywhere special, anyways. The day I lost my mom I lost interest in carrying myself well. What I wear and how I looked didn't matter to me anymore."Blair is here!" I heard Dr. Annie shout downstairs.My face frowns and I dragged my body lazily from the room heading downstairs.Dr. Annie and Blair's eyes fro
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Chapter 3: You son of a bitch.....
Nala's P.O.VMy eyes slowly went back to him. He was still standing at the entrance of the bar. His hazel eyes that looked as bright as the first morning sunlight slowly searched around the bar as if he was looking for someone while both of his hands tightened into a fist slowly. I became nervous worried if something terrible was about to go down. But it didn't seem so after the next movement he had made. He stepped away from the entrance of the bar and headed into the crowd. Every step he made I could feel how badly it affected me. It made every hair on my skin stood still."Bartender get me a beer!" he said loudly as his raised his right hand. His right hand was strong and muscular, and his voice was powerful like a warrior."Yes sir," I heard the bartender in front of me.As the strange blonde hair man went into the crowd finding himself a seat, everyone started to get back to what they were doing while a few men swarmed him s
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Chapter 4: Burnesfield
Alpha Anton P.O.V"497, 498, 499, 500," I counted breathless as I completed my 500 pushes up for the day.I sat done taking a rest. My evening exercise was completed for the day until tomorrow I begin again. That was my life. Exercising for 4 hours in the morning and 6 hours in the evening. I had nothing else to do anyway after seeing that my pack was fine and everyone was safe within my land, Burnesfield.The day my one true mate rejected me and left me into another land. Being alpha and exercising for long hours had been my main priority. It was what I do every day when I am home, when my day of seeing through that everything was fine within my land. Exercising had helped me stop thinking about all the miseries I have put my mate through along with my evil father who had ruined my life and for continuously blaming myself for being the reason why my mate rejected me. I got up from the floor within my basement reaching for my towel to d
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Chapter 5: You piece of sh.....
Nala's P.O.VI opened the front door infuriated. The door slammed behind me angrily. Dr. Annie ran towards me as she heard the door slam."What is wrong Nala?" she inquired me worried seeing anger on my face.I didn't answer her. I ran upstairs into my room and slammed my door behind me. I dropped down onto my bed and started to cry. I hated what had happened at the bar. It hurts so much that I was hurt by an alpha and now I was shamed by yet another alpha. I sobbed. I was beginning to grow a strong hatred for all these alphas. They all believe they can walk on anyone because of their title and their power. I wish all alphas were put to shame and punished for their evil action towards others."Nala," I heard Dr. Annie call me as she knocked on my door.I didn't answer I stopped crying and stared at the wall of my room before me. I wasn't interested in speaking to anyone."Nala, are you alright?" Dr. Annie began to i
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Chapter 6: You were what before a maid!
Alpha Anton P.O.VToday, I haven't much to do. I've worked so hard daily; I have done every work I needed to do. The pack was fine. All I had to do now was to listen out for any danger alert, which barely happened. Outsiders are so terrified by me no one wants to get on my bad side. Sometimes I'm so bored I want to take a break from my land for a while and chase any criminal I see just for fun. My wolf needed to attack and chase something. Sometimes my wolf felt like it wanted to claw its ways outside of me and run wild. Last night I barely had any sleep after Thruce had completed my tattoo. It is a bad-ass tattoo covering my entire chest and both hands. A word us to describe it how it looked was deadly and dark. I loved it. On my chest was my large, dark wolf with bloody eyes covered by pure darkness growling angrily and my hands had identical tattoos that looked like armours. I looked at my hands admiring them. The tattoo designs were made special
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Chapter 7: My prostitute maid
Alpha Anton P.O.VI was quite surprised by what I had heard. In my mind, I would never have figured her out to once be a prostitute. Her calm and gentle behaviour didn't make her seems so and her present. She seemed of more of a loyal she-wolf who would be at home taking care of her family.The word prostitute from her sexy mouth made my erection so stiff that it began to hurt. Coldwater will not soften it this time it needed pussy to."I'll do anything to keep this job sir," Izabella begged me as tears began to fill her eyes. "It's hard to be accepted into another job while a majority of wolves here know what I use to do."I felt sorry her and ashamed that I was letting her go just because of how she made me feel. I foolish did so once with my one true mate by hurting her and look what happened to me. I was mate-less and alone. I was not going to allow this to happened again. But still, I didn't want to keep her. Her being here
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Chapter 8: Sex is good
Nala's P.O.VFrom the asshole wolf, left Dr. Annie's office. My day had been miserable. I hated the stupid question he had the nerves to asked me. I too hated I foolishly asked Blair. I felt so ashamed, I wish I'd just keep that stupid question to myself knowing the shit was no better than every word that came from his body. He is self-conceited and an arrogant wolf; I also forget a womanizer and a male definition of a female slut."Arggh," I growled angrily as I put aside Dr. Annie's file. I wanted to stop thinking about that snobbish wolf, but it was so hard to do. I couldn't stop thinking about how he had treated me at the bar and now, here. I couldn't help not remembering him every second. I wanted to put him in his place for messing with me, but how could I take revenge on a powerful wolf. He'll truly grind me into dust if I should ever mess with him. I just will have to always try and keep from his sight and hope that he will never come
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Chapter 9: The strong muscular guy looks familiar
Nala's P.O.V I gazed at the tall, thick, and muscular guy walking across the road accompanied by three men. The three men following him looked like his guard. The well-built man, long dark hair blew within the wind as he remained to walked and his large muscular tattooed hands held firm to his side so strong. Every step he took, I could not only see that he was one mighty and powerful wolf I could also sense it. I couldn't help to stop and stare at him. I wanted to enter the store that was two-step away from me, but my body didn't want me to. I needed to know if it was him. Still, I didn't want to believe it was him, my alpha mate I had rejected and too the one who had made my life back within his homeland along with his father a complete hell. The wolf I saw made me think it was him, but Alpha Anton is not that muscular. The muscular man I was seeing looked like he had muscle on top of muscle. Alpha Anton was not his size. He was too big and too th
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