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Sumire Massoullevè, is one of the highest-paid actresses and entitled the top 1 most beautiful woman in the world. The sole daughter of one of the richest business tycoons couple in the country, Sumire has been known for being stubborn and persistent since she was a little girl, she was glamorous yet dark. Born spoiled, Sumire gets everything that she wanted. Being an actress is one of her dreams but dejected by her parents, she still pursues it. Despite having everything she wants, Sumire felt completely unsatisfied. There are two things she greatly desired: One, to meet her favorite mysterious artist in the world of Arts who hides under the pseudonym of DEATH, known for painting high class abstract and tenebrism crime scene arts, an art she admires the most and had a hot night-stand with him. The second was to make the infamous Asexual Ruffian Boss, Mort Dmitriv Aslanov, fall for her. In her unswerving pursuit of the man, Sumire was lost and discovered the gritty world of mafias, crimes, and murders, the swarm of mobs and gangs. Is falling to the Heartless Mafia Boss worth regardless of the difference of their world that may lead her to her demise? Will love and lust collide?

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94 Chapters
At the heart of Brethren City, where the sun sets on the West horizon, lies and stood hundreds of gigantic world-renowned high-class buildings and towers. Centuries of grand design and sculpture came together in the wide avenues to form that eclectic yet peaceful cityscape. A big teeming metropolis where ambitious, greedy, and powerful people from all over the world mark their territory in the city.A famous celebrity who came from a well-known family and the wealthiest people who run half of the global economy resides at the very heart of the city.At the darkened modern luxe bachelor's pad settled in the South Brethren, the home of the most feared man in the world, a maiden barge in the most dangerous and forbidden room for women to enter. Hands clutching her white revealing night-gown on the side.Even it was a red flag for the maiden, Sumire courageously infiltrated the dark masculine throne-like chamber even she was quivering in fear. Windows were open, night zephy
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6 PM. The sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun. The last rays of the day shone one last time softly on the city's bustling streets before bidding its bye. The cool monsoon air carried a sweet moist scent like a candy shop kept inside a refrigerator. Huge giant buildings stood beside the streets of the crowd. Flickering lights, white, reds, and blue-a dazing array of colours that fits together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. Crowds of pedestrians walk on their way home, others can be seen walking along the pavements outside the SWAN shop, a high-class shop for adult toys. Kinky shoppers went inside to buy their needs for sexual satisfaction. A slender guy looking like a woman plastered a sweet smile on his face while reaching the purchased items of his customers. On the other side of the road, monolithic towers stood magnificently and painted structures. Each corner throbbing with activity. Fumes of cigars and cigarettes fill the air in a rush to blend in with
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One week later... In the early 7 o'clock of the morning, a magnificent morning glow in the east. The bright light of the horizon on the east carefully infiltrated the light blue sky, and the new day gradually moved from afar. Sumire was woken up when a series of knock bombs on her chamber. "Yes..." She yawned and get up with her eyes closed. The door quickly opened and her mother appeared to her sight. Lunaire, her mother who is as beautiful as her, gasped when she saw her messy bed hair. Lunaire's strides were big as she approached her spiral big white curtained bed. "What a bad hair you've got, darling." "Morning, mom..." Lunaire took the hair comb near to her bed. She seated next to her and gently comb her daughter's black straight hair. Obviously, Sumire got her father's hair. Her daughter got most of her features and curves. In her 20's, Lunaire was crowned a beauty queen. She also modeled lingeries and ads for fashion clothing lines during her days. She leaves that kind of
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When Sumire regain consciousness, she found herself in a golden scandalously ostentatious traditional bed made for royals with a crimson bedsheet opposite to a kingly chair, making her look like a temptress ready to get devoured for pleasure. Her hands were both cuffed on both sides of the bed. Sumire's dark feline eyes radiated a fierce, darted on the man behind the curtain, and gave him a hostile glare. Her face was just relaxed but her intimidating manner began to show up. "Don't give me that sultry eyes, I might accept your invitation and take you right here." A tattooed man appeared to her sight and approached her bed, with both palms rested inside his pocket, and smiled wickedly. His eyes peruse her body, scanning each of her curves. "That seductive eyes of yours are worth a million, don't you know? Especially those lowest scums who are willing to spend half of their fortune just to satisfy their sadistic side." He continued as his finger teasingly ran from her eyes down to
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The mysterious green-eyed man took the maiden to an elite hospital he owned after he calmed himself down.After 1 hour of driving, he arrived at the hospital. He scooped the maiden and entered the hospital. Few hospital staffs were roaming in the hallway as he strode to the building wearing the messy upper shirt, holding a naked beautiful maiden covered in his trenchcoat, sleeping on his arms. Some were gasped, petrified on their feet, and awe at their Big Boss passed in front of them. The man headed straight to his private suite and went inside. He gently laid Sumire on the bed and cover her with the sheet, he took his spare clothes from the wardrobe and then dressed her. He made a call to his staffs to take care of the maiden. Before he leaves the suite, he took one last look at the maiden who was sleeping soundly on his bed. Outside the hospital...The man was leaning his back against his phantom car while smoking. His black business suit was completely
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When she arrived at her private home, a hot bodyguard in his fitted black shirt with a holster of the gun on his waist, wearing a cap hidden his slight squinted amber eyes. Her personal bodyguard greeted her with a perfect smirk on his face. He is Sumire's most trusted, fearless, and protective bodyguard, named Sam Caux. He stood 6'0 in height, tanned with a well-built body physique.The bodyguard open her car and Sumire got out and assisted her. "Wait for me here, Sam. I'll go change."The bodyguard just nodded and Sumire sauntered inside her home. After 20 minutes, she came out of the house wearing a classy halter lace fitted side string black dress with a silver faux fur shawl around her shoulder, revealing her fair skin and long leg. She wears killer black stilletoes. She had a big, expensive black sunglass on her and a sling bag on her shoulder. Sumire curled her long midnight hair that cascaded down on her back."The car is ready, Milady.""Let's go."Sa
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MDA corporate building. An enormous black stygian located at the South Brethren with a stunning view over the city. The entire building is made with tinted and clear glass and black modern aesthetic exterior design. The height of the building is noticeable from a far away. This architectural masterpiece attracts most of the influential people in the business industry to invest.Inside their car, Sumire's eyes were darted at a certain man standing big and tall in the distance. His massive back faced her. She knew right away it was him! Everything went blurry to her and she only saw and no one else but that man.Sam parked the car and Sumire didn't wait for him to open up the car door for her. The maiden quickly gets out from the back seat. She flipped her hair on the back as she sauntered down the spacious lobby of the building while her bodyguard was left inside the car.The afternoon air gently sweeps her long hair and her white faux fur. She walks down the place like
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Sumire was fell into silence, cheeks burning in red. She was unable to move on her place as Mr. Aslanov eyed her intently, no emotions cruising in his dark pair of emerald eyes. She shyly looks away. His fixed gaze gave her an uncomfortable feeling. She couldn't meet his eyes.The deafening silence flooded inside the office suite. The maiden could hear her heart thumping loudly on her chest. Her knees went jelly."But I am not sexually attracted to you."Simple and straightforward, he said. It was plain and sounded harsh but sexy at the same time. "So, you are romantically attracted to me."Sumire quickly stares and meet his intense gaze. 'What a straight-faced man.' She utters in her mind. "No."He bluntly said and there's no hint of lies that can be heard in his tone. Damn, his honesty truly hurts! but that didn't stop her. Sumire incredulously eyed him and raised an eyebrow at the man sitting in a Bossy posture. Neat, unbothered, and hot."Ah, I
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An awkward silence quickly engulfed inside Mr. Aslanov's office. Sumire remained deeply staring into his foxy emerald green eyes as if it was pulling her under. It's gleaming in dark and mystery but tantalizing at the same time. Her eyes traverse down his perfectly prominent nose and his kissable lips that pursed. His messy slick midnight hair with a tinge of dark blue hue matches the aloofness of his gorgeous face that is now eminent. Sumire gulped and was intensely blushing in their awkward position. The man remained looking serious and frowned while staring down at her.The maiden did not realize that she is now biting her lower lip."What is up and you seem excited?"The green-eyed man asked in a deep voice. His accent is perfectly good! So sexy and pleasing to the ears. The woman drew a huge grin on her lips. Her mesmerizing black-gray eyes twinkled like a starry night under her fluttering eyelashes. They are so dark and sweetly tended to. They also brighten up
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After she was finally out, Sumire randomly entered the other office door of the building to wait for the man. She happened to enter an office shimmering in silver-white that differs and sole color among the dark-brown office doors in the building. The maiden just ignore the signboard with the word "NO FILTHY ANIMALS ALLOWED" outside the door.The maiden just burst inside and confidently entered the suite. She strides inside like she owns the place.The bedazzling room opened up to her. Sumire felt like she was in heaven. The stuffs inside are neatly organized and sparkled. Each corner was shimmering in a silver hue. As if even dust were ashamed to invade this place.Sumire squinted her eyes when she was finally inside. 'It's so shiny!'Everything inside seemed to be sanitized, and even the air inhaled seemed to have been sterilized. The office has a hospital scent that lingers inside with alcohols and an anti-bacterial refreshener. The design of the office suite is v
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