Lost in the Paradise

Lost in the Paradise

By:  LUNARE  Ongoing
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A star shines brightly for the first time in hundred years. Two fated souls meet. But how will they know? If the other one is cursed, and the other one is human. Valen Ashton Craige was born to be great powerful Alpha, but he was cursed by a witch due to his father's mistake. He was a lovely and sweet boy to his parents, but he became cold when he learned about the curse. He focused on ruling his pack and company while keeping his deepest secret. Selene Brown, daughter of the most influential man in the City of Blooms, was found at the borders of Valen's Pack known as the Red Moon Pack. She was full of bruises and didn't have consciousness when found by Valen's Mother, Elina. The pack doesn't want her to stay, but Valen grants her permission due to his mother's request.

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16 chapters
Chapter 1 Tears started flowing in her eyes as she watched the latest news for the evening. She can’t believe what she is seeing. It can’t be right; her father got into an accident. They’re supposed to have dinner once he gets home, but this happened. Her phone rang. “Hello,” she answered. “Miss Selene, this is from the hospital. You are the emergency contact of your father, I’m so sorry to say this, but you need to go here to the hospital as soon as possible.” She didn’t get to answer it anymore. She immediately went to her car and drove to the hospital. She didn’t even ask her stepmom to go with her, who was crying in front of the television. They were never close in the first place. That woman loathed her like how she also hated her. Lalaine, that woman, only wants her father's money. A few minutes later, she arrived at the hospital and ran into the emergency room. She went to the nurse's station.Read more
Chapter 2 The leader of the group chasing Selene received a call. “Hello,” he answered. “Is she dead?” “We thought so, and we chased her until the middle of the forest. The animals will kill her.” “Good, no one should know about this. I can finally now have the whole Brown Group of Companies.” “Yes, madam. Everything is yours now.” “I’ll send the payment through the bank and leave the city already,” the woman said and ended the call. That’s the second wife of the Brown Group of Companies CEO, who died recently. A little while, they received the money and hugged each other as they saw the large sum of it. They immediately leave the place. - - - - -   “Lady Elina, the Alpha is worrying about you. Why did you go again with us for the patrolling?” one of the guards of Alpha Valen said. Elina looked at them and smiled. Her son, Valen, worries a
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Chapter 3    He sighed as he remembered the woman his mother brought, he looked at her, and he felt something new, something telling him that the woman needed to stay here in the pack, but she couldn't. She's a human; it will be hard for the pack members to keep their wolf form, primarily when they hunt.    But then he can't say no to his mother, and the woman looks so lost and hurt. He didn't mind it anymore because he knew he wouldn't cross paths with that human. His mother will be taking care of her. He looked above. The sky was so clear. He smiled as he watched the clouds move.    Valen Ashton Craige was once a sweet boy. He smiles a lot, does things that others would love, and enjoy not until he learned about something that changed his whole life. He dedicated himself to being
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Chapter 4 Selene I am not dreaming, right? I saw a werewolf! Oh my! How nice it is to see a werewolf! I’ve been dreaming of seeing one. “Selene?” I came back to my senses when Elina called me. I didn’t realize that I had stayed outside the main house and she had gone inside already. I looked at her and smiled a little. “Are you okay? Are you feeling sick? Maybe you should rest a little more,” she worriedly said. I shook my head. “No, no. It’s just that something caught my attention. I didn’t realize that I had stayed here for a while already,” I answered.She then looked in the direction I was looking. But then I held her arm and pulled her inside. When we reached the dining area, their servants had already served the food.We sat down and started eating. Her son didn’t eat with us, maybe because he didn’t want my presence. “What caught your attention, Selene?” Elina suddenly asked. I firmed
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Valen Ashton
Chapter 5 Selene I woke up with the smell of ethanol around me. The first thing that came in my mind was the question: what happened? I slept soundly yesterday night, so why did I wake up in one of the rooms of their clinic? I looked around and saw no one. I slowly get up from bed and find my slippers. I looked at the clock on the wall and it said 9:30 in the morning. It’s already late for my usual waking time. I removed the oxygen tube on my nose and stood up. I rolled my IV stand as I walked. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. Luckily the clinic’s bathroom is complete with essentials and they all look new. I wiped my face and sighed deeply. I am curious about what happened to me but then I can’t ask anyone yet. I stayed in the bathroom for a while when I heard someone open the door. I didn’t go out yet and listened. “Mom, she needs to leave!” I know that voice. Ashton. He’s talking with Aunt Elina and he still wants m
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Chapter 6 SeleneI looked outside the window, and the leaves were starting to fall. Another season will enter; here I am waiting for Valen’s call. It’s time. We will be going to his company, and I’ll be cooperating with him. I’ll have my father’s last will and, hopefully, have my father’s company back in my hands.I sighed deeply as I watched the kids run around the wide garden of the main house. Aunt Elina will cook them some sweets today, that’s why they are here. I still can’t understand why they respect Valen and Aunt Elina so much. Like in a country, they are the president. The government, but then they also live here in the City of Bloom. My forehead creased, though evading my mind. I heard a knock on the door. “Selene,” I looked at Aunt Elina and gave her a small smile. She smiled back and entered my room. “How was your therapy?” she asked. “It’s great, and I love talking to my doctor,” I answered. She went towards me and looked at the window. She smiled again as she saw
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Chapter 7Selene I look at Valen as he is standing in front of my bedroom door here in their main house, telling me that it’s time already. I can find my voice to speak so I breathe deeply. “Yo-you found it?” I said stuttering and almost losing my voice to even finish my question. He stared at me for a while and nodded. And that’s when I burst into tears. I sat down on the floor in front of him. The letter that my dad left me is finally here. It’s time to reclaim what is mine. “Hey, stop crying. Mom might think that I am making you cry,” he said and leveled down with me. He even gave me a handkerchief. I accepted it and laughed a little at what he said. I guess he’s a mama’s boy. He does not want Aunt Elina to be angry at him. I stood up and wiped my tears away. “Will I be able to get back to my father’s company already?” I asked. He nodded. “Yes, but you need to come with me to my company first. We will be talking to my lawyer and he will help you file a case against your st
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Time to Say Goodbye
Chapter 8 Selene I was busy packing my things already when I heard someone open the door, I looked at my back and saw Aunt Elina. I gave her a small smile and continued fixing my clothes into the luggage that Valen bought for me. "Let me help," she softly said and started fixing my clothes also. I do not have many clothes here so one big piece of luggage is enough. "You're not busy?" I asked. She was very busy these past few days because she said that Valen's father will be home in two weeks' time and that she needed to prepare something. Sadly, I won't be able to meet her husband, Valen's father because I am set to leave the next day already. "I'm already done with the things I needed to do. I want to enjoy the last few days with you," she answered. Sadness invades my heart, I can't help the emotion that I am feeling. She's already my mom, and she really treated me like her own daughter because she didn't have one, she only had Valen. "You know, you can visit me in my c
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Chapter 9 Selene “Are you ready?” I took a deep breath and looked at Valen who was sitting beside me. There is a lot of press outside the Brown Company, my father’s company. His sweat and blood. “I guess so, it’s now or never,” I answer. “Yes, right. Come and make your big entrance,” he said and was about to open the door of the car but then we saw a woman going out of the building shouting. It’s no other than my step mother. “What is this?” she shouted. We can clearly hear her because all of the press became quiet. “What are you guys doing here in front of my company?” and now she’s angry. I can’t help but smile. Really? Her company. Pathetic woman.. “Your stepmother really has a thick face, huh? Didn’t she know how to fact check? If the company is really hers?” I was shocked at what Valen’s said but I just laughed so that he wouldn't notice it. “Someone called us here because a big news will be coming out so we will wait,” one of the reporters said. I chuckled. “I guess
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Olivia and Thomas
Chapter 10 VALEN I went straight home, after fixing everything Selene’s need. I can’t understand myself right now, I can explain my emotions. I should be happy that Selene won’t be staying in our pack anymore. My pack freely moves and shifts anytime without worrying that Selene might see them.I looked at the trees on the way home, my car stopped and I saw my mom waiting for me. I sighed deeply, I know she will ask about Selene. She was so fond of Selene because she really wants a daughter. Luckily, she’s not pressuring me to marry someone. I got out of the car and mom immediately went to me. “How is she?” she asked. I chuckled. She didn’t even ask me how the trip was on the way home. Tsk.“She's fine, mother. She can handle herself,” I answered and entered the house already. “Are you sure, Valen?” she asked again and followed me inside my office. I sat down on my chair and started looking at the papers left to me. I have so much work to do. And my mom here is pestering me. It
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