Dragon King's Human Mate

Dragon King's Human Mate

By:  Tracy Tauro  Completed
Language: English
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*****Book series one Dragons *********** Ella Hart is on the lookout for work in the city after relocating from California to New York City. After interviewing with several companies, Brenton Cooperative, a top-tier company in the town, hired Ella. However, on her first day of work, she learns that her ex-boyfriend Darcus Miller is the CEO. How will she deal with her ex-boyfriend? What will Ella do when her heart is drawn to Mr.Darcus Miller. When Ella is currently engaged to James Davis. Ella is unaware of the mystery and truth behind her ex-boyfriend's life. What will happen when the mate bond starts to play, and Ella discovers the new world of Magic

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66 Chapters
Face-to-Face with the Love History
My cab driver dropped me off at the interview venue. The rush and bustle of the streets and the highest skyscraper that I was standing out in the entryway. My heart was hammering against my chest, and the nervousness was palpable in my body as I prepared in my head to be interviewed by a major corporation. I've worked for a subpar firm for four years, but I finally had an interview with a high-cooperative corporation after applying for top positions.My phone rang, my caller ID displayed my Father's number, and I answered the phone before entering the interview.He inquires, "Princess, it seems you have reached your destination."."Dad, please stop referring to me as a princess. I am 25 years old, for goodness' sake." I grumbled."It doesn't matter how old you become, you will always be my Princess. Did you get anything to eat? I am sure you didn't, so I put some sandwiches into your bag." He responds."Dad, Until I finish t
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One by one, go after your foes.
Splattering water all over my face. I check in the bathroom mirror to see how I'm doing. Fortunately, no one was there to notice my sallow appearance. How am I supposed to deal with Darcus Miller? I despise his attractive fucking face to the point of hating it, and what a nightmare I've gotten myself into because I can't leave my well-paying job. But I have to be strong and professional in this situation; I can't allow my emotions or the past to get better. I applied my makeup and fixed my hair again.I hear footsteps and glance over to find Sofia next to me, applying lipstick and staring at me through the mirror with a solemn expression on her face."Congratulations, Sofia." I reacted courteously since I had to collaborate closely with her. Even though Sofia nodded, there was a spark of irritation in her eyes, and then her solemn countenance played the role of a disguise. Before, I could open the door and depart."You are completely unworthy of the positi
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“Are you engaged?” Mr. Miller increased his voice, filled with feelings of rage and jealousy. His grip on my hand was still firm. I wriggled out of his grasp, but it was no use, since his grip was too powerful to break.“Mr. Miller, are you blind? How come you can't see the ring on my finger? Of course, I'm engaged.” His eye jerked open at my response, and his hazel iris changed to a gold tint, although it was just a flicker. Or did I hallucinate? I gasped because the air in the room had shifted, and it was something new. Mr. Miller let go of my hand, and I stroked the inside of my wrist to relieve the discomfort of the situation.“Congratulations, Miss. Hart.” He stated this as he rose from his chair and adjusted his suit, his face returning to normal, and he exited the boardroom, leaving me staring at his physique.“What was it all about?” I muttered into the void of the room. What exactly is going on with Mr. Mi
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There's a mystery surrounding
As he closed his umbrella, Mr. Miller stood next to me at the bus stop. This was a really embarrassing scenario, and I was staring at my phone screen, trying to figure out where the cab was. My taxi was still two minutes away from my pickup location at this point."If you were in California, why have you returned to New York?". Mr. Miller inquired, attempting to break the uncomfortable pause. I gaze at Mr. Miller's profile, which is staring up at the torrential rain."I returned because my father needed my help." So I just double-checked the status of the cab on my phone."I pondered..." In his glimmering eye contact with me, Mr. Miller let his speech drift off and withdrew his glance from me."Was it your impression that I had returned to you, Mr. Miller, just as Mr. Evans had suggested to me earlier?" I cringed at their arrogance."What exactly did he say?" Mr. Miller asks as he continues to examine the streets."You should question your b
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Sofia twists the drama
The message from an unknown number was sneaking up on me and requesting me to step outside and check my mailbox, which I did, but there was nothing there. I didn't respond to the text and placed my phone on the table. Someone must play a cruel joke on me. My pals are few, so who could attempt a trick like this on me? There is only one person who I can count on to always have my back when things become tough: my best buddy Hana! I washed the cup in the sink in my kitchen when I felt someone behind me and turned around to find Hana holding the mug in her hand."I'll take care of that cup while you get some shut-eye." As I say this in a low tone,"It's impossible for me, Ella, to sleep when everything in my life has turned upside down. Luke would do something like this to me, and I was completely unaware. I accepted his illogical explanation and placed my total confidence in him, and you know what, Ella, I am pregnant with his kid. When I went to tell Luke, I saw him maki
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An Ex's Forcible Kiss
"What are you doing, Miss. Hart?" Mr. Miller said, his eyes filled with amusement, and my body erupted in wrath at his dumb choice to back Sofia, and it forced me to work longer hours for Sofia, who had assaulted me first. Miller glances down at me as I approach him from his imposing height."Mr. Miller, why did you hold me accountable for something I had nothing to do with, although you knew exactly what happened?" I say this while folding my arms and restraining my voice, so I don't shout in his face."It was a smart move since others saw you smack hard on Miss.collins' face and I know you were simply claiming to be assaulted. Who are you to tell me what my discussions are right or wrong Miss. Hart?" Underneath, Mr. Miller's harsh demeanor was one of enjoyment.Sofia and Mr. Miller were making me angrier by the minute, and I just wanted to murder them both. What's the point of putting up with Mr.Miller all over again when I can find a new job that doesn'
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My resentment for Mr. Miller
"Darcus, what the fuck are you doing? Why did you kiss me?" I screamed in frustration, and Mr. Miller and Hazel had no emotion in them at all, and their stance was rigid. Finally, I came up to him and slapped him across the face, and I gasped in agony as my palm struck a hard granite stone face."Are you all right, Ella?" As I cradled my damaged hand, Mr. Miller's voice contained an undercurrent of concern for me. How did my hand feel so much agony? Is he a human or vampire? How did I harm my hand slapping a human? What the heck am I thinking right now? Mr. Miller walked over to me and checked the palm of my hand. Mr. Miller's feet came to a halt as I moved back."You are concerned and have inquired as to my well-being when you forcibly kiss me, Mr. Miller. I am an engaged woman. How can you do that?" I snarled through my agony, and when Mr. Miller saw my struggle, he proceeded towards the desk and pulled out the medic kit, grabbing my right hand and forcing me t
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Situations of disagreement
I made my way to Mr. Miller's cabin and stayed back to avoid being seen eavesdropping in on their talk. As I stood in the shadows, I could hear a female voice scream. The stillness of the hallways made it easier to concentrate on what was being spoken."Darcus, what are you doing keeping that lady near to you? I told you to break off all ties with her." Said a woman's voice."When it comes to that lady, I'm not interested in her; it's just business. So don't interfere, mom." Mr. Miller's voice was icy."The stoic mask you wear hides your true feelings, and as your mother, I'm tired of you lying to me about it. Don't you still have emotions for her, despite the effort I've put into erasing the bond?" Then, in a rage, she said."It's time to go, Mom; you need to get out of here because I have work to do." However, Mr. Miller's remarks have a colder undertone of underlying resentment."Fine, but don't think I'll let this issue go. You meet me at home,
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The cat is out of the bag
"I don't comprehend what's going on, Ella." asked my dad. I didn't answer my dad's call because I wanted to chase Miller away. As I marched towards the door, I took my phone from Mr. Miller's grasp, and before I could slam my door in his face, Mr. Miller stopped me as he stormed inside. Mr. Miller received a frown from me while Dad maintained a bewildered expression on his face. Hana and Luke stopped squabbling as they were gazing at me. Mr. Miller knew my father was utterly ignorant that his company employed me. "I apologize to walk in like this, but I have to clear the things, Mr. Hart. I thought Ms.Hart that you always spoke the truth, but I was mistaken." I felt the weight of my father's stare fall on me, and the guilt that had been bubbling up inside of me surfaced."Mr. Miller, are you becoming involved in an issue that has absolutely nothing to do with you?" I inquired in a firm tone."Could you both please stop arguing and tell me wha
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Regret of saying yes
Tears fell as I lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling and reflecting on the events of that night. Why did I meet Darcus and agree to be his girlfriend is something I still regret today? My thoughts went back to the flashback and saw how everything played out.Flashbacks: Darcus and Ella's College Love StoryAfter my experience with Darcus in the canteen, whenever I passed a locker or went to class, he constantly flashed me a grin or looked at me. I always averted my glance in a bashful manner. All the females wanted Darcus' attention since he was such a handsome guy, and that I was the one who was receiving it made me feel butterflies in my stomach, and my pulse sped up when his eyes rested on me.After witnessing how Darcus looked at me, the other females on campus were hostile towards me, which continued for a few days after that. I was changing into my sports suit on that day when I saw the gang of cheerleader females walking towards me with
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