Between The Alpha's War

Between The Alpha's War

By:  S.E Dymek  Completed
Language: English
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Jace shoved her up against the wall, his knuckles hitting it as he did. The wall cracking beneath his fist. “I said you're going to listen to what I say!” He growled, tightening his grip slightly on her arms. A smirk appeared on her perfect lips. The smirk drove him insane. “And I said I will do what I want.” Nora said, her eyes daring him. ************************************ Nora comes home late one night to find blood. Nora's world was destroyed in one night. Struggling to be normal she bumps into Alpha Jace who must kill her. He knows her secret. Jace is about to end her life when his wolf howls Mate. Nora instantly hates Jace, connecting the dots. She realizes what ruined her life. She dives into this new world with revenge. What will happen if others find out Nora's secret? Can Jace save her? Is Nora the key to saving them all?

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82 Chapters
Chapter One
*Warning this book contains scene of violence, foul language, sexual content, adult situations that may be triggers to some, and is not suitable for all ages.* Shattered: Something was wrong. She knew it the instant she pushed the front door open to her home. The door, the way it moved was wrong. She stared at the yellow door as it swung back to her. Her mother had been going on about painting the door for weeks now and just had finally done it. The door swung back open, creaking as it did. Her breath caught in her throat as she pushed herself. She stepped inside the dark house. Her house was always warm and comforting. It was cold and the chill gave her instant goosebumps. She could hear the tv static coming from the living room as she stepped inside. “Mom?” She called into the darkness, her voice shaking. She began making her way to the living room, dread in her stomach. Her mom spent most nights passed out on the couch. She would fall asleep watching tv after working her shif
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Chapter Two
 Broken: “Damn it Nora! Wake up!”  The sound of beer bottles being tripped on echoed through the room as they were kicked about. “Look at this mess! Nora wake the hell up!”  A hand shook her awake. She rolled over groaning. Her head was killing her, as she rolled over she knocked over a beer bottle. The bottle crashed to the floor spilling the remaining liquid everywhere.  “You need to get up. God you need a shower and we need to get going.” A strong hand said as  Nora was yanked up. Nora growled and yanked her arm away but stumbl
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Chapter - Three
Nightmare: Dread pitted in her stomach as they made their way up the walkway to the school. Entering through the gym her stomach knotted. She saw the hard stares of the cheerleaders. As she walked by they leaned in and whispered to each other. She used to be one of them. She was even going to college on a scholarship from cheerleading. She would go to practice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with them. Laura and her would be in constant contact about new routines. She was one of the lead cheerleaders, they looked up to her. Cheerleading had been her life. She thought the squad were her friends but when her world crashed and burned they were the first to let her fall and drift away. “Let's see how long she makes it today. Anyone want to place bets?” Laura giggled as Nora walked past.Read more
Chapter Four
Struggle: Jace leaned over his desk, his eyes shut squeezing his hands into it. He could feel the wood giving under his hands. A map laid out in front of him. All little red markers on it, a total of ten now. He was trying to focus down his anger. The office door creaked open and Dante walked in. Jace knew who it was before the door was even opened. There were only two people who would just walk in his office without waiting to be approved. Dante and Wyatt. Jace’s ice blue snapped open staring down whoever walked in. Dante threw his hands up  a smirk on his face. ‘I come in peace.” Dante said, trying to lighten the very heavy mood. Jace grunted but didn't respond. He looked back over the map, trying to find a pattern or something that would make sense.
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Chapter Five
 Space: Jace walked out of his office, deciding running would be the best thing for both him and his wolf. He walked through the den, several men who were there stood seeing their Alpha walk in; they bowed their heads respectfully. Jace nodded back, walking to the door.  “Dante, I'm going out.” Jace's mind linked him not seeing him anywhere close by. “Want company?” Dante replied back, his voice playful. “No. Let me know when you hear back from Kip’s pack.” Jace said back his voice, not thrilled. “Yes Alpha.” Dante replied back. Read more
Chapter Six
Ready:Jace stared down the mirror, his ice blue eyes staring back at him. What just happened? He never disconnected from his wolf before. He  couldn't recall anything that happened. He was angry with his wolf, this wolf blocked him out. He didn't even know that was possible. They were supposed to be one. He let out a long breath looking at himself as he tried to control his temper. He was frustrated, angry and felt like he had lost control. He never lost control. He felt like his wolf was keeping something from him. He looked harder at the mirror as if it held some type of answer.“Alpha” Dante’s voice chimed in his head.“Go ahead.”“I spoke with Kip’s beta. They will meet at the local theater. “ Dante reported.“The theater.” Jace repeated“That's what they said.” Jace could hear the frown in Dante&rsquo
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Chapter Seven
 Damage Control:Jace walked outside to find Dante leaning against his cobalt blue Audie R8. Jace growled slightly and Dante quickly got out of the car with a silly smirk on his lips. “Where to boss?” Dante chuckled as Jace approached them.“I dont care after dealing with Rosie and the stress of Kip anywhere that has hard liquor.” Jace grumbled going around to the driver side.“Rosie? How did you handle her?” Dante said, busting a smile as he spoke.“I didn't.” Jace groaned.“You know she wants to be your Luna right?” Dante said to his back.“Dante, do
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Chapter Eight
 Luna:Joel turned up the radio already blasting dance music and was jamming out by the time they pulled into the parking lot of the club. The blue neon lights of the sign beamed down into the parking lot give everything a blue hazy glow. Nora looked up at the sign. The word Luna was hanging off a crescent shaped moon. Typical night club with some moon name. Nora thought, rolling her eyes. Joel was a perfect gentleman and beat her to open her own door. She smiled softly as the door opened andJoel offered her his hand to get out. “Why thank you kind sir.” Nora chuckled while getting out of the car. “Your welcome milady. Now the fun begins.” Joel said to her, making a funny face. “Joel I-<
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Chapter Nine
Hunting:He stalked her from the outside of the dance floor. Did she know he was here? Was she hunting? He watched her giggle as she bumped into someone and made her way back to the bar. The bartender leaned over whispering softly to her. Jace’s wolf inside growled. He had been pacing on the inside of him and now was angry. Jace was confused trying to connect the dots.Listen, I need you to get yourself in check. He thought to his wolf.The bartender rubbed her hand softly as he handed her another shot. Jace stepped forward the anger from his wolf affecting him now. A shot girl walked by him and he scooped one off the tray downing it. What the hell was going on with him.How do you not know. His wolf growled inside of him.Read more
Chapter Ten
Shifting:The pain rushing through her was mind numbing. She felt like her skin was going to melt off. She grabbed on to the stranger in front of her. Sweat poured down her back as her body began to convulious. Everything hurts, it hurts to breathe. Something invisible is attacking her. She squeezed her eyes shut as she gritted her teeth. She could taste blood in her mouth. Then everything stopped. She opened her eyes slowly, darkness. Everything was pure black, a haunting light appeared off in the distance. Then a rush of wind. Nora shielded her eyes. A metal smell flooded her nose. Her stomach curled in on itself. She knew the smell right away. It was a smell that hunted her. Blood. Images began to flash through her head. A family slaughtered in a small cabin. Wolf tracks on the floor covered in blood. A woman comes home to find her family dead. The ima
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