The Banish Alpha (#3 Second Chance Alpha series)

The Banish Alpha (#3 Second Chance Alpha series)

By:  Ali_M  Completed
Language: English
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(((If you haven't read the first two books of the second chance alpha series, you should for a better understanding.)))After running into his mate, Brandon walks away. He's Don't want to ruin her life by claiming her and forcing her to carry the burden of the things that he has done. He has been marked as a dishonorable male and has been forced to live as an outcast amongst the humans.But when his mate shows up at the condo, he has a bit of a problem with getting her to stay away.

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15 Chapters
Chapter 2
                        Misty (Brandon's mate) 
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 6
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Chapter 7
Brandon I lay here on the couch as I do every day, letting this guilt and shame of what I have done eat away at me. I didn't get much sleep. It's hard to sleep after having dreams of the person that I've killed.I can still hear her voice in my dream asking me over and over. 'Why, why did you do this?' When I attempt to sleep she appears in my dream. I haven't slept much in the last two days, too ashamed to face her. Too afraid to face what I have done to her. She had always been kind to me. She was a sister to me since the day that Jason brought her to the pack. She was a nice person, she didn't deserve what I did to her. Maybe it's just the guilt of what I've done eating away at me or maybe Ashley has come to haunt my dreams to make me pay for what I've done. I rub my eyes, feeling exhausted from the lack of sleep I have gotten in the last past two days. I want to sleep, I need to sleep, but I don't want to face Ashley and the guilt of what I did to her. Sleeping was once a shor
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Chapter 8
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Chapter 9
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Chapter 10
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