Loving the Heartless Singer

Loving the Heartless Singer

By:  Dawnvellichor  Completed
Language: English
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Yashashree Celine Amora is a simple high school student of Mondrian University who didn't expect to be a big fan of Cntrl S Band and fall in love with the band Guitarist named Oliver Tagan Ramirez... She will give her all to him but Tagan was so heartless to appreciate her efforts. It will come to the point that destiny will separate them, but what if they meet again and Celine knows that she still loves him will she be willing to give up everything for him again?

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142 Chapters
Chapter 1
Cold Eyes"Mommy, I need to go," I shouted as I went out of our main door. "Take care, Celine, darling," I heard mommy shout from inside the house. I ran to Kuya Gaston my driver. “Good morning, ma’am,” he greeted and opened the back seat for me. "Good morning, Gaston," I got in the car. It took us 15 minutes to finally arrive at my school, Mondrian University this is where I’m studying right now and I already grade 11 senior high I’m taking STEM as my stand. Well, I choose this because I find it fun. As I was walking in the hallway of our building someone screamed my name. “Celine!!!” well I know this bitch, she’s my Bestfriend, Venus Roselle Yap. "Hey, cut it out, you shout so loud, aren't you really ashamed doing that?" I disobeyed him."What's wrong? I saw you, so it's normal to
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Chapter 2
It's been one week after what happened to my hips because I fell on the floor, it's pretty ok and your bruise will heal. And for one week I couldn't sleep thinking about that man, I don't know but I can't get him out of my mind. "Darling, eat properly sister, it's still early so you won't be late for school," mommy fixed some strands of hair that blocked my face and I smiled. I just nodded to mommy and continued eating. After taking my breakfast I quickly got my things and said goodbye to mommy, I went early to school because I wanted to go around first. My class will start at 8 am in the morning and it's only 7:15, so, it's ok to go round and round.I was busy roaming the views in our school when I saw the women gathering to one side as if they were looking at someone. I came because, I felt so curious at what they were looking at, it's a poster about the incoming battle of the band this weekend
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Chapter 3
"Are you serious, Celine?" Venus asked me incredulously as we were tidying up here in my room. I'm planning to go to Cntrl S's Gig tonight at a Club near the University, which is new to Venus because she's used to me always being locked up at home after school.I have never gone anywhere, after school since I was in junior high, but now I want to watch them play. "Will we be allowed?" I looked at him from the bed and smiled. "Of course, mommy is there," I know my mom will let me, it's a good thing Dad and older brother aren't there because I'm sure they won't allow me to say goodbye for this. "It's up to you as long as I'll just be with you" her face was still not convinced and it was obviously against her heart but I just chuckled at her and pulled her out of my room and run-down the stairs. "Mommy!" I called my mom, she was busy cooking in the kitchen so Venus and I approached her. I hugged her from
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Chapter 4
"Well, I'm really in love with you too," Venus sits in front of me here in our kitchen, because I'm making cookies to give to Tagan later at school.   "Why?" I ask her.   He sighed before saying "Duh, I was embarrassed last night and now you're alone again?" I smiled at him and put the cookies I made in the box. “I want to show him and to his bandmates that I’m a true fan,” I said while decorating the cookies inside the box. "It's up to you, Celine," she just let me go and finish my things. After fixing the cookies, Venus and I went straight to school but we went to the Cooking Club because I knew they would pass by Tagan. "As for Celine's time, we might be sick of it," Venus said while leaning in the walk. "Just a minute Venus" I whisper and peek at the door, and I'm right here they pass, it's early so they don't have many fans of a great time, Celine. When they got past the door of the cooking club I immediately wen
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Chapter 5
"Celine what are you doing, I've been looking for you for a while, and what happens to your face?" Venus asked anxiously when she saw me here behind the building.  She sat down in front of me and took out a handkerchief to wipe the cheesecake on my face as well as my head.  "No one is just wasting time" I excused."It's crazy that Tagan rejected you again," she knows me so well.  I bowed and smiled "Yes eh but it's ok next time at least I told her that I like her right," I try to cheer myself up and look at the bright side.  "Hey Celine, you're really crazy, let's go," he pulled me upright and we walked away on my heels so he took me to the clinic again."Celine, how can you hide this new bruise on your thigh and wais
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Chapter 6
Opened I was walking around the building when I saw a group of Cntrl S fans is talking about something, I got curious cuz it was about them so I approached and asked a woman. "Ahm hello may I know what are you talking about?" I ask, it's a good thing I asked her kindly she smiled at me.  “Are you a fan too? Are you new?” he asked me with a smile.  I nodded at her as an answer.“Well, we are meetingabout OT’r’s birthday,” she said. OT’r?  "Pardon who's having a birthday again?" I clarified because I could not understand who he was referring to.    "OT'r, the great Oliver Tagan Ramirez is his birthday because next week is the exact date of the opening of our foundati
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Chapter 7
It’s already Sunday and I just received the package yesterday, the album that I will give to Tagan after that I put it in a matte black paper bag to be ready for tomorrow. Fortunately, my older brother Francine increased my money so I was able to pay it on time. Now I’m here at the grocery to buy the ingredients for the cupcakes needed tomorrow for Tagan’s birthday. As I walk, I notice someone, its Aiden his with a nerdy girl.But I just ignored them and continued to buy the things I needed. After buying these things I immediately went straight home and to be exact I went straight to the kitchen to start the 1 hundred pieces cupcake for Tagan's fans. "You can do this Celine fighting" I cheer myself before I tie my hair and start the first batch of cupcakes.I started at 3 pm and now it’s already 11pm and my
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Chapter 8
I went home because of what happened, it was as painful to see that he threw away my efforts.I don’t understand what is wrong with what I am doing why is he angry? I locked myself in my room all day, I didn’t even eat lunch cuz I don’t feel like eating… I just think and cry inside my room the whole day until I don't realize that I fell asleep and I woke up at 7 am in the morning, but I didn't move a muscle in my bed I just choose to close my eyes again and go back   I don't feel like going in now.    Peace is what I want right now I don't want to think about Tagan first but    My phone rings at the side table, I reach for it and look at the caller it’s Venus.

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Chapter 9
"Well miss Amora we still have one week preparation for the contest so don't panic ok" Miss Kristy trying to cheer me cou'z just now I felt nervous when I agreed to what Dean wanted.  I remember I’m not used to many people’s attentions; how will I coop up with this contest? We are now in the dance club room to teach us what to do in the contest and what we should know about the core of the contest.I'm the only one here without Tagan so I'm also a little nervous because he might get angry if he sees me here, but I still prepare a Japanese cheese cake for him.  I still want to give him treats.    "Stand up miss amora I'll teach you how to walk with his heels" coach Milan raised 6 inches heels in front of me.I'm not used to heels that are that high "coach is there nothing lowe
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Chapter 10
"Brother, do you think I can do it?" I ask my brother while were talking through skype in the middle of the night.   "Of course, Yash you can do that, your beautiful and smart I'm sure you'll win that contest." Kuya is trying to cheer me up through his tone.  "Ahm brother I have something I want to share" I held the throw pillow next to me and pinched it so I wouldn't be nervous about what I would say to brother.  “What is it? Tell me.” He said.“Ahm…. I have…”“You have what?”“ilikeacertainboyinschool” I said quickly. I’m so nervous right now because my older brother might get angry.&nbs
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