The Alpha's Impressive Mate

The Alpha's Impressive Mate

By:  Maha Noor Malik  Updated just now
Language: English
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Lilians’s past was always a mystery. Growing up with human parents gave her no clues to her origins, but as she comes of age, she could feel there is something lurking underneath. She was anything but ordinary. Along her journey, she meets several guys that may shape her destiny and help figure out who she is. Is one of them destined to be her mate, or could there be more than one? There are powers yet to be unleashed, and mysteries to be solved. Follow Lillian as she figures out who she really is.

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120 chapters
“I can’t leave you. Come with us. If you stay, they will kill you.” Louve told her husband.Drake held her face between his hands and looked at her sadly.“They are after me and our child. I can’t risk losing you both because of me.” He told her holding her large swollen stomach.Tears filled her eyes.“How am I supposed to live without you?” She asked him, her voice cracking in the end.“You have to. For the sake of our baby. If I had another way, I would definitely leave with you both but…we both know there isn’t.” He told her and touched her head with his, “I love you, my darling and I love you too, my child.” He touched her stomach.“And we love you, babe.” She told him with tears now streaming down her face.He kissed her desperately and for the last time because he started hearing the vampires coming towards them.He broke the
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1. Her Mate
Lillian was playing around her late grandma’s house. Her grandmother had just passed away, but she wasn’t upset because she never knew her that well. Her parents were inside with all the other guests. Her grandmother’s house was near the forest. It was a peaceful place to live in. “Lillian!” her father called. She turned around and ran towards him. Her father smiled as he picked her up. “What was my princess doing?” He asked her. “Playing with the plants.” She said. “Really? Are you having fun?” He asked. She nodded. Her father, Liam, carried her to the grass and sat down on it, putting his daughter on his lap. “Daddy.” She called. “Yes, princess?” “Why is everyone wearing black dresses?” she asked. “Hmmm…” he looked up, “When someone falls asleep for eternity and will not wake up, then people come to see that person wearing a black dress as a sign of respect.” “What’s eternity?”
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2. Meet Your Luna
A white wolf was resting her head on her paws with her eyes closed. Her ears twitched when she heard a howl. She raised her head and moved her ears in the direction of the howl. She sighed as she got up. “Always calling when I’m resting.” She complained. She stretched and moved in the direction of the howl. She slowly picked her pace until she was running through the forest. “Freya!” someone called to her. She turned her head and saw a chocolate brown colored wolf running a little further away from her. It was her best friend, Karlie. “Why do you think Alpha is calling us?” She asked Freya while running. They were communicating with through mind link. “Don’t know. We’ll find out when we get there.” She told her. Freya heard someone else running on her other side. “Ladies.” A red wolf greeted them. “Randall. Looking as sharp as always.” Karlie said. The red wolf flashed a smile. “Last one
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3. New worries
Everyone’s eyes were on Lillian. She felt nervous. She moved closer to Ryan’s ear. “Are they going to eat me?” She whispered. Ryan looked at her, amused, and licked the side of her face. He grinned. ‘Well, you do taste good.’ Karlie and Randall laughed secretly, apparently hearing his thoughts. “Yuck… I’m going to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste tomorrow. Your mouth stinks.” She said and made a disgusted face. This time Freya also laughed while her brother looked annoyed. ‘Looks like we have someone else to keep you annoyed.’ Freya grinned. ‘Are you asking for a fight?’ Ryan asked, annoyed. ‘No. I wouldn’t want your stinky breath on me.’ She snickered. ‘I am your Alpha.’ He warned. ‘But you are my stupid brother first.’ He told him and stuck her tongue out at him. Ryan groaned, annoyed at his little sister. “It’s getting late. I should go home.” Lillian said, looking at the sky
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4. His Luna
Ryan went to his house and laid down on the ground kept thinking about Lillian. He smiled, thinking about her, but then his smile faded as he thought about the fight with Shadow. ‘Do I have to make a choice?’ he asked himself, not wanting to make a choice between his pack and Luna. He heard soft paws approaching towards him. He raised his head to see who it was and saw the elder wolf, Esmeralda. He bowed her head in respect. “Elder wolf.” He greeted her. “At ease, Alpha.” She told him. He stood up straight and looked at her. “What brings you here, elder wolf?” he asked her. “I have seen that you met your Luna.” She told him. Esmeralda had the power to see the future, and that is one of the reasons she was made the elder wolf. She was a wise and a kind wolf. She was also his aunt, and he respected her deeply. “Yes.” He answered. “And she is human?” she asked him. “Yes.” He answered with a
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5. The enemies have our Luna
Ryan heard someone yelling in the distance and looked in that direction. He felt Lillian was extremely sad. He wondered if it had something to do with the yelling. Just then Randall came running towards him. “Lillian ran away from her father and ended up running to Shadow’s territory!” Randall told him through mind link. His heart started pounding hard with fear. He howled to gather the elite wolfs. “What now?” Freya asked in an annoyed, sleepy tone. “Our Luna ran to Shadow’s territory.” Randall told her. “What?” she asked in shock. “I’m coming!” In a few seconds, Freya and Karlie were standing in front of them. “What happened?” Freya asked him worriedly. “We don’t know. I only saw her running to Shadow’s territory.” Randall told them. “What do we do?” Karlie asked worriedly. Everyone looked at Ryan for his instructions. Ryan was having trouble deciding what he should do. If he provoked the Midni
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6. Looking into her future
 Ryan waited just outside Shadow’s territory. He was on high alert and looking at the other wolves in front of him very carefully.   “Where is your Alpha?” Ryan asked Blake.   “He is on his way here.” He told him with a smirk.   “Where’s the girl?” Ryan asked him with a snarl.   “What girl?” Blake asked, pretending to play dumb.   “Do not test my patience!” He growled at him.   “And what if we do?” Shadow asked, coming into view.   “I’m here for my Luna, Shadow. She’s just a child and has no part in this.” He told her.   “Your Luna?” he asked amused and laughed at him. “She is not your Luna, she is mine. Unless you’re saying that she can have two wolf mates.”   Ryan looked at her in utter shock. It was not possible. A wolf couldn’t possibly have two mates, let alone a human. It was unheard of
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7. She's not human
Everyone looked at her in shock.   “How?” Shadow asked her.   Esmeralda shook his head at him and looked at Lillian. She then looked at them.   “Let us talk outside.” She told them and walked out.   The rest followed her to Ryan’s house except for Freya, who stayed behind to look after Lillian and Liam.   Just outside, Shadow stopped Blake and told him to guard and keep guard outside.   “Now tell us what you saw. Why is she dying?” Ryan asked her in a desperate and worried tone.   “It’s not her who is dying. But there is death surrounding her.” She told him.   “Meaning that people around her die?” he asked her.   “Yes.” She answered.   “Is she cursed?” Shadow asked, coming forward.   “Yes, and no. It’s a tough question.” She told him.   <
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8. She is my daughter regardless
Freya took Lillian outside while Ryan and Esmeralda talked with her father.   “Would you like something to eat or drink?” Esmeralda asked Liam with the warmest smile.   “Umm, water. Thank you.” He told her there was still some fear in his tone.   Ryan went to the other room and when he came back, he was in his human form, fully clothed and was holding a glass of water. Liam recognized him at once because he had shifted in front of him in the forest earlier. He walked closer to Liam and handed it to him. Liam took the glass with shaking hands. His hands were shaking so badly that water was splashing out of the glass.   “You are still freaked out.” Ryan told him.   “Who? Me? No, I’m not freaking out. You’re freaking out.” He just said without even thinking or realizing what he was saying.   “You are freaking out.” Esmeralda told him and nodded once at him.
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9. Thinking of peace
When Liam and Lillian got home, he saw his wife walking back and forth on the porch worriedly.Hannah saw him coming towards her, with Lillian sleeping against him. She finally took a breath of relief.“Where were you?” She hissed at him quietly.“I’ll explain later.” He whispered to her and went inside.She followed him into Lillian’s bedroom. When he put her down, Hannah caressed her head and kissed her forehead. Then she grabbed her husband’s arm and pulled him to the kitchen and glared at him.“Do you have any idea how worried I was?” she asked him angrily in a low tone.He grabbed her shoulders and looked at her apologetically.“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you or make you feel worried.” He kissed her forehead. “Did you have dinner?” he asked her.“No. I didn’t make anything because I was worried sick about you two.&r
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