My Alaskan Mountain Man

My Alaskan Mountain Man

By:  Carmen Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Cammie and Callie the sisters from San Fransisco. Cammie the kind and sensible sister always taking the lead in how and when and where they live, while Callie is the wild, carefree sister, always relying on her sister to do all the responsible stuff. That is until Callie decides it’s time for her to go it alone. Upping-sticks and moving to Chicago, Callie lands a job in a strip club as a waitress. Where she meets the man of her dreams…. After some convincing Callie entices Cammie on a once in a lifetime holiday to Alaska with her new seriously rich boyfriend and his cousin and uncle. With promises of good times, dining out in lavish log cabin hotels and drinking cocktails by the fireplace, while over looking the beautiful Alaskan scenery. The only question is, is Callies new boyfriend everything he say he is? Things take a dark turn and Callie and Cammie find themselves scrambling and fighting for their lives. Will someone find them, help them? Robin, a good, down to earth, hard working, god given, mountain man. Burned from a previous relationship, not sure if he would be able to put himself out there to find someone new. Not wanting to face betrayal and hurt like that again. Content to live his solitary, dream life of running his self sustaining homestead miles away from the nearest town. Little does he know a broken dove by the name of Cammie brings trouble and temptation straight to his door.

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36 Chapters
The After Party
As I wake I feel cold and numb all over except for a painful, thunderclap headache, everything is dark apart from a few dim blurry lights coming from the trucks back lights. I don’t know if it’s my eyes or if it’s from the dark but I can’t seem to focus my eyes on anything. I go to rub my eyes to try and clear my vision and I realise my hands are tied. I know I’m in the back of a truck and it’s cold and windy. The truck is bouncing up and down as we drive along the uneven surface, it’s making me roll around uncontrollably and I keep knocking my head on the bottom of the truck bed. I can hear shouts and leery slurs coming from the cabs open windows. That’s when I feel something heavy slam into me, something else is thumping around in the back of the truck next to me.I strain my eyes in the pitch dark to try and make out what it is, it looks like a sack, but as my eyes adjust to the dark, attached to the sack looks like some kind of blond ruffled mop of fluff or hair. Then I see a gl
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The Hunt
From the position I’m laying in on the back of the truck bed, I can just see over the open edge of the flap at the back of the truck. The locked box has been lifted up and out of the back of the truck. Thomas has unlocked it and flipped the lid open and now all three men are staring down into the open box. It takes a moment before Thomas pulls out a hunting rifle. I can’t help it, my eyes are as big as saucers and a panic takes hold of me. Frozen with unadulterated fear I stare at them. Trying in vain to desperately think of a way to get away from these monsters. At this point, apart from a waning moan from Callie all I can think of is, if I can untie my feet or if they untie my feet I will have to make a run for it even if it means leaving my dear sister behind. Maybe I could get help for her somewhere near by. I look around again trying desperately to see a light in the dark, any sign of a house or anything at all in the dense forest. For the briefest moment I think I see a
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The broken dove
This will be the last hunt before the winter hits, I really need to find a good sized antelope for butchering, Robin thinks to himself. He’s been trekking for more then half the day and is starting to loose hope of finding anything to hunt. The storm is starting to form on the horizon and it’s going to be a long trek back to the cabin.As usual Robin finds his thoughts turn to Mindy and what could have been. Even after a whole year, he still finds it hard to let go, to not think about her, and to not think about the ultimate betrayal she and his brother had done against him. Trying to concentrate on the task at hand, Robin turns his thoughts back to the hunt. Besides he's made a promise to himself that he's going to try his best not to think about them anymore. Looking up at the sky, watching as the dark clouds roll in, assessing how much time he has before he needs to turn back in order to get back to the cabin before the storm hits. “I’ll give it another half-hour then turn b
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Help arrives
Time is passing slowly for Robin, watching the clock seems to be making it go even slower. Constantly looking out the windo every ten minutes to see if the Sheriff has arrived yet. Still nothing, then back to Watching the clock again. Of course Robin is well aware that his cabin is at least an hour away from town and that is in peak weather conditions. With this heavy snow falling it could not only lengthen the trip by an extra hour or even an hour and a half, it could also potentially be dangerous and life threatening on some of the worse dirt roads coming up the mountain. Which the thought of, makes Robin even more tense. Feeling like if he had to look out the window one more time would drive him crazy, Robin decides to go check on the girl. For all he knows, she may be dead already. Opening the bedroom door, Robin notices his hand is shaking, nerves kicking in now. He definitely hopes to find her still breathing. He edges towards the bed, there is no movement at all from the girl
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I’m tired, as the Sherif and I cook something for all of us to eat, I’m on auto pilot. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat even if the food somehow comes out edible. The Sheriff motions for me to take a seat at the table, “you’ve been through a lot today, take a seat and rest. I’ll do the cooking”. I watch as he moves around the kitchen, answering him with one word answers when he asks where the pans are or where the cups are. I feel like I can’t keep my eyes open and a heaviness takes over my body. I lay my head on my arms and close my eyes. *** I wake to quiet voices talking, “Doc, how is she? Did she make it?” I plead for information. Doc, “yes hun, I’ve done what I can for her but only time will tell if she makes it through. I have administered a pain jab that should last the night and I have her on a drip. She’s having intravenous antibiotics for any infection she might have. I am limited with the tools and medication I have here. We will have to get her to the hospital
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A pigs ear
Early the next morning Doc wakes me with a mug of coffee, “seems she slept through, thank you for taking the first shift. I will take over this morning, you go get yourself some breakfast. Henry says the wind from the storm has blown something over in the animal enclosure. I’m sure you will be wanting to get that seen to as soon as possible.” She smiles down at me with her kind eyes. I get up, “I thought I heard a loud thump last night, I hope it’s nothing serious, it’s still snowing quite heavily out there”, I say as I look out the window to try and see what the damage is. “I’m sure Henry won’t mind giving you a hand repairing it, whatever it is”, she says. “I tried to wash most of the blood from your coat yesterday after I removed it from her, it’s hanging over near the fire, I hope it’s dried by now.” I take my mug of coffee and head out the room after one last look over at her laying there, just making sure I can see her chest rise and fall as she breathes. *** “Good m
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Chafed lips
“Ahhhh” a loud high pitched agonising scream, makes me wake with a jerk. I bump my head on the wooden armrest and topple off from my perched position on the uncomfortable two seater. Dazed and confused at first, still in that sleep slumber, “ow! damn it!", I rub the back of my head where I just knocked it. Suddenly I realise where the scream came from and I stumble-run straight for the bedroom. I fall into the room with a crash. Doc turns in her chair with a “shhh”, she’s holding the girls hand and humming a song, while stroking her arm gently. Doc to me, “it was a nightmare”, she says as if it was of no concern. The girl opens her eyes when she realises Doc is speaking to someone other then her. At first she has surprise on her expression. The Sheriff comes in looking just as surprised, “what’s all the commotion about?”. We all look at the girl, she in turn is looking at us. She looks to me and says in a weak voice, “you...put lip balm...on my chafed lips?” I give her
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Cammie’s point of view
Waking up for the first time, it feels like my whole body is weighted down and is made of lead. I open my eyes and wait for them to adjust to the light. Looking straight up I can see the yellow-brown-red of the wooden struts holding up a wooden roof. From what I can tell the walls are made of the same wood. It looks like I must be in a wooden cabin of some sorts. I try to lift my head, but only manage lifting it the tiniest way before the effort of using my stomach muscles send shooting pains up and down my body. Not to mention giving me a woozy head. “Isshhhh” I wince and lay my head back down. “Your awake!”, I hear a soft woman’s voice say. I move only my eyes in the direction of the the voice. A tall, slender, older woman with long waves of grey and silver hair and a broad smile and kind face stands up and walks to me. “Shh, hush now, don’t try to move too much. You are safe and we are taking care of you. You may feel a little confused, but that is completely normal. I am a
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An awful nightmare
“Barry, my love!” Callie squeals and runs up to a handsome man. She throws her arms around his neck in an excitable embrace. He looks like he could do with a hair cut and his beard is one of those scraggly, messy types that get left to grow without being shaped or trimmed for tidiness. He may not look like a million bucks, but the car he is driving sure means he’s got money, just like Callie said. He gives Callie a big old hug and grabs her arse with a squeeze, “hello baby, I’ve missed you sooo much!” He turns to me after their embrace and smiles with a lovely genuine smile that immediately makes me feel relaxed, and I can now see what Callie sees in him. Hmm, she normally has terrible taste in men, but going against my better judgement, I kind of think they might just work as a couple. They are kind of cute together. I know I’m dreaming, but, Oh, what a wonderful dream this is...... I can feel the happiness radiating from Callie, she is positively beaming a
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Not what I was expecting
Deliberating it in my mind, I do think it is time for proper introductions, I can’t keep calling the doctor lady, Doctor lady! And I can’t keep calling the hunky bearded man, Bearded man! And I most certainly couldn’t call him, Hunky Bearded Man to his face. I place my cup on the table next to me, it causes me to flinch and I interrupt what the doctor lady is telling the bearded man about why it’s a good idea for me to get out of bed and move around. They both hear me flinch and turn to look at me with big, expectant eyes. That’s when the older gentleman comes into the room. I stare back at them with big petulant eyes, as if to say I’m okay it was just a flinch. The older gentleman then says, “what is your name dear girl?” It crosses my mind for a split second that maybe they aren’t the good people they are trying to come across as. Maybe they've kidnapped me and done this to me. After all, no matter how hard I try to remember, I just can’t seem to recall what
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