The Billionaire's Hidden Son Loves Me

The Billionaire's Hidden Son Loves Me

By:  Enifome Ari  Ongoing
Language: English
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She realized she felt an attraction to tried to avoid him because she had heard of his reputation as a player that would leave her heartbroken if she succumbed to her feelings. But after he guilts her into befriending him,she realizes ignoring him was even harder than she thought. Hannah Porter was a new student to Brooklyn high school when she met William Sylvester, the school's player who had never experienced romantic love and never longed to experience it. Even though they felt falling in love would be hard, they will soon find that dating was even harder than they thought.......

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33 chapters
Chapter One
   A teenage girl walks towards the doors of a high school building, Brooklyn high school, feeling despondent. She was doing great in her old school but her father just had to get a transfer. Now she had to make new friends, gain a new identity and strive to be popular again which was almost everything in highschool. She opens the door and enters the bubbling hallway.    Who was she to ask help from? A boy having a heated make out, a girl ransacking her locker and looking very frustrated, or a girl walking out of a class and typing furiously on her phone. She decides to go for the girl ransacking her locker.    "Hey"    "Can I help you?", the girl asks, looking up with her pair of pretty marble-grey eyes.   "I'm a new student", she replies and the girl frowns.    "I'll just clear this mess and give you a hand", she says and b
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Chapter Two
   Will walks to his locker after the class and meets his other friends: Kenneth, Dave, Robert and Harrison waiting for him by his locker. Will and the four of them were popularly called 'Le Cinq' meaning the five. They were one of the most popular male students and major players in the school.    "Look who is approaching; it's Will, king of the jungle. All the girls are at his feet", Kenneth hails.    "Stop messing with me Ken", Will replies. "I just met the hottest girl ever".    "It's been a while since you said such, who's she?", Harrison asks.    "A newbie in my anatomy class"   "Wait you were amongst those in the anatomy class today?", Dave exclaims. "I heard a hot newbie attended class with you guys today. Tell us about her"   "She's pitching tent with Rick and Genny" &nbs
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Chapter Three
   Genny and Annie are walking home after school and Annie is deep in thought.        "Annie?"       "Yes"       "What's wrong?"       "Huh?", She mutters now perked up.       "What's wrong with you? You've been quiet since we left the gym".      "Oh… well… I think I may have been the cause of the fight between Will and his friends".      "Oh don't bother yourself with that. It's something they do all the time to assert supremacy".      "No, this is not that".      "Why do you think so?"      "When you and Will went to class before gym, Bob and Dave came to talk to me. We had
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Chapter Four
   Carrie and Annie enter a class and seat down.u    "I'm Annie, Hannah"     "How's that a shorter version?"     "Genny seems to think it is"     "Well Hannah does seem like a handful, so old-fashioned"     "Probably Genny's point"     "Ah… you're hanging with Genny. Will is really going to be on your neck"     "How?"     "She's his best friend's girl, legitimate excuse to hang around you", she says and Annie laughs. "My full name is actually Carrielyn. Carrie came in around middle School and since Will and I attended the same middle School, he brought it here. Being as popular and hot as he is, everybody began to follow suit".    "Oh I see, you guys must be
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Chapter Five
  The bell rings and noise immediately erupts in the classroom. The teacher scoffs and continues her announcement ignoring the students who had began to walk out. She walks out when she is through talking and the rest of the class who had remained seated begin walking out also.  Will remains in his seat as usual waiting for most of his classmates to leave before attempting to walk out. He still felt debilitated from watching Annie and Jake interact in the cafeteria. Why did she act so different with him?  Two hands land noisily on Will's table and he is jolted from his thoughts. He looks up to see Jake staring at him with concern. Damn his silly look, Will curses internally and wishes he could punch that concern out of his eyes, but he knew Jake hadn't done anything wrong to him, yet.  "You have something bothering you, don't you?", Jake asks but Will keeps quiet though resisting the urge to tell Jake that he was the reason for his mu
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Chapter Six
  The bell rings and all the students in a class find their way out. It was now time for extracurricular activities. Annie and Genny come out too and walk to their lockers. Their lockers were adjacently opposite. Annie is keeping her books when Carrie walks up to her.   "Hey Annie"   "Carrie, what's up?"   "I'm okay. So I told my sister about you..."   "Really?"   "She said she wants to see you first".   "Oh well here I am", Annie says and shuts her locker. She walks to meet Genny.    "Genny, seems like I may be joining the cheerleading squad. Carrie's sister wants to see me".   "Oh…. that's nice. So what are you waiting for? You should be on your way"   "Oh I wanted to tell you first"   "Okay thanks, see you later", she says shutting her locker also.   Carrie and Annie l
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Chapter Seven
  Annie recovers from her shock and realizes Will was dragging her out of the cafeteria. She immediately tries to resist his pull.   "Will, where are you taking me?", she yells.   "I don't even know", he says in a surprisingly soft tone and lets go of her hand. She realizes they were in the hallway. "I just want you away from that guy".  "What is wrong with you? I don't remember ever agreeing with you or anyone that I couldn't talk to other guys except you"   "How can you be laughing with that guy? You were even going to let him touch you!"   "And so what? He's my friend"   "What of me? Am I not your friend? Why don't you laugh with me? You don't even smile unless you can't contain it anymore",he complains and she stills. "You don't even want to have lunch with me. Did I do something to you?"   "No. Get lost", she says and walks away. She returns to the
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Chapter Eight
  Annie and Genny walk inside the cafeteria after taking their orders, heading to Will's table. On nearing to Will's table, Bob sights them first.   "Hey Annie, come sit beside me", Bob invites.  "Come sit beside me instead", Dave offers.   "I'll just sit over here", Annie replies heading to the space between Kenneth and Harrison.  "Hey I'm the one who invited you to this table, shouldn't you sit beside me?", Will says.  "Umm… okay", she answers and finally sits beside Will while Genny sits in the space she intended to sit.   Annie cringes as she sits beside Will. She hated the way she felt around him, all fluttery and befuddled. She just hoped she got through lunchtime without embarrassing herself.   She later had no reason to worry as once they began talking, she quickly forgot about her discomfort. They had a great time together and l
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Chapter Nine
  Annie and Will are talking in front of her locker on Monday morning. Genny and Kendrick are yet to arrive at school. They are still talking when a girl walks up to them and hugs Will. Annie quickly turns and opens her locker like she wasn't just talking to Will. The girl is about to kiss him when he pushes her off.   "Didn't you miss me?", she says.   "Bianca, it was just like three days or something"   "Two weeks Will".   "Whatever, get lost. I'm talking to someone", he snaps and she turns around to give Annie a dirty look.   "Who's she?"   "Someone, just get going"   "I will. My dad is not going to be home tonight, wanna come over?", she says flirtingly and Will pales.   "What part of get lost do you not understand?", he queries and she grumpily walks away. "I'm sorry about that, Bianca tends to get clingy"   "Oh p
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Chapter Ten
  Annie and Genny are talking on their way to school. They are strolling on the sidewalk.  "So Will took you home?", Genny asks.  "Yes", Annie answers with a groan as it was not the first time Genny was asking that question since she told her how she got through yesterday.  "Why are you sounding like that? You don't realize how surprising this is, do you? Will's car is only for showoff, he never gives anyone a lift except Ricky and by extension, me of course".  "Even the Le cinq guys?"  "Very rare"  "Wow that's..…. I don't know, he's so sparingly nice apparently"  "Yes, that's the word for it"  "So why is he being overly nice to me?"  "I don't know", Genny answers just as Annie's phone rings. "Hello? Who's this?"  "It's Will", the caller replies.  "Oh! I didn't sa
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