The Yakuza Princess

The Yakuza Princess

By:  Haru   Ongoing
Language: English
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Austin Park had been living together with his mother for as long as he could remember. His father? He had never seen him or even met him. He only knew his name and by mentioning it, her mother's face changed drastically, one that carved pain and longing. He had never asked since then. As time grew by, her mother had fallen ill. He took care of her and had completely forgotten about anything related to his father. Until he met a mysterious man who called himself, Daiki Kazuno. Austin had no idea that the appearance of this stranger would bring him to the truth, the misery, the betrayal, the love, and her. The Yakuza Princess, Hara Kazuno who hated him with every atom she was. His life and his heart had tangled together with a woman who wanted to kill him whenever she had the chance while he was forced to become her guardian. In his journey for revenge, he wondered if there was a way for him to untie the knots without burning them.

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    3 chapters
    Chapter 1
    Kyoto, Japan "Please, come with us. You haven't even named your son yet. What if something happens to you?" Natasha pleaded, holding his husband's hand tightly while the other wrapped around her bump protectively. Lightning flashing, thunder erupting. Her voice was weak against the howling wind and through the torrential downpour. Park Hwi held up an umbrella which was titled toward
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    Chapter 2
     London, EnglandThe night had fallen and the sky was aglow with bright city lights. He sat down in front of the television after filling his plate with chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, and peas. He glanced over his mother who was sitting on a single couch, weaving a red scarf, "Mother," He called, gaining her attention. She turned to him and gave a questioning look. He rubbed the bridge of his nose thoughtfully, a thing he did only when he was thinking or hesitating. "Why did we leave the island?" He asked reluctantly afte
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    Chapter 3
    Austin sat on a long bench, waiting patiently outside the room. It had been an hour. Her mother finally walked out of the room and he stood up immediately, taking her handbag, and went to her side, helping her to walk, "What did the doctor say?" He asked. Her mother shook her head, "Nothing serious. Let's go home," They came home in a taxi and her mother went straight to her bedroom, resting. He leaned against the door frame, watching her mother silently. He wondered if it was really nothing serious. He couldn't help but worry. He stayed there for a few minutes before shuffling over to the living room. He slumped on the couch and took out a card from his pocket. He had kept it with hi
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