Rising From the Ashes

Rising From the Ashes

By:  JD Faber  Updated just now
Language: English
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After a horrific event, Lexi is taken away from her family, never to see them again. Her life that used to be a dream, has now become a cruel reality. That is, until her brother finds her. What will happen to her? Can the past be easily forgotten, or will it continue to haunt her? Rising from the Ashes, tells the tale of a strong female, destined for greatness. However, she must learn to overcome her past. ***This story contains mature scenes. Scenes may contain rape, abuse, and s****l content. Viewer discretion is advised.***

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    1. Prologue
    It's amazing how one moment can change your life forever. One action, one missed opportunity, one unexpected experience, can be the difference between living a dream, or trapped in a nightmare.Ten years ago, what started out as a dream, quickly turned into the nightmare that is my reality. That night is still a blur. To this day, I've no idea how I survived. Part of me wishes that I didn't.Xavier, my brother's best friend surprised me by picking me up from school. He recently got his license, and wanted any excuse to be able to drive. My brother was staying late at school for soccer practice. I was fully intending to walk home, when Xavier came speeding up to the front of the school."Get in." He called, and motioned me to the car. A large smile crossed my face, and I ran over to Xavier's car. I was always excited to get a chance to ride with him. For his sixteenth birthday, his parents took him to a car dealership, and allowed him to pick out any
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    2. After the Fire
    That was the last time I saw Ryker. Ten years have passed. I barely understood what had happened myself. I just remember waking up in a strange place. The last thing I remembered was being in the hospital, before the doctor came to get me to runs some tests. The next thing I know, I'm waking up in a strange bedroom. Over time, I had come to find out that there had been a major warehouse fire, that I was somehow involved in. My parents had come there for some reason, but unfortunately they had died in the fire. It never made a lot of sense, but I quickly found out that no one cared to tell me what actually happened. The more questions I would ask, the more questions I would be left with. They would only tell me basic information. Such as, because I had no other family, and Ryker was too young to take care of me. I was placed into the foster system. I had been deemed an orphan. I wanted so much to see my brother again. I dreamt every night to have him back. That night, I
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    3. Lucky's
    Hours later, I make my way out to the field, where my commencement ceremony is about to begin. I grab a gown and cap, and sit with the others from my class. When I'm called up on stage, I grab my certificate, and quickly look out at the crowd. Not expecting anyone to actually be there for me. Just as I'm about to turn, and head back to my seat, I see a man in black standing by the tree. His gaze transfixed on mine. I can't make out any of his features, as his hood is covering his face. I shake my head, thinking I'm probably just seeing things, and make my way back to my chair. The rest of the ceremony I can't shake this weird feeling. As though I'm being watched. I can feel the hair on the back of my neck stand in alert. Once the ceremony is finished, everyone disperses and finds their loved ones. I head back to the auditorium, and hand back my cap and gown. I grab my bag from my locker, and head to work. I've worked at the local gentlemen's club, Lucky's, for a couple
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    4. Shadows From the Past
    "Your girl?" The assailant nearly spits. His eyes narrowed. If looks could kill, Dan would be dead. "Yes, my girl. Destiny is working tonight." "No. She's not." The assailant snaps at him, gently pushing me in front of him.Dan raises his hand to firmly set it on my shoulder. Attempting to pull me to him. Without hesitating, the assailant grabs his hand, pulling it backwards. He immediately twists Dan's arm behind his back, pulling down. Dan cries out in pain, and several bouncers swarm around us. The assailant doesn't look the least bit fazed. "We're leaving." He says to no one in particular. Rather more of a statement. "You sir, are welcome to leave. But Destiny is staying here." Dan bites back, fighting off the pain in his shoulder. "That wasn't a question." The assailant bites back, swiftly pulling a gun from his side, and raising it to meet Dan's head. Dan immediately freezes, raising his head, and nods. The assailant wraps
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    5. A Dark Nightmare
    As I open the door, I barely miss a glass vase from splitting against my skull. I hear the crash moments later, and see the remains of the vase and flowers falling to the floor. “Whats going on?” “This doesn’t concern you girl.” He speaks with venom in his mouth. “I told you, they were just from a friend!” My foster mother Tabitha yells at him.Craig is an insecure possessive drunk. He is insecure about his drinking, along with being overly jealous of others. He has chased door to door salesmen out of the house with a baseball bat, as he felt that they were only there to take his wife from him. He continued to spit doubt, that she would leave him for any other man. I slip past them, into my room and breathe a sigh of relief that I made it unscathed. I lie back on my bed staring at the ceiling for a moment. My mind continuing to wander. After a moment, I grab a bag from my closet, and
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    6. A Taste of Freedom
    About an hour later, I feel the car slowing down. We must be nearing our destination. I'm groggy from the events before, so I can only make out a few things, as I slip in and out of consciousness. I see beautiful mansions along the road. I find myself daydreaming about what it would be like to grow up in a house like that. Suddenly the car comes to a stop, I feel absolutely confused as to where we are. After what just happened, I couldn’t even care less as to where we are. For the first time, I'm safe. We could arrive at a cardboard box in the middle of nowhere, and I would still love it, compared to staying at that house of horror for one more night.I find myself growing more tired. I decide to rest my eyes for a little bit. I can hear people talking. I can't make out who it is, or where it’s coming from. All I see is darkness, and the darkness is enticing me to go back to sleep. “Please Xaviar, I will do anything, but there’
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    7. Forgive But Never Forget
    Once I've finished my shower, I make my way downstairs. I'm once again lost. Why couldn’t he have drawn me a map? I can hear some noise coming from one of the rooms to my right. I open the door, to see an immaculate kitchen. Xavier is in the kitchen cooking up a storm.“I didn’t know you can cook.” I say as I lean against the counter.“There seems to be a lot you don’t know about me.” My eyes drop in disappointment for not recognizing Xavier earlier.“I’m sorry about earlier. It’s just been a long time since I’ve seen you. You’ve changed a lot since then.” I bite my lip in embarrassment.He looks up at me as I follow his gaze to my mouth. I see what looks like arousal, before he quickly adjusts himself, and his normal look of seriousness reappears.“Anyways, I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. I know I don’t deserve any of it, but just k
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    8. Ghosts From the Past
    After a short while, I walk into the room Xavier told me, and sit across from him on the couch. The room is lit by a giant fireplace across from us. I grab the blanket sitting at the top of the couch, and wrap it around myself. Pulling my feet close against me. I stare into the flames. It reminds me of that night.I continue to look at the fire, hypnotized by the flames. I no longer fear it, like I used to as a kid. But that doesn't mean I'll ever forget."Do you remember the fire?" I ask. Not really intending it to be a question, but more of a statement. Not allowing him to respond, I carry on."My parents were trapped, unable to escape their imminent deaths. That night took everything away from me. That night changed my life. My parents were trapped in that building where they burned to death. Then when I was taken into foster care, I was placed in so many horrible homes that I found my freedom by running. It was only once I was out of the homes that I felt sa
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    9. The Lost Lovers
    "Well for starters, I own my own company now."My eyes bulge from his confession."What's your company?"Xavier looks a bit nervous before he says "Davenport Industries".I sit up alert, and stare at him."Wait.. What? As in 'The Davenport Industries? The multimillion dollar tech firm?""Billion." Xavier coughs out. My eyes go wide as I continue. "The same firm that has everyone from the around the world watching to see what will be designed next. The same Davenport Industries that has a private contract with the government?" This time Xavier cuts me off, before I can continue rambling. Xavier brushes hair from my face slowly, meeting my gaze. "Yes, the one and only." I pause for a second, letting what he said register in my brain. "Wait a second, how are you the CEO?" Xavier smirks once again. I don't know what it is, but I love the way he smiles. I love seein
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    10. Xavier's Army
    ...Xavier POV...I wake up during the middle of the night, to screams of terror. I jump out of bed, trying to figure out what's going on. I can hear Lexi screaming. Without thinking, I immediately run from my room, running through the hall, until I reach her room. I look around, trying to figure out what is happening. Only to see her asleep. She must be having a nightmare. I hear her call out for her parents. I immediately feel a tang of pain knowing that they're gone.“Please! Anybody? Help!” She screams. I come close to her, and gently try to wake her from her night terror.“No! It can’t be you!” She screams. Tears are beginning to run down her cheeks. I lie down next to her, and try to comfort her. “No! Please! Leave me alone! Why won’t you just leave me alone!” I pull her close to me, running my hand through her hair, and placing gentle kisses along the si
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