The Alpha's Banished Mate

The Alpha's Banished Mate

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His hands gently pressed on her waist, caging her and drawing her closer. He brushed her lips softly with his parted ones. She leaned into him, surprised at how natural it felt to be held against him, the man who made her want to flee for the hills and strip naked at the same time. "Even if you were the only woman left in this world, I would never accept you as my mate.” Blaze's eyes grew darker under the lighting, making Lilith squirm under his intense gaze. Alpha Blaze Westbrook is the future alpha of the Blood Moon pack. He always dreams of having the strongest she-wolf as his mate, one who would replace his mother's position as Luna within the pack perfectly. His hope shatters when he finds that his mate is none other than the pack's sigma. Torn between the pack's principles and the mate pull, he is forced to disregard his mate. Will he be able to fight against the mate pull or will he fight against his pack's principles and accept the pack's sigma as his mate? But will the pack accept the weakest she-wolf as their future Luna?

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87 chapters
Chapter 1 - Waiting for the mating season
Lilith Venerelli heard a rustle in the bushes on the opposite river bank. Her eyes flew open in alert. She quietly propped herself up against the river bed.Her lips tugged up into a smile when Jayden, her boyfriend, appeared through the bushes. Her wolf growled in displeasure before disappearing to the back of her mind.He was shirtless. His chest and arms were glistening with sweat. It was obvious that he had been on a run. Lilith shamelessly let her eyes trail the length of his body knowing well enough that he was also staring at her.“I’m required to guard the pack borders today. Just thought I’d check in on you, babe. I knew I would find you here.” Lilith melted at his simple, yet sweet words.“You should really get going then.” She said softly, unable to keep the smile off her face.He ran his long fingers through his silky blonde hair as his eyes glazed over, indicating that he was mind linking someone bef
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Chapter 2 - Their last run?
The next day, Lilith woke up to her wolf howling impatiently from within her mind. It was at any seconds now that her wolf would break through those walls caging her inside. Lilith groaned while sitting up in bed. She fisted her comforter tightly and fought against her wolf.‘Not now, Lucy!’ Lilith chided as she moved to get off her bed.‘It’s been days since I’ve been out for a run. Let me out!’ She insisted and kicked the walls with her paws. Lilith winced when her head pinched in pain thanks to her stubborn wolf’s tantrums.Lucy would always show temper tantrums whenever she couldn’t have her way. No one would believe that they have true warrior blood running through their veins with the way her wolf behaves.‘Okay, fine! I’ll let you out in about twenty minutes. Let me have some breakfast first.’ She tried to persuade Lucy while making her way downstairs to find her parents in the kitch
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Chapter 3 - The mating season gone wrong?
Lilith couldn’t stop smiling occasionally whenever she thought about mating with Jayden tonight.After lunch, Lilith took out the red dress she had chosen for the mating gathering. This dress caught her attention when she went shopping with Aria last week. She decided right then and there that this dress was perfect for this special event.“Are you sure you don’t need help getting ready, sweetie?” Erica Venerelli stood in the open doorway leading inside Lilith’s room.“No, thanks, mom.” Lilith told her mom. “Aria is coming over soon.”“Are you feeling okay?” Erica asked for the umpteenth time today.“I’m fine, mom.” Lilith shook her head, her long dark hair sliding across her shoulder.“Okay then… Later.” Erica nodded before hesitantly leaving.Lilith knew that there was something troubling her mom but she completely ignored it think
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Chapter 4 - Wolfless?
When they were close enough to touch her, Lilith was pulled out of the bewitching trance the haze had upon her and ran into the woods. Fierce growls echoed from behind her, sounding closer than she would have wanted. She kicked her legs to move quicker but it seemed like all her powers were gone. For the first time ever since she was born, she felt like she was a mere human being and that alone scared the crap out of her. ‘Lucy, are you there?’ Lilith asked her wolf when she felt her stirring anxiously. ‘Barely’ Lucy’s voice sounded weak. ‘What is wrong with you?’ Lilith’s heart sank as she realized that she was on her own in this fight against the male werewolves and the Moon Goddess. Lucy wouldn’t be able to help her at all. Lilith couldn’t comprehend why Lucy was getting weaker as time ticked by and why she couldn’t feel any of her powers. As a ranked warrior within the pack, she should have been able to fend herself despite her wol
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Chapter 5 - Something felt off about her scent... heat!
Blaze Westbrook, the future Alpha of the Blood Moon pack, sat with his back against the trunk of an old maple tree at the foot of the cross mountain.It was not hard to see beneath the haunting of the full moon. The moon hung up high in the dark sky, bathing everything in a soft blue hue. The trees casted eerie shadows, looking ghostly but Blaze used his wolf’s eyesight to detect any movements through the dark forest. He leaned his head against the tree trunk as his mind wandered off to the conversation he had with his parents this morning. They have been constantly reminding him of attending the mating gathering tonight. Their wish was unwavering. Since he was the future Alpha, he had to attend the gathering to find his mate but it didn’t sound appealing to him.It’s been five years ever since he turned eighteen and he hasn’t had any luck in finding his mate during the past mating seasons held every year. Either his mate hadn&rsquo
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Chapter 6 - I dare you to reject me
How could his mate be in heat at this time of the year? No one had ever been in such predicament before, that too, during the mating season unless the one hundred year old myth about the sigma was true?Blaze did not want to believe something that was only known as a myth. Yet, he still couldn’t help but think why the Moon Goddess chose to degrade Lilith to being the pack’s sigma.If Lilith was the next pack’s sigma then there was no way his parents will accept her as his destined mate and the pack’s destined Luna. She could pose a threat to the pack. That meant only one thing; Blaze wouldn’t be able to accept her as his mate.It was getting hard for him to calm his wolf when his mate was oozing such a sensuous scent. His breath hitched before his breaths started to shake as he got another whiff of her heat.He clenched his fingers tightly. His nails grew back into claws and his canines extended. No matter how much he tried t
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Chapter 7 - Banishment?
Blaze leaned closer, their faces drawing near, and he could feel the heat of her breath mingling with his. He closed his eyes when he got a nice whiff of her delicious scent. His jaw ticked in anger. It drove his wolf insane that he couldn’t touch her that he couldn’t tell her why he had to stay away from her. Lilith’s belly churned with different emotions, fear, anticipation and desire, desire? She resisted that strong emotion, wanting nothing to do with it. Lilith’s eyes glistened with unshed tears and her lips trembled in fear. Bash whined and reluctantly let Blaze gain control, his eyes changing back to his normal silver color. Realizing that he reacted impulsively, Blaze backed away. “We’ll have to wait till dawn. That’s when the mating season usually ends.” Blaze said, avoiding her eyes. Hearing this, Lilith quickly put his jacket on to cover herself despite wanting to throw it back on his face. She wasn’t looking forward
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Chapter 8 - The last 100 years old sigma
At her parents’ side, Lilith trembled uncontrollably. She was so distraught she could not speak. Their shoulders shook with silent tears. They couldn’t bear to see their daughter in this state. “Let’s get inside.” Erica advised. They guided Lilith inside the house and sat her down on one of the couches. Lilith tightened Blaze’s jacket around her shoulders. She fisted the material in her hands. She heedlessly breathed in his scent which was strangely soothing. The mate bond was still affecting her emotions. But, my wolf died! Lilith thought. “Lucy is gone, mom! She left me.” Lilith broke down. She was devastated by the loss of her wolf. “What is a sigma, dad? What are they talking about?” Choking back her tears, Lilith asked. She couldn’t control her emotions. She was miffed that the Moon Goddess chose to mess up her life when everything was going accordingly to her plan. “There hasn’t been a record of one in almost one hundred years. People began sayi
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Chapter 9 - Nothing but a simple servant
Lilith was enthralled by the looming trees as she followed the trail to the great valley. The Blood Moon pack ground encompassed a large forest area, two huge mountains and some valleys with the great valley belonging to the Venerelli’s. The great valley stretched away ahead of them for miles, a valley with grass of a rich green, well-timbered, but more as a park is timbered. Winding lines showed here and there revealing the courses of streams and far away, the high masses of hills were visible. The continuous line of the trail was lost amongst clumps of fine tall trees, but odd stretches of it remaining visible showed it angling down until disappearing south-west, towards the pack’s south border. The Blood Moon pack would often use this ground for pack training in werewolf forms since it was the biggest of all the other valleys. Reaching the great valley, Lilith’s mind wandered over to her childhood. She would spend majority of her time training under her parent
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Chapter 10 - Hypnotized by Blaze
Lilith woke up to her mom’s low and urgent voice.“Beta Travis is asking for you at the pack house.”Lilith groaned before nodding with a sigh. She got up and rushed inside her bathroom to get ready for the day.She hurried downstairs once she was done but her mom refused to let her go without having some breakfast.Lilith was aware that her parents were pretending to act like everything was normal. The tension hanging around the house spoke differently. There was less than a week time before she would have to leave the pack. Once she left, there would be no chance of her ever returning.She smiled at her parents while joining them at the kitchen table. She wanted to cherish the little moments she had left with them.She felt nervous when she entered the pack house to find the living room area filled with some pack members. The omegas were running to and fro in a frenzy, trying to keep up with Beta Travis’s list of wo
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